Tarot nick, can u give me insight in his thougths, feelings?:)

  • If u can see, what he feels, thinks towards me? he is libra, im vrigo.

    thank you

  • Ah, the question isn't what he thinks towards me...it's what I think of myself?

    You control you, your thoughts your actions... make yourself happy and I'm sure that he will be happy...it’s infectious.

    If you are happy you won't be worrying about ...what can I do to make him like me or change is mind...If you’re happy and he wants to be near you, you won't have to question it.

    Now imagine I said that in the Lion King voice of the baboon (Rafiki)...it will sound good....hahahaha

    Seriously, worry about you and the rest will fall in place.


  • um i agree, but i can be happy or sad and if he likes me he will hang out me with in both situations. I would like to be happy ofc, but if i cant be happy, that dosent mean i have to be alone. I just want to know, what he thinks/feels whatever so i can know what i do, shall i try talk to him more often, or im bothering him and i should hang with someone else 🙂

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