Would so appreciate a reading for this sad girl.

  • So I met this guy online and we talked literally for days, we met and spent the next 2 days together. I wasnt so sure I was into him but there was definatly some sort of connection. Anyways, going from texting ALL day and hanging out and 5 days later, NOTHING. I am so confused and angry and hurt. I just did an online reading with a psycic and he said its because this guy went on a trip and i should hear from him in 2 weeks time. Pretty broad response Id say? I mean, this guy, who met my son, told him hed see him soon and help him play his video games. How do you go from that, to nothing?! I guess what Im asking for is if anyone can possibly read the situation for what it really is. I am a scorpio and of course Im obsessing over this and its consuming EVERYTHING, just because I dont have an answer. Im trying to think positive and not over analyze it but I would love someones take on it.

    My birthday is Nov 4 1984

    He is a pisces, not sure the exact date but its february 1984.

    I have been so unbelieably unlucky in love, I would really appreciate someone "reading" this. Thank you so much!!!

  • I feel you both have similar fears about being controlled by another person. This guy likes his freedom and to do as he pleases, and he got the impression from you that you are looking for a serious committed relationship (meeting your son) which you are. But basically he was just looking for a good time. Also you jumped in a bit fast - you put a lot of pressure and anticipation onto a relationship of only a few days. Next time slow down and just have fun.

  • I didnt put any pressure on the relationship though! We didnt even kiss. I was very distant and guarded because thats just how I am, and he kept pursuing me! I talked to him today and he said he just didnt feel the connection and didnt want to pursue something that he doesnt see developing into more. Such a load of crap considering after the first night we hung out, he texted me at 3 in the morning saying "so glad i met you! lets hangout tomorrow". And asked me for 3 days straight to hang out. Why would he tell me son ( Im a single mother so most dates are at my house, hence him meeting him) that he would come over earlier next time and play games with him. If he felt no connection to me in the very beginning, why all this bullshit!!! Men are so frustrating! When am I ever going to meet someone good?! I swear i have a black cloud over my head!!

  • Missashley, meeting someone's child after you have only known his mother for a few days can be very confronting for a man and may have given this guy the impression you were looking for a father and husband.

  • Misashley84,

    Sorry to butt in, I just wanted to share. You might want to read a book called Men who Can't Love by Setven Carter. It might shed some light o this for you and tell you what to watch out for. There is a followup book called Her Fear His Fear. Also helpful.

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