Will someone do a reading? I can do a reading in return. I need some guidance.

  • Recently, I posted this, regarding what happened to me and my ex.


    I know it is probably just wishful thinking but because things ended so abruptly and painfully, I find myself practically reeling from the loss of not only my boyfriend, but at the same time my best friend. I can't stop crying, and then being so angry.

    The way he treated me was so cruel and unlike him. Can someone please give me guidance on what to do, and if there is any hope of our friendship being recovered? I just don't understand why he did this to me.

    I'm hurting so badly

  • Not a tarot reading - just advice. I sense a lot of confusion and doubt in you about whether you are the sort of person who deserves and/or can attract someone who will be compatible and a true trustworthy soulmate. Therefore, since like attracts like), you only draw similarly confused and self-doubting partners. When you become more confident, and believe you are worthy of love and that you really can trust other people not to let you down or leave you, you will find a true beautiful lifematch with Mr. Right.

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