Dear Blmoon

  • Hello dear Blmoon its been a long time hope your well this is AngelBee or Lotuspriestess had to go onto one of my old accounts see to use as i couldn't remember the pw for the others. anyway hope your well lots of things going on with me. Another big move i'm living with my partner at the moment but there was a lot of family issues i couldn't get on with my partners family and didn't want to stay stuck at my mothers home again as i know i wasn't happy.Iv had a wonderful year with my partner though i struggled with a few ups and downs because of her family and theyre way of seeing things didnt match my own vibration. Know im having to move out of the home and into a supported living place for girls and i do get help with independent living im kinda worried about it and what the future will bring for me iv had not much independence i guess iv been slowly growing and learning from my partners home but im still stuck in a lot of ways and moving back home with my mum is not an option for us as we get on so well id love to beable to stay and be close by. Do you see anything with this change or move that might help or maybe some insights of what it might bring. If you cannot i do understand I hope you had a lovely christmas and new year. Blessings and love n light Bee xx (Rebecca Ann)

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  • it would be really good to hear from you Blmoon if you get time.. hoping your doing well. 🙂

    If i cant seem to get in touch with you i may not be back for some time again until im settled.

    well i guess it was worth a try anyways.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Blessings and love Bee xx

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  • Hello... are you seeing these posts? :O) If not its okay Anyway was just curious to what yur thoughts where. I know you have connections else where and sometimes dont have time to answer. I guess i was just hoping for some insight into things. Anyways blessings to you Blmoon.

    Hope you have a good rest of the week maybe one day we can catch up.

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