Blmoon it is finally over

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I wanted to write a note and ell you that my divorce will be final this friday. We met at the courthouse with my lawyer last friday and they put us in a room to see if the 3 of us could reach an agreement.

    Ron was nasty and even told the my lawyer I do drugs, I looked at him and said "really" that was so strange, but my lawyer laughed and told him " look Ron , you cashed out your stock against a court order and it is very possible a judge will award the entire amount to Nancye.

    Ron said " but the money is gone, I don't have it to give her.

    My lawyer told him that doesnt matter you will have to pay it back. Ron got nastyn again and John asked me to take walk so he could talk to Ron., I was shaking so bad, but when John came out he had an agreement that is about perfect.

    I got my house, kept my pension, and Ron has to pay me for life, and I get his life insurance when he dies.

    John told us to take a break while he typed it up for the judge and Ron went to go outside, so I followed him and told him that he will never understand what he did, and he will never love someone as much as he did me, and he will live an empty life without his kids and grandkids and that I feel sorry for him. I told him I don't know what you are doing but you have aged so much, you don't look heathy.

    He told me he should have left me 20 years ago, and now he will be broke for the rest of his life and when he is old he will have to move back in with me.

    I told him no way, and she isn't allowed near my house anyway, and he said, she won't be around that long anyway.

    When we went back in and the judge made it all official Ron shook my hand and said thanks for 27 years, and walked away.

    I had a really bad night that night and the next day, but now I feel as if a 100lb weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    Thanks you for believeing in me, it means so much.

  • Oh Nancy1 You made me cry. I am so proud of you---all you said to him was perfect! And by expressing that you cleansed yourself1 YOU spoke up from the head yet with an honest heart. You made it clear that the responsability was his and the consequences are just. Your only possable mistake is not allowing his consequences to happen sooner so yes you even hit on that ---it's true he should have made a choice twenty years ago. Interesting what he said about HER not being around much longer in light of the messages I keep getting about her. Something tragic and final is all around her. I even get a possability of aids or liver disease--something very seriouse but on top off that there is some kind of violent event either as a victim or by her own hand. Nancy, please do thank the spirits who have so made sure this came to this end. I was the willing messanger but you have a very very strong protective spirit that watches over you---I was meant to make sure you got this divorce on your terms. I feel your victory and it will take time to set in but reward yourself!. BLESSINGS and thinking of you fondly!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Blmoon and Radiantsun,

    Thank you both so much for your faith in me and all the nice wishes.

    I know I still have a long way to go and hopefully the worst is behind me now and I will find my way.

    I know I have alot of work to do on myself, but now that I am not married to him anymore I feel better, and no longer care what he does.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I noticed you came back and I wanted to talk to you a bit, heres hoping you see this and have aminute or 2 for me.

    My lawyer hasn;t filed the papers yet, so Im still waiting for that to be official, but we got him to sign a quic deed, I got it in the mail yesterday and all I have to do is sign it have it notorized and the house is mine.

    I was looking into refinance rates and got a call, filed out a few papers and was approved, just me no cosigner.

    So within a month not only will my house be all mine, but he will be off the loan all together.

    I didn't have to do that yet, but want to wah my hands of him so I did it.

    I have been spending some time ith my girlfriends and hving fun, still miss the buthead, but hoping to get over tat someday.

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