Tarot-Nick - can i please get a reading from you

  • Could you please tell me what do I need to know about my relationship? We are living together and although he treats me very well, lots of love and respect something doesn't feel right.

    My date of birth 04 May 1962

    His date of birth 10 August 1962

    Anything you could get please

    Love and light

  • Taurusbaby002,

    your feeling stale

    and empty...like you lost something

    you wanted something and you moved too quick

    'you know you are good and can manage..make things happen when you want too

    I kind of get the feeling you haven't been yourself...intolerant

    Your trying to get things rolling again

    but you have run into some snags...which has made you pause

    and you have been worrying about someone who has been sneaky... it will come out soon

    your friend has been more worried about himself

    You have someone watching out for you, strong personality

    time will bring healing...it will still bother you but not as bad

    Those are the feelings I picked up on, hope it helps,


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