5 card spread.. help deciphering please

  • I did a 5 card reading wondering about a guy I've been seeing for awhile. I think the reading says its time to move on, but I don't understand the individual cards. I always have trouble with pentacle cards in relationship readings. Here are the cards. 1. 8 cup 2. King Pentacle rev

    3. World 4. Queen of Pentacles rev 5. Knight of cups rev

    Thanks for your insight

  • What are the positions...?

  • Hi, Here's how I placed the cards: 5. knight cups rev

    2. King Pentacles rev 1. 8 cups 3. world

    4. Queen Pentacles rev

    hope this helps

  • ....LOL i dont get it! Okay, when I said what are the positions, I meant did you use a specific spread? So the first card would be past, then present, future, etc. etc. Or, did you just ask a question and pulled 5 cards?

  • Sorry, I'm new to this as you can tell. I used a 5 card spread described as a spread to use when looking for a direction of what to do about a particular situation. The cards represent in order- present( 8 cups) past (King Pentacles rev) future (world), reason behind question (Queen Pentacles rev) , potential within situation ( knight Cups rev).

    I hope I explained myself better.

  • Okay, thanks, thats what I meant.

    So, yeah, the present shows leaving a situation that is comfortable, or one that you've invested significant emotion into. It may just mean taking emotional risk, or it may mean that you guys are getting a bit distant from each other.

    The past looks like....something that wasn't secure? Someone who isn't good with money, or isn't motivated? Maybe the relationship has been pretty shaky?

    The future shows the conclusion of a cycle, so whatever's going on now is going to end. From all the reversed cards, it looks like it may either be a phase in the relationship that is going to be completed, or you guys have come as far as you can together, and the relationship itself is finished.

    Your reason behind your question, again, is insecurity, maybe not feeling safe or taken care of? It's interesting how you have both the king and queen of pentacles reversed in your reading. There is obviously a serious lack of stability and security in your relationship.

    The potential in the situation as the knight of cups reversed....eeek. Affection being blocked, not communicated....or maybe just not there. Not much romantic potential.

    So, with all the reversed court cards, it doesn't look good. Especially with the 8 of cups as the situation. It looks like things are pretty unstable right now. Do you guys not trust each other anymore?

  • Well I'm definitely not feeling secure which is why I asked the question. It may just be that we've reached a fork in our path -" friends " vs love/ romance/ commitment. I'm looking for more, so I'll look in other directions.


  • I agree with Maria reading. I however don't see any signs of friendship The obvious is you seem to think both of you are lacking the sensible styling of true air sign (Pentacles) rev and the 8 cups actually means the emotional situation has outlived it purpose. and the world in the future you have the reached the peak of this relationship and the outcome means you are ready to move on and their are possibilities with regard to personal relationships that are new.

  • Thanks now to make changes & look forward to new possiblities.

  • I just came across your post quite randomly. I don't use this site but I signed up feeling drawn to your request for further guidance. (The universe is always listening).

    You need to be more specific about what exactly you are asking. Since the two of you have a sort of unlabeled relationship, it overlaps internally and externally, in many realms of thought and being. This can confuse your reading - depending on the interpretation ... and also manifests in the physical - you are asking a question - but do you know what it is you Truly want? . . . Be certain in reading both the cards, and moreso yourself (as objectively as possible, free from desire)! (The hardest part of reading is deciphering between ego and spirit).

    Based on the cards - spirit acknowledges that you are currently in a position, whereby you have to let go of much which you have felt be a part of you, to move forward. This streams through many of your interlocking relations, including the obstacles they have thus far presented you with. Spirit reassures you that NOW is the moment that requires you to specifically clear your past to make space for your future.

    You have not always had good relationships - not only with 'lovers' but with a union in 'love' generally. You have had people deceive you, and too many loved ones hurt you. Your friend and you understand each others pasts, struggles, and circumstances. You have both been on similar yet very different journeys. In a way, you offer reflections of strength. Still, you must not deceive yourself or each other - and be careful not to hurt yourself too (but not so careful you forget to take chances).

    Spirit forewarns that a healthy support toward one another does not turn into a detrimental dependence - whereby cycles of your past relations come to haunt your present - including instability, illogical action, reckless patterns of indulgence, and inevitably shifting health, wealth, and stealth - of one !

    Spirit reassures you that you can make the right choices - to put you on the path you belong on - the one, by which thousands of doors can finally be seen opening, rather than perceived as shutting.

    As for your relationship, it can go either way - depending how you will now view it, and the energies the two of you may or may not be willing to share.

    Spirit leaves you with only this advice:

    Do Not Fear.

    Signed Sincerely,

    'A Friend'

  • NinaDelCielo,

    You are correct when you sense I don't yet know what I want- except not to be hurt again. TRUST with my feelings is a big factor- I have faced many things with courage but my heart has been left fragile. I realize now how protective & guarded I am. Now I am focusing on letting go of many past disappointments I've had with people in my life to clear out negative energy with the hope of a future with more positive relationships. Regarding my friend, I'm just not sure if he is a soulmate not meant to always be present in my life but I do believe we will always be connected . I know if the time comes to let him go it will be harder than with any other lover..I feel the connection is deeper . Perhaps the timing is off & I must be patient & trust the Universe to guide me to my highest good. The scary part is in what direction is my friend going?

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