Help deciphering

  • Hi I am an inexperienced tarot card reader, I usually just pick my cards then or lay my spread and then read the book on each card I have received, but really I just don't understand it, I did the daily spread and got the following,

    works ace of pentacles

    home:: eight of cups

    unexpected: the star

    your role: the lovers

    outcome: three of swords

    I decieded to do the tarot this morning as the battery in my car went flat, just when i get a bit of money to put towards some of my debt something goes wrong, and i have to spend it on the thing that has gone wrong, i have a son joining the army in a week and a half i am on a break from work and was trying to catch up on a bit of art work, i have tried to decipher the reading myself but i just get confused.

    any help would be appreciated.


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