AstraAngel reading pls!!

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I have read some of the readings that you have done and find it to be very interesting, can you shed some light by a reading for me pls? my dob is Aug 12, 1973 ... i would like to know about my job and it security and love life .. if and when will i meet the one .. and about my health and life pls..



  • Hi leolady2012

    Okay, sure thing lets just do a celtic cross and get some sort of overview of everything, okay?

    Present situation - Wheel of fortune - Maybe life feels a little circular right now. Spinning, feel a little dizzy on some days? Thing changing for you, but how? In what way? Oh my, the wheel is like a carnival ride and so your life may be feeling a little like a circus lately.

    Crossing - Ace of Wands - in the midst of the twists and turns you are trying hard to see clear to a quality choice of path in some area - work I am guessing. So when life gives you moments of peace in the midst of the circles, you think about work, your place, your role in life is very much a concern to you.

    Above - The 8 of Cups - so this is overshadowing you. Love, emotional life expanding, changing in some very broad ways... could mean you have had to leave someone behind or some situation required a change and you took it. Still searching for that missing piece in your heart. So, LOVE is really your highest desire... I know you mentioned the job stuff first, but really deep down you are really wanting a nice relationship with your soul mate, someone special for you.

    Below - King of Pentacles - Guys, I guess. Men. Physical, or at least you have had some relationship back there, that sort of set in motion a big understanding of how you relate to men. Someone important. You may have depended on him a lot. Could be some pain there, the 8 of cups above, him below. Wheel in the middle. That sounds like your heart was spun around and slung you off into the wild blue yonder and you are left with YOU and trying to chart your life. A new you. A new life you want that more than ANYTHING.

    Past - 5 of Swords. Some real issue of thinking about something back there, could be a lot of introspection has marked your life for a while, it is not as intense as it used to be. Could have been some experience you had (with that King?) left you reeling and your mind when into some deep probing, why, what, how come, how in the world, where did that come from? Your mind has had to change a view about it whatever it was. Landing you in the wheel with more spinning around. Your life must feel a little like one of those toy tops by now.

    Approaching - Hanged Man. Well the good news is the spinning will soon stop. Settled out. Steady and solid. Not a lot of real change, but at least you can begin to feel YOU again, and realize that you are still okay, that all is still okay, that you will discover WHO you are and WHAT life has for you. You will be "enjoying" some meditation time now, reflection without expecting a lot to really dramatically change, but that is okay, that is good for you right now. A good time to take long walks in the woods by yourself. Sing to heaven as best you can. Watch a flock of birds cross the sky and realize YOU are one of those ravens, bold, confident in the midst of whatever has been going on. You will fly again, you will find your place int he flock.

    Future environment - Queen of Swords - this is who you are becoming. Your mind is being healed of "whatever" it was back there, perhaps the King thing, and after a time of reflection and taking those walks, and watching the skies, and pondering your life, you come out pretty sharp! Very astute and wise, and you have learned something really valuable! This Queen will be a very strong presence in your life, intellectual clarity.

    Outer influences - Page of Cups - Some situation or a new phase starts in again which prompts you to take chances in love again. Little steps. Trying things. Playful too. Maybe some ideas that Queen of Swords comes up with (she is a jokester at heart really). So you are writing, love letters, to you, mailing them to the North Pole, I dunno... somehow you are trying again in love, dating more here.

    Hopes and concerns - The LOVERS - so this again shows where you really live. You want that pretty bad. The relationship. The thing. The companionship. The fun. The committed union that amounts to something. The risks pay off for you somehow, and everything you have been through with that JERK back there turn into something delightful. Nice, simple, pleasurable without you having to second guess, "What is that *** of a ***** up to now?" This is your deep heart desire, you see that relationship start and all of the other pieces fall into place.

    Final Outcome - Temperance - This is a card of foundations in life, something solid and mature and dependable. You have had a lot of ups and downs, and spinning round, and too many surprises that took you by surprise, and your mind turning over everything. to the point where you are wondering will anything EVER settle out? Yes it will. You are going to meet someome great soon, how soon? I have no clue. Doesn't matter. What if I said tomorrow? What if I said next week? What if I said in a million years? You will HAVE A LOVER is all I know. And that will set everything right in your life. We all experience so much needless confusion because we are alone in life. We are SUPPOSED to have a companion who is our complement our match and then we become whole. I don't understand a world that places all of the emphasis on our heads, our careers and then we tack on love at the end like an afterthought. Combining incomes or something, ugh, it makes me want to gag.

    I don't see anything dramatic here developing as regards job and financial security. Your needs are going to be met. What I see is someone on a path to meet that someone special and enter a delicious relationship with a soul mate who will be good for you, and then... you let me know when that happens and we can do a reading on your finances and job, and I bet by then that will all magically be taken care of. So, for you... a time now of being calm and quiet and learning to take those walks, and watch those ravens, remember? And know that the universe will take care of everything else. Whatever tumult of mind you have been dealing with will soon resolve and you will find a NEW YOU who is very balanced and steady of mind, smart as a whip and not afraid to use that whip on the next guy who dares to cross her up haha.... (save the whip though for some fun later with your true love), haha again.... 🙂

    Play, I think... for you... this Leo loves to play, more than anything. I see a special man coming your way who also loves to play... and the world will not be a big enough playground for the two of you.

    As for your health, you will ALWAYS have perfect health. You have health, it is your birthright.

    Hey, Leolady2012 I hope that helps or gives you something to reflect on.

    Blessings to you, thank you for the reading request.

    Love and light,


  • HI Astra, You are really an Angel 🙂 I feel as through this reading you did for me, it is like you know me.. and that is EXACTLY how my life is and has been for the past five years.. I was in a very hurtful relationship and now i have come to accept that it is over.. it is very painful but i know i have no future with him and have to move on.. I am so tired of all the roller coaster rides for the past five years..

    Thanks for this magical wonderful reading.. you have helped me with this so much.. I feel as though that i have the confirmation that i needed to move ahead with my life. 🙂 Thanks a million.

    Hey Astra, I would like to ask one more question pls...

    I would like to buy my first home and was wondering if this will ever happen or its just a dream? what are you insights on this?



  • In looking at the cards, they seem to show you looking for a home, shopping maybe, however it seems there is a love relationship that has to happen first. I don't see a house purchase before there is this love entered into.

    That is simply the cards though... you want to buy a home, that is always your choice and I see nothing preventing it. Go for it!

  • Wow.. well i think i like what the cards says better lol 🙂 Thank you Angel 🙂

  • Good Evening Astra,

    How are you? It has been a while since this reading. Well i must say, that i have met a wonderful man. it has been 4 months into the relationship and i must say that i am truly happy with him.. you said it 🙂 thanks!

    Astra, lately at work i am very stressed out and i feel that things are not going well for me.. management has been very tough.. i am afraid of losing my job. I would like it very much if you can do a reading for me regarding my job and my new love.



  • Hi leolady2012,

    I am doing well, thank you for asking! And I am thrilled to hear you are finding new love, that sounds great, good for you! So let's see about your job and love situation developments.

    My methods are a little simpler lately so you may to read between the lines more, however I will just share what seems to be suggested.

    Cards 1-4 sum up where things are at.

    1. 4 of Pentacles (so we begin a very solid card of earth, which sounds good, this seems to say stability in both of those realms, dependable, 4's are very secure and dependable.

    2. 5 of Pentacles. This falls into the affirmation place (2) so it does seem like there are some changes going on in your earthly life. Adjustments.

    3. The Lovers. Well, that seems to point more toward the love end of the spectrum.

    4. Hermit. That is deeper love search. So far it seems your heart is really focused on deepening the emotional relationship you currently have with this man. So that sounds really wonderful in love!

    Now, the rest of the cards will add some color to that...

    1. This is something about the changes, that 5 of Pentacles. That is the 4 of Swords. So, there is something changing in the way your physical, material life is expressing your thoughts. This could relate to how you express yourself to your mate, and even in your job situation. It could be that the universe is encouraging you to look for ways to express a quiet faith with your job (this could have more to do with your job). I get, staying poised and calm and smiling regardless of what you are feeling.

    2. Judgment. This lands in your social setting and sharing position (6), so there is something you are sharing or will be sharing with your physical settings that you will find yourself in. It will be a discussion of being released from feelings of restriction and this seems to be a nice bonus for you. This is not something you are doing, you will find yourself in a sharing of release or a mutually satisfying relaxation (is what I get), like comparing notes with others about freedom and happiness. Whatever this is, it is very happy and very nice and very uplifting! 🙂

    3. This is the 7 of Wands. So we have a 77. This is very high and divine starry night setting, of reflection. I think your stars are carrying you along, When you think about that job thing just remember your stars are watching over you. I have been watching Leo the Lion rise in the east lately, Mars is above Regulus in Leo, and the Moon just passed through it *New moon today too). So there is a lot of divine sort of star energy moving you along. This is good to reflect on, trust and faith and all will work out nicely.

    4. This is connected to the 3 card above (the Lovers) and this is the Wheel of Fortune, so this is card of connectedness and all things working together. So this does amplify what was said, your love relationship will deepen (hermit, the open hand) and now enter into even more connectedness and love. Really nice, you have something really wonderful going on there!

    5. Conclusions and fulfillment, this is the Ace of Cups which is a new feeling being fulfilled. This goes along with #4 and #6. So...

    Hermit - deeper love +

    Judgment - freedom +

    Ace of Cups - a new feeling

    So you can expect a deeper lover freedom with a new feeling! How lovely is that! 🙂

    1. Is whatever represents a crossroads for you, This is the King of Swords. So yes, you see how the 4 of Swords admonition (keep your peace and smile) is also a crossroads for you to maintain a pattern of intellectual growth. So what you should practice at work (I think this applies more to work) is to stay calm (4 swords) while continuing to practice being alert and growing on the job intellectually. In other words, even if you feel some fear about the job, or management or whatnot, don't worry about that, just keep listening and growing and staying alert and learn, and you will be fine there.

    And keep smiling haha....

    1. This goes along with the #1 card the 4 of Pentacles, so we can see how you are using the 4 pentacles moving ahead. That is the 7 of Cups which is dreamy and more 7 energy. I think this seems to show you relaxing more, the 4 of Pentacles can be a little nervous or clinging to things, so I think your balance that you are moving toward is to dream more, be more like a child at heart, and realize you are watched over and can relax more, The seven of cups is very relaxed and herself. So in your job situation that should begin now to relax and lighten up so that you feel really at peace and it is more on autopilot so to speak.

    Okay leolady2012 I hope that is a blessing for you! I am so happy for you and your new love,

    best, astra

  • Thanks Astra again for a wonderful reading, I took your advise to relax concerning my job and things are indeed working out nicely. I am happy with my new love 🙂 Thanks for everything.

  • Good evening Astra,

    How are you? thanks for the wonderful readings.

    This question is about my boyfriend. Thing are going well for us and i really do like him a lot, he likes me a lot and we get along very well. I am concerned though that he told me that he does not want to ever get married, and i do want to get married at some point. Astra can you do a reading for me to find out if i should stay with this guy or am i wasting my time with him and what he feels about me.


  • Hi there leolady2012,

    I am well thank you! I hope all is nice for you too...

    I understand your question. Something is happening here with him! However you really do want to get married in your life with him, and so that presents a challenge if you continue with him. As he has said he doesn't want to marry... well guys have been known to change their minds on things. 🙂 What your bf could be dealing with are his "concepts" of what marriage means. Maybe his experience around other married people (or upbringing) was not the greatest. So he could be retreating from 'that' and not marriage per se as an institution.

    Those are my initial reactions. I can look at some cards and see what else. This will be focused on "We want to understand his world, to try and understand where he is coming from with his "does not want to ever get married" position." That is our request to the universe.

    So, these cards sum up the situation with him in connection to that question.

    a. Knight of Swords


    b. 8 of swords

    Yeah, it is all in his head. His concerns are intellectual with marriage, not emotional. And the intellectual is the easiest thing in the world to change. So this is looking hopeful already. Knights keep repeating things so and the 8 expands that, so in his head he is saying over and over "I will not get married to her, I will not get married to her, I will not..." However... what man can keep that up forever?

    1. Beginning - Knight of Cups. This is where he really lives. Love. This is the way you two began, in a love pursuit that was and is nice.

    2. Affirming - The Chariot. So you two have been off to the races in love. Exciting! Fun! I am in love! It is nice and takes you to higher places with him, and your heart is soaring and so is his. This is very nice because it is saying YES to the affirming knight of love.

    3. Growing - The Devil. That is really "seeing" something. The seeing of each other must be increasing. So growing time together maybe? Devil is the 16th card which reduces to 7 which relates to reflection and seeing one another, some imagination perhaps? So he is dreaming of you, and you are dreaming of him too.

    4. Foundations - The Tower. The tower is simply more motion and movement along with the chariot. 17th card reduces to 8, movement and expansiveness. So the relationship to him is really expanding, deepening. Moving along in a sort of "I am not sure I can control my feelings for this beautiful woman any more". That is passion. That is desire. That is the Tower.

    5. Changing - The Lovers. That is more dreaming and imagining (like the devil). So there are changes going on with how you see one another, the "lovers" concept from him to you is in some state of development. Adjustment.

    6. Social and sharing - King of Cups. Oh. well, there you go. More growth of the emotional life. This man is crazy about you there is no doubt about it. And he doesn't want to get married? You sure? King of Cups here means all he wants to do is share his growing love for you. Repeatedly.

    7. Rest and reflection - the 7 of Cups. So the 7's are all reflective and dreamy, so a 7 card here is even more dreamy emotionally. Along with the other dream cards (dev and lovers) that all adds up to much "imagination" and dreaming about you.

    8. Expansive - The Magician. So what is happening now is magic. Between the two of you. Which means trust that the universe can easily CHANGE his mind about marriage. Magically. Easily. Without having to even think about it.

    Were I in your shoes, and I was dating a guy, and we had a nice thing developing, and I was concerned because he said "By the way LeoLady I don't want to get married."? And I went home and looked at cards, and drew what we just looked at.

    I would smile. And say to myself. Okay. Maybe "now" you don't want to get married.

    That can change though. This would put a smile on my face. I think his concerns are all in the mind, and so that is something that love can work out for you. It sounds like things are going well, I would stay focused on all the nice things happening and let the universe take care of the marriage piece. You should follow your own judgment, I am simply looking at cards and sharing what I see... in the end, this is your life and you should follow your own guidance.

    "Hi Leolady, why are you smiling so much today?"

    "Oh, I don't know... I was looking up some cake recipes online and some of them look so yummy. They were really pretty too. They make me smile..."

    "Yeah? Like what kind of cakes?"

    "Oh... different kinds... mostly white ones. One of my favorite colors..."


    best wishes LeoLady2012

    I am hoping for wonderful things here for you and him!

  • Good morning Astra,

    Thanks again for an amazing reading 🙂 I know that we have a really good connection and i am enjoying my life so much with him. he is an awesome guy and i feel blessed to be with him.

    This reading confirms so much for me ...

    Thanks again so much 🙂


  • HI Astra,

    How are you? I would like to have a reading from you please. Lately i am not feeling much of myself. I am so bombarded with work and my health and the stress of it... i feel i am going to explode.. i have also been in a relationship for 8 month.. i told my bf how (because now i am really starting to fall in love ...Hard!!) i felt and i think it scared him and it bothers me... i would love to know where things stand with me and my health, job and love life. ..what is he feeling? what is he thinking about all of this? help me pls Astra.



  • Hi leolady,

    I am doing well thanks, ...although to be perfectly honest I have good days and some... I feel so adrift...

    We can take a look and see what you think!

    Your present setting, sort of a general "where you are at" is

    Ace Swords (beginning to think-dialogue about ? + and Star (many, stars, ethereal love)

    really, simply stated you are in a "begin share star" place in your life according to this?

    Let's say the cards are showing the course your life is on... (seen by the arrow, sort of showing a transition from left to right). So I think the left most card (4 of cups) shows a recent transition for you (something related to your emotional secure feelings) was in a change, transition. A secure emotional pattern could have changed, or entered in. Or left.

    That led to your present situation which is 10 swords + ace swords + Star + 3 cups

    So, you are certainly thinking about something... transition of thinking and a beginning of thinking about something! And the Star... and the 3 of Cups... you could have a dreamy love going on maybe? This seems to be showing that "falling hard" love, star and a 3 cups is romantic together. So you must be thinking that over? a 10 and ace swords together. I think you are trying to start a new way of thinking about (Star + 3 cups) whatever that seems to represent? Maybe your love feelings for your bf.

    Ahead there is a "new emotion" Ace of Cups! So there is something straight ahead for you that is a new beginning in love, play, house, feelings, emotion, happiness something nice and a fresh start for you! Emotion wise anyway. So that seems like a "key" event of transition that then takes you to your next setting in life. Which is a combination of

    Chariot, 3 Wands, Temperance (merging) Ace of Swords. So we see the Ace of Swords again!

    So what you are entering (as this new emotion begins) is "movement + sharing a path + merging + beginning a new think-talk, communication".

    So the sense I have is that matters are about to get underway for you to bring you something really wonderful in a new-beginning love feeling, and then.... it really gets going! (chariot) and it is also very path-sharing styled, merging (which is nice for relationships) and also shows a very clean, beginning of thinking (in some way related to what you are beginning to think about now perhaps).

    It looks really nice to me. You seem to gain some path clarity ahead and some simplicity of thought, communication patterns, and all of it has some real momentum behind it! (Chariot).

    " i would love to know where things stand with me and my health, job and love life. ..what is he feeling? what is he thinking about all of this?"

    Where things stand with you are a lot of thinking about something and a dreamy love hope or something. What is he thinking-feeling? I would look at b and 6 for anything related to social things like that, which are both nice (Star and blending) - that sounds like very nice feelings toward you. 🙂

    Whatever it is you are thinking about a lot, does become clarified it looks like.

    It could be the communication area that is affecting you mostly, sharing, dialogue and communication with others. When we feel cut off from others, someone we love, it can really wreck your world. It is so difficult... not knowing when you are away from someone like that. I will pray for your relationship there to be great and everything to work out... I think the communication, about love, or something begins there... and then it is "off you go... " happy as a little june bug...

    I hope that makes some sense. I am always experimenting a little with these spreads so take it with grain of salt as they say. - astra

    P.S. good for you that you were honest with your bf about your feelings. Maybe he is a little scared (good, he needs to know how real feelings express themselves, and maybe you are showing him!)

    live... love... laugh... shop...


  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks again for this wonderful reading, this reading really explains the way I am feeling ..thank you:)

    We seem to like each other very very much, but for him..he is persistant about not getting married.. I would like to get married..not now.. but perharps a year or two... I feel like letting him go because of this.. I am confused.. Tell my pls Astra.. What does he really want from this relationship? could it be he is hiding something from me?

    Plse also do a reading for me where my job is looks shaky at the moment.



  • LL,

    Okay, we can try to see what the deal is with your bf:

    Significator: 8 of swords (r)

    1. this covers it: Knight of Wands

    2. this crosses it: 10 of Pentacles

    3. this crowns it: The Hermit

    4. this is beneath: The Sun

    5. this is behind: Page of Pentacles

    6. this is before: 4 of Wands

    7. this is his self (attitude in the matter): 3 of Cups

    8. this is his environment-influences: Page of Cups

    9. hopes and fears: Wheel of Fortune

    10. OUTCOME: 7 of Wands

    Significator would say something like he is in some "moving" thought dialogue pattern. This could be his general style right now in life. To talk to you or share... and then he runs off and hides (Hermit, crowns) to think about you, what was said, where life is taking you and him.

    What is covering the question about what he really wants from the relationship, is the Knight of Wands. Knights tend to be very focused in one area, this is path-role.

    Crossing is 10 of Pentacles. That generally signifies "transitions" to me in their suit. So a "transition" physically, in setting? in some way that he is very focused on as a "path".

    Above we mentioned, the Hermit. Hermits are alone for a reason, so what he wants from the relationship is some way to be alone and yet with you at the same time? Marriage may raise red flags for him and so he wonders about that.

    Beneath is the Sun, so that seems to say his foundations are very open, bright, clear, single-minded, and very optimistic. So I would gather his general disposition is very optimistic?

    Behind (passing influence) is the Page of Pentacles. Pages are innocent and little risk-takers. So there must have been something recently of a physical step, risk in his material life. The 10 Pentacles shows the "before" of the page. I think there was some physical advance on his part, and that still leaves him at the setting, 10P. (wanting to transition physically).

    Ahead is 4 Wands, dependable path something... a place he is trying to reach is a dependable path, something established and secure (marriage would fall into this).

    Self, is the 3 Cups, so his attitude is very happy! In general he has a positive view, feelings on marriage (i am starting to think it is what he really wants? what do you think?).

    House (influences around him) is the Page of Cups. So the atmosphere around him is willing to "risk" in emotion-feeling-love, so this could be some general influence in his thinking. A desire to take a step into love-feeling-emotion-fun.

    Hope fear is the Wheel of Fortune. Now we see where the issue is mostly with him. He sees that marriage could be a crap shoot, a change, and he is trying to find what is dependable (4 wands) in life, now what is up and down (Wheel). He "hopes" marriage with you could be wonderful, he "fears" marriage would end up being something else.

    Outcome is 7 Wands. Which is reflection, pausinging, dreams in path and life choice directions.

    The cards seem to paint a picture that he wants to move forward with you physically, (page pentacle past, 10 pentacles present crossing). That could represent the "nice path with you" that we see in the 4 wands ahead. So, if you are saying to him "no, we must wait until we get married", that starts the hope-fears of marriage turning (wheel). I think he really cares about you and loves you in some way. There are some really nice cards here emotionally. The Sun beneath, the 3 cups as his "self", and the Page Cups as his influencing general mental atmosphere. "I want to take a chance with her! I want to move forward emotionally with her!" It seems very sincere. I think the specter of marriage has him withdrawing from you and that leads him to start thinking, and then he is alone from you, Hermit, 8 Swords.

    It is interesting to me that every card is right side up as well, with the exception of his "significator" so as regards your question "is he hiding something from you?" I suppose you could infer from this that his "significator" is upside down and not being totally "upright" with you about something? I am not sure, I don't usually deal with reversed cards so it is a guess.

    What could he be hiding from you though? His fears of marriage?

    Is it the physical closeness you are drawing the line at in terms of marriage? Are you saying "no, you must not do that!" until the two of you are married? He seems to want a physical transition with you. I think marriage is going to be a tough sell with this guy anytime soon. So if you are making THAT your goal, I do have the sense you might want to "move on". Hermits are sort of alone for a reason, so that could indicate the guy has some life path-purpose that is requiring him to remain unattached at the present time. So if you are challenging that, could be difficult to change.

    What he is "hiding" from you (just guessing here) is that he does want to marry. However he doesn't want to say anything until he has it all worked out in his thinking (8S, Hermit, 7 swords outcome). He must have some real concerns about the institution of marriage, whether it is really viable any more in the current climate of our society. (What person doesn't these days?)

    I suppose someone in your situation could stay nice to him, AND date others, if you are really serious about marrying someone. As for "is he marriage material?" I would say not anytime real soon.

    Hey, I will circle back around with you on the job request!

    (take this all with a grain of salt, they are only cards after all, pray, listen to your heart and you will take the right steps 🙂

  • And here is a job reading! 🙂

    "Plse also do a reading for me where my job is looks shaky at the moment."

    Significator: Ace of Cups

    1. this covers it: 8 of Cups

    2. this crosses it: 10 of Wands

    3. this crowns it: Lovers

    4. this is beneath: Strength (r)

    5. this is behind: Ace of Wands (r)

    6. this is before: 8 of Swords (r)

    7. this is self (attitude in the matter): 6 of Wands

    8. this is environment-influences: 3 of Wands

    9. hopes and fears: Ace of Pentacles

    10. OUTCOME: Ace of Swords

    Well, I can tell you right now something absolutely amazing and wonderful is heading your way dear Leo Lady. Three aces! That is so nice! And your significator is the Ace of Cups so that shows you have a heart of gold and deserve ALL the wonderful things coming your way in work, and in life in general (including love).

    Your job is covered by the 8 of Cups. That is a "moving emotionally" indication, so your heart may not be in the job any more (as it once was)? What is crossing is the 10 of Wands. So that is a desire to transition from that covering 8 cups. So there is some real desire here to transition to a new job I am guessing.

    What crowns you is the Lovers. That is all about "relationship" themes, how you relate to others in your work. You love to have close working relationships with others! And to feel good about your relationships at work is important to you, to feel emotionally secure in your job.

    Beneath is Strength. Awareness and instincts, holding your own, standing your ground. These are all themes for you in this job. The background with the job seems to be a "bite my tongue and smile even though I don't feel it". This is reversed also, so that could say that there is something challenging here. More challenging than usual.

    Past, related to the job. Ace of Wands (r). Something must have recently began at work, like a new path, process, policy, direction and you are like "I don't know about this?"

    Ahead is the 8 of Swords. (interesting that this came up as your bf significator). So, ahead is a "move" of mind, thinking, attitude as relates to the job. It could be you see something differently about it that leads you to a nice outcome (Ace Swords, outcome).

    Your attitude is the 6 of Wands. This is a social setting path card. Meaning your job is very important to you socially in a "connected" way, like... "I really love working with these people! I love my job direction with them! I am so thrilled to be here!" That is your attitude or is trying to be your attitude.

    The "house" of influence around you is the 3 of Wands, so that is a "growth=seeking" sort of path card. I think there is some general atmosphere around you now that is seeking other jobs, or you are starting to search for other job paths.

    The hopes and fears if the Ace of Pentacles. That is totally a hope for a new job, a fear you won't find one.

    The outcome - ACE OF SWORDS. The new beginning of a job. Somehow you are being transitioned into a new path by the universe related to your job.

    The Ace of Swords certainly moves the needle toward the HOPE coming to pass and not the fear. So you will have a new job very soon. Best job you ever had! You will love the people, you will feel a deep connection with it, it will be emotionally fulfilling for you, and you will love everything about it.

    NICE DEVELOPMENTS COMING YOUR WAY hang in there leo lady...

  • and here is the cards...

  • Hi Astra,

    Thank you again for the readings, yes i have been wanting to do a position at my job. I is really frustrating for me at the current place as i dont feel any growth. i am excited about your reading, it gives me some hope about my future job. 🙂

    Astra, where my bf is concerned.. gosh i am so much in love with him. and yes i have told him about the marriage thing and i think that he is not happy about it. ( why do i feel like i need or want to get married?) ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... is it good? is it bad? does marriage really confirms security? It scares me to be this much in love as i am afraid to get hurt. I feel because i am so much in love, that it will all go wrong.

    Astra, do i break up with him? do i stay with him? my mind goes crazy.. i start to think he seeing someone else? is he talking to other women? my jealousy is driving me crazy.. help me pls Astra.. pls draw some more cards regarding my insecurities or?



  • Hi LL,

    You are welcome leolady, and sending you helpers for your job desire. I know your desires there will come true in a very nice way.

    "...why do i feel like i need or want to get married?) ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... is it good? is it bad?

    does marriage really confirms security? "

    The Page of Pentacles is in the "security" area (pentacles). Pages are personalized versions in the suit. So this seems like it could be you, LL? This is a little of a "childlike" innocence card. It is willing to try, it likes to begin and play. So, your question "why do i feel like i need or want to get married?) ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." (love your honesty there!) is answered by, "because... it allows you to be a risk-taker and see what happens". It seems like it is the "innocent risk" of marriage that is more the point here, like you want to feel what it is like to simply trust and try.

    So, you ask is it good? is it bad? I think it really all depends. Should be great, I guess. Sorta depends on what is motivating the path. The page of pentacles is a very innocent card of physical life willingness to risk (to me). I think that you really do desire this though (marriage), and I don't think you should be too much, trying to determine whether it is good or bad. Your feelings are very important to be honest about. You feel nice things about mariage, then that should be important to honor. A desire is a desire, and if you feel it in your heart like, "this is what I would love to experience!" then marriage could be wonderful.

    "Does marriage confirm security?" Page of Cups. That's another page. The "innocent" emotion-feelings, willing to try. The pages are not "security" cards, they are "taking a chance" on something cards. So far it seems the words are that if it is "security" you are looking for, that is not really what is at play here, it is more your willingness to take that leap of faith? What do you think?

    "It scares me to be this much in love as i am afraid to get hurt. I feel because i am so much in love, that it will all go wrong." <-- sounds like normal fears to me! Anyone else would be feeling the same thing... asking those same questions. No one "wants" to be hurt, however that seems to be one of the prices of admission on the "love-marriage boat". At some point you simply have to take the chance. We hope... it is all wonderful. I personally believe it is SUPER important to talk everything through with your bf on a life together, when things get to that point. Again I am not sure exactly where you are at there? Is this mostly on your side, a desire for marriage?

    Astra, do i break up with him?

    do i stay with him?

    my mind goes crazy.. i start to think he seeing someone else?

    is he talking to other women?

    Okay these kinds of questions I probably can't help with... that is your decision whether you hang in there with him. You should be able to see others too though right? I am not sure about a"break up", What is there to "break up"? I guess I see what you mean though.

    Generally I try to encourage myself to be honest with ME first of all. If you are feeling butterflies over him, then yippie! That sounds like love to me... something wonderful. If you broke up, do you think the butterfly feelings would go away? I guess you could try and see what happens, break up and then see whether the feelings last, or was it all make-blieve? Not sure.

    Okay LL, I hope that was of some use, take whatever I say with a grain of salt. I would listen to your own feelings. We can look at more cards if you like. To explore whether marriage looks like it would be good with him at this point. Is that something you want to try? This message seems to be more about "your" motivations, and your concerns over "security" in marriage. So let me know if you want and I can try and dig deeper, we can look a little at your relationship history too, and see what sorts of roles and patterns you could be trying to repeat, sometimes I think that goes on.

    best to you LL! thanks for the reading request, and have a nice weekend!


  • Hi Astra,

    Thanks again for the amazing readings:) yes i would like for you to look at some more cards about the marriage and at my relationship history.



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