Tarot Nick - can I have a reading from you please?

  • HI Nick,

    I was just reading through some readings you have done for people and was hoping you could do one for me - just on anything you pick up =

    Name is elaine and dob is Jan 18 1983.

    thank you for your time.


  • Hi SmilerE,

    your thinking about a guy who is crafty, but not in a nice way

    There is mistrust and suspicion

    You’re feeling good about yourself...a good feeling

    Some joy and interest in gaining it

    Recently you have been happy and content

    Seems like you are going after something...putting a lot of energy to it

    You’re being bold and have courage

    Return of enjoyment new possibilities

    With a friend rewards are delayed

    I see slight success with money...but need to keep working hard

    And you need patience and time...

    Whatever you are pursuing it feels positive, there is more than one thing going on in the reading...you will know,

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Nick, that helps greatly, I really appreciate your time to read for me. 🙂

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