Does he likes me? i got 18hexagram ruin?

  • so i got hexagram 18 ruin with changing lines 5 and 6. and future hexagram is the well

    what that could mean, i google it and i still dont get it

  • Hi

    Ur issue may have solved itself since u posted it. I havent been on much due to obligations elsewhere. I think u need to become more realistic in how u perceive relationships.

    Question urself this, has my parents relationship been based on hexagrams? have my grandparents relationship been based on hexagrams? have my siblins relastionships been based on hexagrams? has any of my friends relationships been based on hexagrams?

    In end effect what makes a realtionship tick go well move develope grow is not hexagrams, tarot cards, psychic readings, astrology charts, runes, pendulum and so forth at all.

    What makes relationship work grow develope are the personalities which each partner brings to the table so to say. you cannot expect a hexagram to say yes he loves or no he does not love you. You need to hear this from the horsesmouth.

    i know why u dare not ask bc ure scared of rejection. Consider a hexagram that may say yes he does love you BUT from the horsemouth you get a resounding no.

    honey as tough as it is, you need to ask the guy himself if he sess u 2 as an item or if its just a fling. i know it is the hardest thing to ask any guy u like. ive been there n done that. i got a big fat no n i felt like EFF. HOWEVER i got one great friend instead.

    So as scared as u may b of him saying no this is a risk u need to take if u wish to invest urself in this possibly relationship. It is also one of the few ways to find the right guy.

    Consider this also. It could be he likes u loads n wanna try it our for size but ur hexagram has said he doesnt love or like you. so u dont do more. N all he awaits is 4 u to say i like u what about u regards me?

    Men do not rely as much on hexagrams, runes, astrology, psychicreads, pendulum as women do. That is another aspect u need to b aware of.

    i wish u luck.


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