AstraAngel reading pls!!

  • Hi Astra,

    Yea sounds like quite the dilemma isn't it! I have tried to bring it up with him.. and he was really shy about it and of course so was I.. Yes you're right! communication for marriage is important.. so let me give a try again once he gets back..and see how that goes.. (its very disappointing though!) we get along so well and love to be with each other.. and i can't believe this is happening 😞 we have no mutual friends to talk to him.. so that's a no go...

    but i do like your camping story though! lol ... i do understand.. to try to be on his side, hoping that something will come of it..

    I feel really stuck with him cuz intimacy is a beautiful thing and i feel i have lost it with him.. which was once amazing!!!

    Thanks Astra, yes pls let me know what pops up 🙂

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? Its been a while. Well, i got married:) I'm quite happy about it. Its been 6 months now. Cant believe it but, jealousy kicked in.. It has taken me the point i am mad at him or maybe me!?! Just him looking at other women makes me pissed off.. I told him about it..he says its nothing and he does not mean anything about it..but truth is..its killing me. Can i request a reading from you.. Is he cheating? Other women on his mind? I'm losing my mind... Did i make a mistake? Please Astra read for me about my love life.



  • Hey LL,

    Well congrats on getting married how wonderful! 6 months, time flies, right?

    Okay so you have a little healthy jealously life lesson starting up okay... not a problem.

    Well, first off, a Tarot reading about him isn't going to help. If the reading says he isn't cheating you are still going to be dealing with feelings of jealousy. And if the reading said, "yes he is cheating on you!" then you have a cheating husband issue to deal with.

    It sounds to me like what the real root issue is (what is really pissing you off) isn't him looking at other women as much as, his reluctance to talk with you compassionately about your reactions and feelings, and work together to resolve the issue out. So you are starting to hit some sort of "off limits" discussion areas with him it sounds like.

    So he says, "ah... its nothing LL... just calm down!" and you react within, something like, "why you &%$#... how DARE you tell me this is nothing... my feelings are something! My feeling pissed off is something! Talk to me, Gd dam it!" So that makes you mad that your husband isn't being sympathetic to you, and he doesn't want to talk the issue through, it sounds like to me.

    I don't think I can read tarot for you on your question is what I am telling you basically. Sorry.

  • Thanks Astra,

    Jealousy can be a Bi@&h .. i have to learn to deal with it. but we have talked about it and it was resolved.. i dont want to be like that.. i dont want to live like that.. whatever the will of God.. it will be be done. Thanks though i appreciate everything.

    How are things with you?

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