A Moving Question...

  • This is for anyone who would like to help.

    I'm currently waiting on the final verdict between two possible jobs, one is an office job with a utility company my dad has been a part of for nearly 40 years and one seamstress/customer service job in a bridal dress shop. Both are very promising in terms of making much more than at any of my previous (though one of them I'll make considerably more from the get go while at the other one I'll have to prove myself before going full time). I've already had interviews, and the wait has been AGONIZING!

    Now, a new problem has just come up: I may have to move, and I need to know quickly what my options are.

    There are several factors, the biggest one being a very uncooperative parent (this is happening on so many levels I won't go into it), a second, not so urgent reason is the job that makes more money (utility company) will be a good drive away, though granted, its in an area that goes against the majority of the traffic in the metroplex, reducing the possibility of morning and evening backup to next to nothing. The drive itself is not really bad at all (rather scenic too). I could get an apartment in the city I currently live now and it wouldn't be bad. However, I will only have the funds if I get the utility job. As much as I want the other job as it caters to my years of customer service experience and my sewing interests and will ease me into becoming a seamstress, the more I look at it, the more I want the office job instead because it'll finally give me the more immediate funds to finally get the freedom that I want. Its a more logical choice. I won't be getting any help on this, and I've already combed the area for decent apartments (got 3 I want to check out for sure).

    I haven't been able to get an estimate from the dress shop on hourly rates or whether they'll be giving me enough hours (or make me full time anyways). They've been hinting at starting me part time which means it probably won't be enough even if the hourly rate is good. I'm worried because I feel I'm rather low on the totem pole in terms of choice candidates for the utility office job. I just hope that's my nerves talking.

    I'm really stuck. I know I'll finally have my answers sometime next week, but I just can't stand it. If there wasn't a possible move involved I would've bit the bullet and wait for wonderful Daliolite to give me advice on which job, if accepted, should I choose. My reasons have just become more pressing. I guess to sum up my question: Will I have the funds to move and will it be very soon?



  • Hi JoyLily,

    Well, let's put first things first. Your biggest priority right now is to be able to move out of your father's house. So the job decision should be one based on that priority. I do feel the utility job is better for you financially. However, there is also the option of taking the utility job and also working part time at the wedding shop if that is really what you love to do (a couple evenings a week or weekends?). Then you could prove yourself to them, decide if it's a place you really like, and turn it into something full time later on down the road.

    I feel the utility job will make an offer, but there might be a question about your relevant experience for the job. Follow up with them and let them know about your enthusiasm for the position. You also need to stop worrying! You have a tendency to worry yourself into a tizzy and get way ahead of yourself. For now, just put your energy into seeing yourself in your own apartment and a job offer coming your way that will best support this goal. In other words, manage your energy so you do not push away something good that might be coming. Think of two magnets. You want to be the ATTRACTING energy that brings the other magnet to you with force and conviction. You do not want to be the magnet that pushes the other away with just as much force.

    Good luck!

  • Hello again, Watergirl!

    Yeah, I'm a real worry wart. Working both jobs at this point would be ideal, only they are both just far enough away that it might become a problem, plus the utility job does require some travel during emergencies which counts as overtime. They pay double during overtime (and include gas or tickets for flying), and the two guys who interviewed me said that I could get up to several thousand more a year from overtime ON TOP OF what I'll already be making, which did me in. Being completely open during my off hours will make that job easier, especially since this is Texas, and we do get some pretty nasty weather throughout the year. This won't bug me as much as long as I have my own space for my own projects and equipment at home where I can just leave it and come back when it suits me. I can still make a little extra selling what I make on my own, I just need the space!

    The two that interviewed me are well aware of my skills and were happy to see how I was able to compare what I've done (retail/customer service) to what this office job may entail. However, they're not going to be making the final decision and yes, this job will involve things I've never done before. Its an entry level job, but its a good one to get your foot in the door. It doesn't even require a degree (which I have) and chances of promotion within a year are rather high.

    You have no idea how much I've been imagining myself in my own apartment! I'm already scouting out stuff at home that I can take (my little sis left behind furniture I can use when she left to live with her fiance). I've made mental lists of things I'll need to buy once I've moved. I told myself not to finalize anything until I can do the physical room by room check and write it down. I already know the food staples I would need for my own kitchen! It really is driving me crazy.

    If what you say is true about the utility job, I'll definitely be on top of it and make sure they know I want it. I'll just have to make sure they give me a little time to move.



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