Astraangel please help?

  • Hi Astraangel how are you?

    I was wondering if I could have a reading regarding my friendship with Martina and Linda, will it last or?

    Also, is moving to LA the right decision careerwise?

    I appreciate it 🙂

  • Hey rockofages...

    sure thing let's take a look and see!

    As for the Martina and Linda question, I got only nice cards so I can only conclude YES that will last and be wonderful!

    As for the other question, moving to LA, let's see...

    Hmm, there are a lot of conflictive cards in this reading so I would say you should really think that one through more... seems to be work related or something....

    Hey I hope that helps!

    Blessings, astra

  • Here is a snapshot of the cards on the "LA" question...

    I will run through it and share what the cards seem to say to me..

    Situation - 5 of Swords crossed by the 5 of wands - Ugh. This is not a pleasant situation, disconcerting to you because of something in the past, in the background seen by the Justice card below.

    I keep thinking it is a work or career change you are seeking? The 8 of pentacles is approaching an that is work... however it leads right into the Tower (future environment) so there is something that is falling apart there... maybe you want it to fall apart.

    There is an Empress card receding away from you, so you have had a recent experience that was nice and nurturing, however that justice card now seems to say that whatever "nice thing" that empress cards was showing was dealt a blow, and you are like "I HAVE TO CHANGE this situation! Move... or something (the 2 fives in the center) - there is also a 2 of cups above you which is you saying I REALLY want this move to work out! You would LOVE to see a move there, it means a lot to you, to sever the ties and make a clean break - that could be the tower card, clearing the deck of something "back there" that was no pleasant for you.

    Then... the Page of Pentacles.. how others see you... a risk taker... a friend might tell you "wow rockofages you are taking a big risk moving there! What about... blah blah blah..."

    Then hopes and fears... the 2 of swords ... this is VERY deep and soul searching.. so this move is more than money... it is something you feel you HAVE to do, right? This shows that you know that were you to move there, you would be doing some of that deeper work on yourself, and that is a concern too, as I think you are hoping the move is NICE and FUN and turns into employment, work and LOVE. However I think deep down you are aware that you could also be running away from something that is best to STAY and face head on instead of thinking that the physical move is really going to change anything.

    Then the 9 of swords for the outcome, and that is like the two of swords with drama... so whatever 'freedom' you thought LA would give you seems to be not quite as glittery as you had hoped... and the issues are Still there... and you still have to sort them out...

    For that reason I would say the question needs more careful consideration. I am not saying Don't do it! I am saying it may be good to really ponder your motives here for the move... as there are some hidden and buried motives here that you may not be aware of. So a good time for you to meditate on the question for yourself and sort it out more. Could be we could circle around at a later date and see what has changed and it could be different then!

    LA actually sounds pretty fantastic to me. What were you planning on doing there?

    Acting? 🙂



  • Here is the spread...

  • Wow astraangel, you rock 🙂 I am planning on studying the fashion merchandising program there, I work as a Makeup artist/stylist and I wanna wórk within the fashion industry, organize fashionshows, ect 🙂

    Good because I was worried about my friendship with them, they are such great friends and I am afraid to loose them..anyways good to know 🙂

    May I also ask about Andy B and me? Just a tiny reading because you were on the spot correct about everything, Yes I feel like LA is something I really have to do.. I have to leave for a while, be on my own for real to see things clearer, I live at home to save up money to LA, and this town is driving me crazy, so small and people I called friends aren´t the way I thought they were...

  • I have a hard time knowing which one, Bill or Andy B to choose, I don´t even know if we will become a couple, the reason to why I am asking 🙂

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