• Astra how are you my friend? Hope all is well! How were your holidays? I was wondering if I can get a reading? Just anything you pick up

    Thank you

  • Hi SagittariusGurl

    Hey there, I am doing fine, holidays were nice, I hope you had nice ones too!

    Sure thing lets draw some cards and see what pops up...

    Overall everything looks nice to me, generally very upbeat it seems.

    Situation at present - Ace of Pentacles crossed with the Ace of Swords

    That is really interesting, very strong "new start" in some way, material and intellect both, you are starting in some new direction that is a physical situation, and yet it is asking you to think about it in a new way as well. like a new job or move or setting that is also causing you to think in a new way.

    Above - 6 of Cups, love, something sweet and nice and flowing in love, a relationship is always above you, your wish, dream, desire, longing, it touches everything you do.

    Below - 2 of Wands - this is a very affirming path energy, which is a background for your life. You are very much about your path, making sure they are balanced, harmonious, this is a very young wands card, so innocent and childlike purpose in life is a strong background for you. You like work, activities and pursuits that are rather playful and not so serious... could be a part of whateer this new beginning is at present.

    Receding - Something fading - Page of Cups - So a recent message sent or received that was of an emotional nature - you could have reached out to someone you like or some risk was taken in an emotional - love area of your life, You were saying "why not?" and you took a chance and that seems to have led, or connected to some sort of new beginning at present. Whatever it was is paying off for you (or will soon).

    Approaching - The Magician - so this seems to be a continuation of that new beginning.. somehow your "house" is set in order soon, whatever your longing has been is realized in a very clear way, and you are off and running. This is a very bright happy path for you that you have been in, and will continue... very beautiful...

    Then, a future environment - Transformation - You are setting a course for some area of your life to be "transmuted" from one form into another. This represents one thing dying so that another can be born. So a little bitter sweet moment here. This seems to be a continuation of the "magic" that has begun for you = you see something in a new way, you realize WHY this one thing had to end, so that this NEW thing had to begin. There is still all of this magic though, so I think it is a very spiritually and uplifting time for you that you are entering. Very lovely... you will be so happy even in the midst of the greatest wake up call of all...

    Outer influences - The Page of Swords - Shows you are still in this little page-like, princess energy, taking a chance, as this change seems to lead you to communicate more, like... you are wanting to share whatever it is that you are experiencing with someone important to you, a Magician figure in your life. This ties back to that Ace of Swords crossing you now, so, this thought you keep having... to say this or that, to send the letter, to say whatever it is to the Magician, is completed soon in the Page.

    Hopes and Concerns - 9 of Cups - oh wow, this is the 6 of cups more and more, so there is a love here, that is continuing through all of the cards. Somehow, your highest longings are met at last, as the 6 cups desire for something that "works out" nicely seems to be fulfilled here. You have a lot of nice cups energy running through you right now, and this is really working for you... like flowers in your hair, laughing, there is a forest, and a party, and the table is set for you... there is something SagittariusGurl that you have longed for, for a long time... that is met here. Realized, after that page swords has had her say...

    Then the outcome - The 7 of Swords - this is interesting! I would see this as a REST from the rather incisive intellect of yours, after making the start, the messages, the transformation, a lot going on that you have had to think about lately... this is resolved in the 9 of cups, your wishes come true in this matter, and then you can breathe easier... the party drifts into the night, the firefies come out... and you look back and see how the twists and turns turned into something really nice for you... magic really. Something very magical developing for you so very soon!

    So there you go SagittariusGurl! I felt very GOOD things for you in that, developments, messages/... some adjusting, however the overall message is YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET YOUR WISH. I did see a party, a gathering of close friends, and nice moments, and you looked very happy. Be sure to put flowers in your hair. 🙂

    Love and blessings... I hope that was of interest to you!


  • My holidays were nice spend it with my family and friends what else could i ask for lol. Hey you hit the spot with the party my daughters birthday is next month and am making her a party for her to enjoy and shes excited and tells me "party for me" lol.

    Well am liking the cards lol I haven't read something like this in a long time. Well i was supposed to start a new job at the beginning of the month but the lady i was going to work with is sick to my understanding so i haven't been able to start. I'm crazy to start working already. I don't like serious stuff am more of outgoing fun person well that's how i see my self. Hmm message I can't think of one well maybe the one i send my ex saying i was done being the one to put all the effort for him to see our daughter and other things maybe it was that. Hmm risk lol well I did like someone don't know him very much since him a few times spend christmas with him and some friends which i consider family.He seems attracting lol but having spoken to him so i don't think is him. Well things always have to END for NEW things to BEGIN! You know I kind of live like in a forest haha theres a lot of trees here.

    Thank you for the reading Astra

  • Hey SagittariusGurl

    This is interesting... I am up early (cat wakes me up every night at midnight!) so I was sitting here and drew a celtic cross on myself, pondering my financial situation which has been dismal for a couple + years now. No job, no response on job applications, nothing... ugh. Anyway, I have noticed for a while now, weeks, months maybe that when I draw cards on myself, that there is always a noticeable lack of pentacles. No surprise.

    So, then I am sitting here with this spread this morning, and I was asking about my financial situation and got these cards

    Situation - King Wands

    Crossing - 6 cups

    Above - 10 swords

    Below - Universe

    Prior - 5 of cups

    Approaching - Devil

    Future environment (feelings about the matter) 9 cups

    Outer influences - 8 cups

    Hopes and concerns (and advice) Ace of Cups

    Outcome - 1o of Pentacles

    It is the same story that I was seeing on your question about the house purchase - that LOVE would come first and then the house...

    Same with me it appears - there are a LOT of cups in this reading, and NO PENTACLES until right at the end after the Ace of Cups.

    So its the same story.

    I have been sensing this for a long time, that until we find love, until we find the "other" we are made for, and them for us, we really don't go anywhere. It is like the Universe is really trying to stress that LOVE and RELATIONSHIP has to come first before the rest of life starts working?

    We get sucked into crummy relationships that aren't really love, but physical and other weird priorities... and we can go along that way for a long time, sort of pretending, even have children, lousy marriages, and it may work materially - sort of, for a long time. Then, we eventually run out of steam when the LOVE is not real and authentic. Then the Universe busts it up... divorce, separation whatever. Why? Because the love isn't real, and we must not be with the right person?

    Which means that there is always SOMEONE for each of us out there. And until we really find the "real one" we are going to be wandering aimlessly I think.

    This is really true for guys. Men are very dependent on a true love relationship. I have seen the difference between fake love, and the real thing.. guys need the real thing not the fake, BS variety that is out to clean the guys financial clock out and nothing more. And the real thing is what guys need... otherwise we are like lost ships at sea. Fake love, phony relationships are tolerated, but they eventually fall apart and then the material part of life falls apart as well.. job loss, financial lack, and so on...

    Find the real thing though - with someone and it really clicks and it is AUTHENTIC then I think the rest of life should work out.

    Just a theory I am working on. Of course that raises the question, WHY is it so freaking difficult to find a partner today? We have to wait until we are about to give up on life, before a nice relationship shows up? I don't get it.

    I have all but given up on ever finding anyone. I have chased love and lost, over and over and over and over... I have all but given up hope. It would explain the pathetic condition of my life though. No love = the rest is not going to work. No job. No income. No real deep fulfillment and peace and happiness. Or am I totally off my rocker here? Can we really go it alone in life? Is that the design of the Universe to be alone and try to scratch and claw our way through life? I am really confused about all of this. Relationships... why... is it so difficult to find that special person?

    Maybe I am wrong about all of this... and some of us are "meant" to be loners forever. However that just doesn't make sense. WHY then male and female? Why not just create a race of one sex and we have babies by cloning or something? This alone business is weird.

    Anyway. I was sitting here looking at the cards and was reminded of your house situation. Hope you don't mind me sharing that...

  • Well I think we all have time for everything if its not sooner it edll be later. We should not lose hope after all we have health. Relationships are just complicated for me like you say you think you love someone but then boom the love is gone. I guess you settle once you find true love my guess right! I myself I feel good with being alone maybe am a loner lol but I also think someone maybe come along the way that will be willing to sacrifice themselves to be with me well I guess haha we should be patience. We will get someone for us. Now the job oh god we are in the same situation I just don't get why can't we get a job even after applying they don't call back. That too one day we will get a job and be out of the dark. You know am heading to court with my ex for child support is killing my nerves I don't know what to expect. Can you give me any insight about that.

    Thank you

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