• We are members of Premier Holiday (Mexico) and we are trying to cancel our membership

    and they are giving us a hard time. We are no longer interested in going to Mexico and we dont

    want anything back or refund from our membership just a cancellation is enough for us

    but like what I said they are giving us a hard time. They are trying to get us with the yearly dues but we like to cancel the membership starting this 2013. The cancellation letter was mailed to them way before the yearly dues and they dont seem to listen. This long distance with them is getting to be a hassle. Do you think they will eventually accept our cancellation? My husband says we probably have to talk to an attorney if they wont badge.

    Many thanks

  • Hi Captain, Sorry forgot to say Hello to you. This situation is just so much in my mind. Sorry

  • You have sent the company your notice of cancellation so ignore any further correspondance. Just keep a copy of the cancellation letter you sent. You are legally safe. There is nothing more you are obliged to do. It is now Premier Holiday's responsibility to do the right thing and you can threaten them with police action if their harrassment continues.

  • Hi Captain,

    THanks for the quick reply. My husband is so upset and I'm trying to calm him down. If he only knew how upset I'm also. But one of us has to be calmed.

    I probably should have said we signed a contract for 30 years cause at that time thats their contract and we paid them a hefty amount of money for membership plus the yearly dues thats required. We sent a cancellation letter before the yearly dues indicating that we do not want any refund from the money we put in but they sent us an email that we signed a contract for 30 years plus the yearly dues so we cannot cancel our membership. The email they sent us was rude they dont even want a phone discussion just email thing. At that time that we signed the contract they told us that membership could be cancelled but of course it was not done in writing. We sure made a huge mistake. They changed their system now it seems like we are paying more.

    They said they can do whatever changed is required. We sure got tricked on this one.

    If they dont want to cancel it and we get an attorney what will happen then? Do you think we will ever get out of this mess?

    Many thanks

  • Can they get any more money from you - like a direct debit or anything? If so, cancel the transactions through your bank. Otherwise don't worry about it. This is something they will not want to get into legally and they are just trying to bluff you.

  • Hi Captain,

    They have no access to any of our credit cards. They sent us an email saying they will send us to the collection agency if we dont do anything. They said you signed a contract for 30 years you have to adhere to it no choice. WOW! My husband says he will see an attorney and have him read the contract to see if there is a way out of this. If the attorney says theres nothing we can do. I guess we are stuck with it. Since we sent the cancellation letter in your opinion should we just leave it be?

    Many thanks

  • Just fire off one more email saying you already sent the cancellation letter which they originally told you was OK to do, then say that if they cause you any more grief, you will contact your lawyer as well as report them to whichever government body or ombudsman oversees the travel business.

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