AstraAngel reading pls!!

  • Dear LL,

    Okay we can look some more into this and see... I will do my best to share what seems to be suggested. I am not in the greatest of moods this morning so I hope I can help without my own sense of resignation bleeding in.

    We want...

    "...To explore whether marriage looks like it would be good with him at this point...

    we can look a little at your relationship history too, and see what sorts of roles and patterns you could be trying to repeat, sometimes I think that goes on."

    Basically I am trying to gain a better sense of you, your dreams, and the way you would like to see a marriage express itself. So much depends on your "concept" of marriage, and that is why it seems to be so important to talk that through with your partner when it is time. We all have a little different concept of it I guess.

    1-Knight of Wands, that is very path-role focused.

    2-Knight of Cups, very emotion-feeling-happiness focused.


    I think you have had a few relationships, two, maybe not that many? Some earnest effort anyway. the Magician feels like that is what you have been looking for. The "magic" in a relationship with a Knight. Now you have your next "Knight" you are circling around and you wonder if he is your Magician?

    4-2 of Wands. Now we are back to wands again. This is a nice "agreement" to a path, role, the marriage potential. This could be picking up your own heart saying. "yes I would love to marry him, you are saying "yes" to the "magic" at this point. No swords yet so the communication issues aren't really evident. For you, a marriage could be really patterned after love-magic feelings, and a clear path ahead together. This would seem to be coming from yourself, your past perhaps (maybe previous relationships were characterized mostly in emotion+path terms. And not lot of talk-talk or physical expressions.

    5-4 of Cups. Very stable and secure emotional life, home, could be family, it is dependable and sweet and nice. So you can see how the wand+cups is a repeating pattern already... feelings... and a willingness to agree in paths... all leading to this secure emotional setting.

    6-Then a 10 of Pentacles. That is interesting all of a sudden like that. This is about transitions in life's physical expression (to me). It feels a little like a physical movement away or toward something trying to begin physically. Leaving an older physical pattern.

    7-9 of wands. More wands again so the wands are really threaded a lot through this area of inquiry. Could be you deep down view of marriage being something that is very much direction-role-hope-plan focused. This is a completing path. 9's can be endings too, they have no where to go. Can be a stop in a path for some reason.

    8-5 of cups. So, once again the wand-cups pattern.

    Kn Wands

    Kn Cups

    ... Magician

    2 Wands

    4 Cups

    ... 10 of Pentacles

    9 Wands

    5 Cups


    Everything was going along there smoothly until we got to that 10 Pentacles... then a completion of path.. and a change or view of emotional life. 5's will tend to stop you.

    9-2 of Swords. Finally! A swords so we can actually communicate now! Yippie! Yay! What are we going to communicate about? (this is also falling to a hopes and fears {9} position)...

    10. The Hierophant. Yes, I think marriage is certainly trying to be talked about or agreed to (2 of swords + hierophant seems a very emphatic agreement of communication + the hierophant can be seen as a very affirming card and often connected with marriage.

    Here is what I am getting about you LL. Your heart has always been in the right place about marriage, love, relationship. The only issue historically with you seems to be to find a partner you can really communicate with, and then that should lead to committed relationship/marriage. You may have thought that the "Magic feelings" would be enough... or maybe the physical expressions of affection. And yet all that seems to have landed you in a completed, finished path place in your life (9W) at this point. Along with emotional changes.

    So I think a door, an opportunity is developing where you CAN communicate and share with another your relationship concerns (emotionally and in shared paths). And that could lead to marriage. I think the communicating with your partners has been difficult, in the past. Which has probably made you much more aware of how important communication is in a relationship. That is your hope really.... to be able to communicate your wishes and feelings with your love interest. From there you can attain agreements, and then a committed relationship pattern (marriage, apparently).

    So at this point it is that 2 of Swords that I would look into a little. Ask yourself questions like,

    • what has my communication history been like in love? what worked? what didn't?

    • what do i really, really wish I could communicate with a partner? what would be things i would really love to say? how would he respond?

    • is there anything making communication difficult? do i harbor a fear that if i say the wrong thing, my love interest will run from me?

    The cards do seem to be pointing to that 2 of swords with you as being something significant for some reason. I will let you think about that! Matters do seem to be taking you to a place of communication and agreements though, a setting where you can really be open and honest and really feel you are communicating with someone (I would say your present guy is the target of thi communication, however i was really trying to be mostly focused on you here and not him).

    (Generally it seems better to simply talk your feelings out with others when you can. So often people don't want to talk though which i have not been able to figure out. We live behind steel shutters on our hearts, and paint happy smiles on the shutters for others to see. You deserve a companion who will really listen to you, and is not afraid to talk.)

    best, astra

  • Astra,

    Thanks again for taking the time again to do a reading. It is amazing how the cards does describe me and my past. The patterns are on point. I guess I am to focused on the marriage thing. for a fear of him running away after.. I am so emotionally attached. I really do need to ask myself these questions about what I really do want to know. This reading has been very helpful.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Astra,

    How are you?

    I would like if you can do a reading for me please. today I am feeling a bit sad, because fears of insecurities are flustering over me. its regarding my boyfriend. lately he has been acting very weird when he has his phone, its like he is talking to another woman. please do a reading about what he thinks of me and feels for me. Also there is a lot of tension in my job and I am truly frustrated with everything.. pls read for me on this and is not good.. I feel overwhelmed with everything.

    Awaiting your response,



  • Hi LL

    Sri to hear abt the stress with that stuff you do not need that - I will look at some cards and get back to u hang in there life can seem difficult when we are getting ready for changes or something so I am sure there is some beautiful messages in all this for you talk later -astra

  • Thanks Astra, for getting back to me. I guess i am a bit paranoid.. but i know that your readings always ease me.

    I thought you were not on this site again, because i did not hear back from you for a few days lol.. but its nice to see you are still here.

    LeoLady 🙂

  • yeah my access to internet is limited right now

    so I did look at some cards for you and I wish I had here what I wrote there however I recall that the lovers showed up twice - it really seemed like you were heading for something fun in love? I think a lot of our "concerns" life come from how much in love we are - in love?

    things work out

    searching for love? it can be a challenge

    sri not sure that made sense anyway you are on the right track I wish I had more! sri I am not really any good at predicting anything

  • Hi Astra,

    I really enjoy your readings.. can you please do another reading for me about love? my love life seems to suck about now.. i think he might be cheating.. can you pls do a reading for us?

  • Hi LeoLadyLove

    thinking about your situation I will share this

    BTW my style or approach lately has been to work in a sort of box (or grid I guess you can say)

    Top is your outward life

    Below is your inward life

    Left is memories

    Right is your expectations (possible future)

    The center four cards I tend to look at as being a very present setting for you lately

    in this case there is only one card

    kappa beta (10 of cups)

    and that is a new beginning in love

    it appears to have some connections to your past

    and it is also a part of your inner life (so this is something you are thinking about in love more than you are able to take any actual action)

    above this is the iota beta (9 of cups)

    iota is completions and also is a small part of a new pattern so that shows some cery focused outward emotion from you that is complete - like you are saying “this is complete that I feel!” and at the same time as it is completing one area of your emotional life it is also the first little part of a new BIGGER love pattern for you - so something is cookin’ for you in love no question about that

    You have quite a lot showing to the left of the box = you do have some love concerns that are extending back into your past (memories) (who doesn’t right? 🙂

    what is back there?

    communication needs it seems - you really love to communicate about love don’t you? It sure looks like that - so if your partners aren’t on your same love wavelength you could be feeling a little blue

    it is mostly a communication path with you going way back - in high school when you were little what you loved more than anything was to talk about love with whoever would listen probably!

    Path is also very important to you super important you need you demand you must have solid and dependable emotional path work in your life - these are both very foundational the 4 and the 9 so that was and always will be so important for you

    Then bring that forward just a little a more recent time for you where the focus was all of a sudden on the physical area in a very determined way related to foundations in home or in your relationships you have now - the concern here is all on dependable and secure physical patterns so that seems a little bit of a switch for you - because you love to communicate! First anyway then everything moves into the present with the new complete love pattern emerging

    so you went from solid paths in communication about love and then it changes to solid physical material money concerns or something of real importance - maybe related to the relatioships you already have (dealing with some physical concerns there mainly)

    and that ends that - the pentacles all fly away at that point and that leaves you looking ahead to

    completions and the beginning of a new pattern and at last at last at last

    back to what you really love to communicate about your feelings

    and to know you are being heard

    And look! That little gamma gamma card showed up again as your extended forecast - so the communication pattern that you loved comes back for you

    I hope that helps! 🙂 you take it easy and I am not sure what to say about his cheating?

    Maybe two can play that game! haha just kidding i was never that good of a cheater I had issues trying to hide what I was up to

  • Hello Astra, good evening! How are you? It has been such a long time. Things have been going well in my end. I am very impressed with your readings.

    I would like to ask you to do a reading for me please. I would like to know how thing are going for and work.



  • hey leolady2012

    i had a really good connection with you on a new reading, over several days. i mean i wrote out over 5 pages of details and everything. However now I am stuck with no easy way to share all that with you! so, anyway, if you have any ideas let me know. i am having to use a library computer now and there is no easy way to transfer what i wrote out by hand. it is a LOT and i think it would be of interest to you anyway, i will leave it in the hands of the universe.

  • can you e mail me pls.. zil _ d 73 at yah oo dot c o m much appreciated!! thanks.. i am so eager to read it 🙂 thanks for taking the time to do this for me.

  • maybe i can call you!? or you can call me!? or i sent you an e mail id earlier.. my ph 416 871 1294 im in Canada

  • I can call to you for free, if that would work!

  • maybe you can text me your #

  • sorry, i am just so really excited lol 🙂 or maybe using your phone you can take snap shots of the reading and email it to me...

    just getting in some ideas.. lol... Thanks again Astra Angel 🙂

  • One more idea! You can use the scanner at the library to scan to your email and then forward it to me. Thanks.

  • hi leolady2012

    okay sounds good! i would like to get this to you also, i thought of trying to type it all out and that just sounds too much like real work haha... and this stuff is suppossed to be fun otherwise why are we here. it was really something, it did seem to just flow out of me, so weird. so yeah i will try your email and see if it gets to you and maybe figure out a way to attached the images. (i know the form has 'rules' about not giving out personal contact info but maybe they will make an exception here. i don't see what the big deal is, we live with so much nonsense today, won't it be nice to find a reality where we are all at peace with one another.

    anyway. glad you seem interested in reading it! we will cross our fingers


  • Thanks Astra, i am patiently waiting:) i have been excitedly waiting since you told me. Please try your best in getting it to me.

  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks for the reading.

    Your reading is absolutely right! the "water" that you are referring to is indeed our intimacy. we have been dating for 2 yrs and our intimacy was great for the first year and then it went downhill. when i asked him about it he says there is no problem, and he leaves it at that. Now we did talk about getting married. i had asked you a while back about him getting married to me, because he said that he never wanted to get married. now that has changed, but yes, i am very shy about discussing our intimacy with him,..cuz i can tell he feels shy about it as well.. and i dont want to nag..i don't know what to do about it. this makes me really sad. Now i was all about the marriage with him. and now i feel if there is no intimacy with this man, then what should i do? Meanwhile, he is an amazing bf, he has a great personality and so much respect for me and our relationship. I am completely in love with this guy and i really want to get married to him.

    He will be back next week from his vacation... but now i don't know what to do! 😞

    Tell me what does the cards have for me with this man, pls.



  • hi LL

    boy i really hear you there, that does sound difficult! you want to open up to him about that intimacy area, and yet he has to be comfortable to talk about that too. so i can see where that could get a little tender to deal with. as far as looking at cards, i will give you some more thought and get back with anything at all that sounds like it can help. so i will just listen for you and your bf it would be so cool to see this turn into a growing closer experience for the two of you and that in turn takes you into a great marriage. that to me would be a happy story.

    is there a friend you both know and they could try to talk to both of you separately? try to get to the heart of the issue? maybe you have a gf that you are close to and she knows him? send her to him and get her to talk it out of him? i dunno just trying to come up with ideas!

    so you have both been talking seriously about marriage, so this is a good test to see how you two handle communication challenges? a good marriage you had better have super close communication to have a hope communication has challenges that will sooner or later affect how close the two of you are. i really believe men are on a little different wavelength with one antenna pointed toward the sky... you know what i mean? listening to the clouds or something.... so here is a play skit for the two of you

    you have both decided what you need is some shared outdoor adventure together. so you packed up and headed into the wilderness for a hiking and camping adventure just the two of you.... and it has been good... two days so far into this wilderness national park. you have snuggled and kissed and yet matters have not progressed beyond that point so this is day three and you are both hiking to look at the Seven Sisters waterfall near the old forest road and you are slowly making your way there and alll of a sudden, he

    " - - shh! did you hear something leonis?" and he stops in his tracks.

    you look around slowly, a look of concern has spread across your face. "no, i don't hear anything... what did you hear? a bear maybe?" you ask and hold your breathe.

    and slowly, he turns his eyes up to the sky and says "leonie i think it is the clouds they are whispering to me somehow..." and he just stands there, listening to the few scattered clouds talking to him.

    of course, you don't know what to say. you don't hear anything. but you can't just say, "bobbie i think you are insane" that probably won't help your chances in the tent that night. so what do you do? you snuggle up close to him, and say softly,

    "oh bobbie you are such a spiritual kinda guy! i i love that about you!"

    and he looks at you with tears in his eyes, because you really get him you really do. and this has turned out to be the greatest camping trip of your life.

    okay well that was just for fun i guess! maybe i will keep you and him in mind and let you know if anything else pops up and will post back. best to you LL

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