Captain or Blmoon can one of you please help

  • I was wondering if anybody could please help me. I just moved here too this apt in July 2012 and then in Nov 2012 I got a letter telling me that this apt is under some kind of government program called the bond program. I did not move here on the bond program, I moved here with a vocher from section 8 they are two different programs and you can't be on two government programs. So some body in the office did something funky. So when July comes we will probably have to move because the bond program will end in Nov 2013. So that means because they moved us in this apt we will have to move if housing does not agree or they all come too some kind of agreement. Can you please tell me if you think we will have to move or if we will stay another year and then we will be moving to Hawaii because my older son will be going to the college their.

    Thanks and god bless Illona

  • I do feel you moving in the second half of the year

  • To Captain

    Thank You so you do see us moving in Nov of this year. And what do you think about us moving to Hawaii in 2014 after both of my boys finish school.

    Thanks Illona

  • I feel Hawaii may not be on the cards this year but you will definitely be moving.

  • To Captain

    Thank You so much


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