Grand Water Trine of July, 2013: Healing Crisis or Grand Opportunity

  • a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

    Hello friends. One of the astrological events that already stands out for 2013 is the Grand Water Trine that will take place next July. I have enclosed a copy of the chart (courtesy of the Grandtrines blog,) for those that would like to examine it via the link below.

    Grand Water Trine Chart information

    Another very significant astrological event coming up in our future is the Cardinal Cross of 2014, which I will be exploring in another blog post. I feel that these two events are linked together, and our consciousness and performance through this July event will assist us with possible impacts from in the Cardinal Cross event.

    The Grand Water trine consists of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, trine Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, trine Saturn in Scorpio. This will bring a significant DEPTH of feeling (Cancer,) intuitive knowledge and inspiration (Neptune,) as well as profound healing potential (Chiron.) Also a natural depth perception and ability to perceive hidden truths; no matter how unpleasant or frightening they may be (Saturn in Scorpio.)

    Akashic Wisdom Keepers Commentary on the Grand Water Trine of 2013: Regarding the Grand Water Trine in Cancer, this has the potential to present a “healing crisis” for some, and for all a grand opportunity. WATER is identified source of cleansing, power, life and regeneration. It is in grand design that the “Yin” aspects of Gaia such as the waterways, lakes and oceans are highlighted at this time. The Grand Water Trine event is a powerful opportunity for cleansing and connection at a divine level. Those beings that feel a connection to the Mer-beings and Slyphs will be highlighted at this time, and messages from these Kingdoms may be more pronounced and clear.

    Regarding upcoming astro-cosmic events (this and the Cardinal Cross of 2014,) it is an opportunity to create and re-create the highest possible outcomes for the ALL together as ONE MIND. Just as the human vehicle contains the knowledge, information and ability to heal and regenerate itself, so does Gaia.

    This ability and information has been suppressed through dis-information, indoctrination and involuntary servitude by the former controlling interests of the planet. Those that identify as Earth Stewards, Wayshowers, Light Anchors, and so forth, are now here and their purposes will be fulfilled. Hold no doubt and full faith that this will be done.

    It is vital to hold the highest loving context, knowing and state of purity for Gaia and all beings through these transitional periods to have the most positive outcome. You are the ones that make it so. And so it is. – 1.6.13

    NOTE: I will be adding material to this post as we get closer to this date. Thank you.

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