Jesus: Politics for the Sake of Politics No Longer Holds the Same Fascination

  • Jesus: Politics for the Sake of Politics No Longer Holds the Same Fascination

    As channelled by John Smallman – January 9, 2012

    John’s own reading of this post:

    John: Good afternoon, dear Jesus. I hope you have a message that is uplifting and inspiring because people are still upset and depressed that nothing of note appears to have happened yet – the old world, not the New Age, seems to be continuing much as before.

    Jesus: Good afternoon John, my dear brother. It may appear that way, but a lot has happened and it will soon become clear to you all that much has indeed taken place and the joys of the New Age will envelop you. Try to give more time to your periods of prayer and meditation to deepen your faith and trust in your Father, whose Love for you is unceasing.

    To awaken is your destiny, and many of you are now in that unsettling state between sleep and wakefulness when the temptation to fall back to sleep is at its strongest. You have become so accustomed to waking up and having to continue dealing with unresolved problems and issues in the illusion that this state of being almost awake is not altogether enticing.

    Nevertheless, you do need to make the intent to wake up and then follow it through by doing so. There is an initial stage of rubbing the sleep from your eyes and releasing yourselves from that unawakened state. And that is where you are at present, but it will not last because it truly is time to awaken and participate in the New Age, as you have always intended. Remind yourselves that a new and inspiring day has dawned and embrace it wholeheartedly.

    To embrace the moment wholeheartedly is an aspect of being alive that encourages and uplifts you so that motivation arises to guide your daily activities. Life is a gift – a blessing, a flow of grace that reminds you that you are one with God the supreme Being, the Source of all existence – and the motivating force within you that creates spontaneous wonder as new creative ideas occur to you, adding zest to the experience of being fully alive, which is your natural state.

    Allowing the illusion to impose on you the sense or feeling of suffering that so many are experiencing is a massive distraction from being alive. Compassion for those who are suffering is good, and helping them when you are able to is obviously appropriate, but it is inappropriate to allow yourselves to be drawn into the disputes that are causing their suffering.

    Disputes are about judgment, about who is right and who is wrong. They are competitive events involving egos, and egos seek only to destroy, never to cooperate – unless for personal gain – because they see all others as separate from them and threatening to them, and thus they always lead to suffering. Disputes cannot be resolved at the level at which egos are involved, and at the levels beyond egos they are no longer disputes but are differences of perception that can always be resolved. Attempting to make one party to a dispute right and the other wrong ensures that resolution is impossible, because that is operating at the level of ego, where resolution is never possible.

    This does not mean paying no attention to disputes when you happen to become a party to them; it means moving out of your egos to enable resolutions to be found and put into effect. If you are involved in a dispute it means that you are not perceiving the situation clearly, but are judging it and possibly taking sides. Resolution can only be found when the parties involved agree to clearly state their aims, identify what it is that needs to be resolved to their satisfaction and then cooperate meaningfully to create a situation that satisfies each party, and that can only be done when they move out of their egos.

    When they do so the dispute will often be found to be about something that neither party had adequately addressed or explained to themselves, let alone to those with whom they were in dispute. The whole atmosphere will then lighten as it becomes apparent to all parties concerned that the real problem is just one of perception that can be clarified by amicable discussion.

    There are, of course, occasions when disputes are caused to ensure that conflict results. However, it is normally readily apparent when that is the situation you are dealing with, and it is then best not to engage, as very little can be achieved when the intention for resolution is missing. Many of the political issues on your planet fall into this category because politics is generally about power and control, and the importance and significance of the negotiators involved is removed or severely undermined if the issues are resolved. They then make enormous efforts to create new ones.

    As new enlightened leadership develops worldwide, with the growing and strengthening of the New Age, the vast majority of seemingly unsolvable political problems and issues will be re-addressed with a new and positive ability and intent to penetrate and disentangle the complex knots of confusion and disagreement that have plagued them for so long. You have indeed entered a New Age. It is an age of generous, harmonious, and cooperative engagement, which will bring lasting peace to all because that is the new intent that humanity now holds — and it will be achieved.

    Politics for the sake of politics no longer holds the same fascination as previously, because you have advanced to a state where peace and harmony through transparent negotiation is the end goal, and the game of politics with its endless list of stars and figureheads vying for influence, attention, power, and prestige is basically over, along with all the noise and distraction it has caused.

    Focus on these new motivations which are changing the way humans relate to one another, and be joyfully aware that peace and harmony among individuals and among nations is what the future holds for humanity.

    Your loving brother, Jesus

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