A Look Ahead – A Month by Month Description of the Energy this Year

  • Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: A Look Ahead – A Month by Month Description of the Energy this Year

    As channeled by Taryn Crimi – January 07, 2013


    The transition time of a new year is a great time for both reflection as well as setting new intentions for the year to come. After all everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made; if you would like a different result then you must make new choices. Every year we are asked to give our perspective on the energy which will manifest in the New Year ahead. As many of you know each number holds its own unique energy and therefore each month has its own energy signature which will be the foundation of the experiences gained in that month. It is now 2013 and this too has its own energy signature which will play a role in how the energy is felt. We will go through each month, describing what the overall energy signature will be. Know that this is simply a description of the energy, what you do with it is always entirely up to you.

    We would like to begin with the energy of the overall year, 2013. We will call this year the year of truth. You are amidst the largest transition this earth has ever experienced. This will be a year of many ground breaking events. We mean this in both the individual sense as well as for the collective. Much that has remained hidden and allowed to exist within your world will be brought to the collective’s attention. There will be a strong demand for the truth, this will manifest as a strong impulse to find your own truth on both an individual level as well as for the collective as a whole.

    The number 13 brings with it the energy of purging and cleansing that which no longer serves you; and therefore much will surface this year to allow for another large leap in consciousness. You are transitioning from a world whose primary focus was based in the energy of service to self, to a world that works as a collective for the good of all. This energy will be felt in all months this year however we will now give our perspective of the energy of each month.

    Let us begin with the number 1 shall we?

    (January) The number 1, being the first number, carries a unique frequency or vibratory rate. It carries an independent note, and yet it searches for the unity of all. The number one is a symbol for the coming together of many into the consciousness of one. From many become the 1. This is something that you will feel strongly in January of this year as a collective as well as in your individual lives. You will see an increase in events which will allow for an opportunity for the collective to come together; a meeting of the minds in many aspects of the word.

    (February) The number 2, which represents balance. The number two seeks harmony in every aspect of the word. Balance in yourself, balance in your emotions, balance in your life, balance between your mind, body and spirit. You will find this to be a driving force in the month of February. All that is out of balance will surface so that you can see clearly where balance is needed. Many will find that it will become much more difficult to ignore the imbalance in their lives and you will be met with opportunities to remove the chaos from your life which is creating resistance. In the areas in which you are in need of restoring balance, there will likely be many events which surface to allow for the opportunity to get back into alignment. Those of you who are in alignment with your true self will experience a very peaceful month which allows for you to see synchronicity at work.

    (March) The number 3 is known as the catalyst. It makes you move; it sets you up, and removes obstacles for you so you can build your foundation for what is to come. The energy of the month of March can be used to gain a tremendous amount of “ground” in helping to restructure and purge anything which no longer is compatible with their higher vibration. You may find you have a great drive to clear many emotions, beliefs and feelings which are no longer serving you. All of this is being brought about by the energy of the 3. You’re cleaning house, in a very real and literal way both within and without. As you know we have explained March to be a pivotal month; One which clears the way. This of course will be felt even stronger this year because of the overall energy of the year. We would suggest that as you are met with obstacles in your path, you simply allow them to flow through creating as little resistance as possible. The more you judge these experiences as they surface, the more attraction you will have to create more experiences of a similar vibration.

    (April) The number 4 holds the frequency of foundation. Once you have allowed for the release of that which no longer serves you in your life you then need to rebuild the structures and pillars in which you will grow from and build your new structures upon. This will be found not only in your physical life but also within your beliefs, and understandings. You will have a strong desire to begin again. To lay the ground work that is required for you to set your feet down on the path of your destiny. The number 4 is very much a grounding month. You will find yourself being drawn to many things which will help you to feel grounded to the earth; as many will be drawn to be in nature and explore what nature has to offer. Physical exercise will be very beneficial this month in helping you to ground your energy. This is not the month for stagnation, you will be inspired to get things done which may have been putting off.

    (May) The number 5 is one in which you now have a strong foundation to build upon and you have done much of the necessary ground work which is required for you to again move forward. This energy allows for a fresh start in which to set new intentions and begin something new. You are now capable of firmly planting your feet on your new enlightened path and begin your journey. It is a time of new beginnings and of blossoming possibilities. The month of the 5 will also tend to shake things up when it comes to accessing your new paths. You will not allow anything to stand in your way as you will have a clear vision of where you are headed and anything that is not in resonance will be cast to the side. This goes for you, your beliefs, and your outer reality.

    (June) The number 6 is a fixture; it is where you begin to grow deep roots while traveling your path. It is a month of strength courage and determination. This is where you will find the courage to dig deep to remain steadfast on your path of enlightenment. You will be tempted, shaken and tested but through these trials you will find great encouragement and vigor for having stayed true to yourself. The number 6 will ingrain the need for dedication within you and out of that will blossom a new-found optimism, clarity and vision to lead you further on your path. The 6 has the ability to shine light and make known what was once kept hidden. Much will be exposed in the month of the 6; as we often say you cannot change what you do not know, and this energy will be helpful in showing you what has remained concealed. This refers to a personal level, as well as on a collective level.

    (July) The number 7 carries the signature of destiny. Now that you have experienced the tests, trials tribulations and clearing that is required to give you the clarity of mind, you are free to step foot on your path which is your destiny. Your destiny will always be what you make of it; you are always afforded the use of your own free will and this month you will move closer to that which you have dreamed to achieve. The signature of the 7 is quite beneficial, spiritual, and offers a heightened sense of awareness. This month will support the alignment with your God-self. Many do however find this energy to be quite overwhelming but if harnessed properly you will find all will seem more attainable and closer to your grasp than ever before. This energy can help you to truly blossom into the divine being you are meant to be.

    (August) The number 8, carries in some ways a similar energy pattern as the number 7, and we would characterize the energy as alignment. Experiencing the peaceful flow of all that is, and all that is meant to be. You will be inspired to allow synchronicity into your life and be consciously aware to look for it because of the alignment that you will experience from the signature of the 8. That which is not in alignment will become blatantly obvious and demand your attention. The 8 also carries what we would term the energy of the infinite. You have the ability to experience the infinite in a more direct way due to the energy of the 8.

    (September) The number 9, carries with it a frequency of climax, peak, and the culmination of experience. The energy of the 9 allows for events to reach a climax, socially, personally and collectively. This will be as much on a grand scale as it is a personal and individual scale. You will have the energy of strong manifestation and dreams, desires and fears coming to fruition. We say this not to scare but to help you to be aware of the nature of the 9. As you know your manifestation skills are increasing and the energy of the 9 will help this further. What you focus on will come about abruptly; good or bad. The 9 also brings with it energy to help accomplish goals which have been set and to help achieve what has been previously, seemingly unattainable.

    (October) The number 10 carries th energy of completion and re-birth. It is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Many may find endings to relationships, career paths, and long-standing issues; however with every ending comes a new beginning. It has a great energy of pulling everything firmly into reality and tying off all loose ends. Much of what you have been trying to finish will be completed this month. This refers to not only you on a personal level, a biological level, an enlightened level, but also to mass consciousness as a whole. Much will be completed in the month of the 10.

    (November) The number 11 brings with it the frequency of unity, balance and collective. The 11 has a strong energy that brings many together and unifies the masses. It carries with it not only the energy of the 11 but also of the 2 which as we spoke about refers to balance. So this will very much be the coming together of the masses to form a balance with in society, integral structures within your society, and within your institutions. Much has happened already but much more will continue to happen which will bring everyone together; you are learning to function as a collective.

    (December) The number 12 is the number in which this solar system was based on, the number your bodies were based on. It carries with it the energy of the 3 as well as the 12. As you know the 3 is a catalyst for what is to come. The month of the 12 is a catalyst and also the culmination of what has been experienced. The number 12 also brings with it the energy of the 1 and the 2, unity and balance. So much is experienced in the month of the 12. It sets you up for something new and yet brings together everything you have experienced and accomplished; It sets you up for the next year which although the months are the same in their overall signature pattern, it will be influenced by the next year, in this case the number 2014.

    There is much to be gained this year. As you know you are in the midst of a great transition. Much needed change will come about from the experiences which will be had this year. You are creating the world you want to live in, in each and every moment. We have simply given you the energy as we see it for each of your months, however the future is not predicted; it is created by you. We ask that you make your choices thoughtfully as you continue to regain your power as conscious creator beings. And as always you may call on us; as we are always eager to be of service.

    We hope that you have enjoyed our message today and that we have in some way served you.

    In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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