Are we compatible? Please help Captain, Blmoon

  • He is my sister's friend, but I can't shake my feeling off this man... he is the only person I have ever met that I felt is so much like me.. at least the old me. What can I expect for our future, if there is one?

    Me: 4/16/1985 2:52am San Francisco, California

    Him: 4/4/1981 Taipei, Taiwan

  • Has he ever given you any reason to think he is as interested in you as you are in him? Because I am seeing this as not a good romantic relationship, but more like brother-sister closeness.

  • Hi Captain, great to hear from you again. Yes, he would make comments to my sister, "I felt bad your sister looked bored that night", "I like your sister's dress", and lent me his sweater when it was freezing outside. He would stare at me when he thinks I'm not looking and smile. When I look at him back, he avoids eye contact because I think he is shy. He has danced behind me 3x in a grinding manner. While dancing behind me, he would hug me tight 5x pulling me towards him, force his fingers into my hand and held my hand tightly, put his lips on my bare shoulder, and kiss/nibble my ear (with my hair covering it). He claimed he had two drinks that night... and my sister has told me he grind dances with other girls in the past too so that's why I'm not sure. He only danced with me in that manner and never my sister and they were partying with mutual friends since September.. He only met me a month ago and we didn't really talk until that last time when he was dancing with me. Also, my sister said he's been liking every single post of hers on Facebook since he met me and before he wouldn't like it as much...

  • I don't feel a romantic relationship would work out here (i feel he is just 'testing' you to see if you - and other women - find him attractive but not in a serious way), plus you could upset and alienate your sister.

  • Sounds like he is a narcissist and is using me to feed his ego supply. Is he trying to get closer to my sister and/or finding a way to use her? She thinks he is untrustworthy, self-centered and not very considerate unless he wants something out of it and is using her. She also thinks he would play that hot and cold game with me too...

  • So why is she with him?

  • Captain, I must update. I was with my sister last night and bumped into this man and he was with another woman on his birthday. Can you tell me what was in his mind when he saw me again? There is a chance I may run into him again tomorrow night, but I'm not sure. What do you see happening?

  • There is no change to my original reading. This man is an insecure person who needs many women in his life to feel attractive. If you get sucked in by him, he will soon abandon you for someone else.

  • Thanks Captain, I found out that was his girlfriend as of early Feb... he pretty much kept it a secret he's been in a relationship with her on Facebook until after the event when I bumped into them again. I wouldn't want anything to do with him anymore after he tried to hide their relationship... do it to her, do it to you. Thank you again for your insight and giving me warnings of potential pitfalls.

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