Dear tarot Nick :)

  • Thank you for your input, however there are still several questions unaswered for me. Im recently engaged but my immediate family(mom,sister) have made it clear that they dont want any part of the wedding and do not plan on being there. my mom hates my finance, now im not going into detail(too long of a story) anyway, it breaks my heart cause my wedding day is something iv been dreaming about for a long time. Will my mom change her mind about going? finances are a disaster right now, we are both struggling to make ends meet, my fiance may get into a new truck driving company. will he get a job between one of the 2 companies he is considering? how about my debts, fiances? what does the next few months have in store for me? i have fines from something that occurred last december and i havnt been able to pay it off yet and the deadline is past due. actually i have to attend a meeting regarding this situation in a couple days. how will this go for me? im soo worried/stressed/scared of what my near future has in store for me. so much is going wrong lately and it seems like 2steps forward 10 steps back!

  • hi vettech78,

    From the reading

    "there is still stuff going on...but it's not as bad as it was"

    "money is still a issue and that is causing fear and lack of confidence"

    "you need to stabilize those emotions...because it will cause fights

    with the emotions love and fight at the same time"

    "but you still have some struggles ahead

    once you get out of the struggle, you will be able to go for new goals"

    cut down version;

    Money is still an issue, and you still have struggles but not as bad... last line is you will get out of the struggle and set new goals.

    The family and everything else is all wrapped up in the emotions... You need to control them or it will only add more stress. Take a step back, breath and then plan.

    one thing at a time and try and hold the emotions down.

    Can you talk to your mom? go to a place that will be calm and talk it out, Maybe ask why or what her opinion is and why...let her talk and don't interrupt...this way you will know what she is thinking. If you have a wall between you, both of you won't hear each will come down to you, what you want, but it can't hurt to understand why and what she is thinking. So if you talk out the emotions...she may feel you will get hurt or she has a reason she don't like him.... those may just be to save you from being her eyes....but it's your will stand up to the decisions you make...good or bad....communication is the key....but if you both are not listening to each other....then the wall will be there... then it will take time to take it down...even if you listen you still may not agree...but it will help in the long run...the wall won't be as high and it will be amendable...this is just experiences I have had....not from the reading.

    Communication, planning, and calm emotions... that will help...


  • thank you for your help 🙂 my mom and i have had several discussions over this. so it has come down to this, my mom feels hurt/betrayed because im still with my man. she is saying that i choose him over family/blood. my fiance loves me so much, and our love is growing deeper every day. he feels my mom is overreacting to things and doesnt understand why she hates him so much. so do you think she will change her mind and go to wedding. she will never like him but i was hoping she would at least go for my sake.

  • You made the first right step, you opened communication with her.

    Have you set a date? do you want to wait a little? decisions, decisions, Keep on talking to her about it, don't try to make up her mind and sell him....Just be you and her...the problem won't look as bad...just give it a little time but keep the communication open... much easier for everyone not to have to break down walls..other wise the emotions fly, things get said...feelings get hurt... patience, calm and time.


  • thank you for your support. im hoping patience will pay off. right now she doesnt want to talk about it at all, she dont even want me to mention the wedding. in addition to not liking my fiance my mom also is convinced that he was the one who stoled some jewelry,things from her house. so right now it seems like she will never give him another chance. how about my fiances work? will he get another job for a different trucking company?

  • I have a little quirk, I'll do readings for anyone. They need to ask though, because I can pick up on feelings....I don't want to invade someone’s privacy.


  • ok i would like a reading please.

  • Can I get a screen name or first name,

  • my name is caroline and my fiance is dan

  • Hi dan,

    I will have to trust that this request came from you on vettech78's thread,

    you feel good about yourself that you can make things happen when you need to

    feels like someone did something behind your back and it will come out

    you had a setback in first you thought it might work.. but doesn't feel solid now

    your carrying a burden, you put a lot of energy in..but it feels like, it was geared toward you

    It almost feels like reinsurance that you feel you are a good guy... i almost feel like it was questioned and you are reminding yourself

    you want love and happiness

    your hitting a pause in your your taking a feel a little beat down money wise

    your trying to make things better...things have been a little unstable

    can't tell either a friend gave you money or you loaned money to a friend... something’s up... feels off..

    your either going to learn something new or start something new.. feels good

    last card hasn’t happen yet...either someone is looking for a fight...its a guy.. or try’s to start a fight... doesn't matter what is said it will be wrong... causes trouble...

    hope that helps,


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