My entire life is totally unsettled....

  • I know it sounds dramatic, but it's totally true. Would anyone be kind enough to do a reading for me? Financially I'm a total mess. My hours at work have been cut drastically and I'm sending out resume after resume and I've gotten a couple of "bites", but no new job yet. I've been in a downward spiral financially and work wise for over 7 years... I'm hoping a new cycle will be beginning soon. My love life is also not doing very well. I met someone I liked a lot, felt a major connection and now things are on hold. I know he's going through some stuff, but I think we could help each other and be a strong, loving couple. And thanks to all the drama in my life, I'm in a major funk. I would appreciate any help and advice you could give me. Thanks so much!!

  • Butterfly what is your sign, I can do tarot's but I need something more specific A birth day would be helpfu for both of you . and if you have any question other than the two posted. I will do my best to help u out. (Judi)

  • Hi Jodibett-

    I did think about you. I was wondering what happened to you lately.. Did you actually managed to talk to him at all? I m sorry to hear about your job problems..

    At least you have your house 🙂

    I hope you will get better soon...

  • hello dddrn, I also feel like butterfly, what a mess we can some tlmes get our selves into or life just throws at us. Although I am no longer dealing with a job situation as I am having a relationship problem which I feel at my age just should not be happening,but it is I am the one with the long ago 6yr.serious relationship that was once very serious, after 35 yrs we meet again. We are attracted to each other like magnets. but he is so lost & confused it has rubbed off on me he never married I did. I was divorced 6yrs ago, He looked me up I was happy so was he but theres many problems. He is very wealthy ..but you would never know it by his life style I am Aquarius 2-5-43 he is Taurus 5-6-46. Please would you first give & help butterfly and then could you give me a reading thank so much ...Leonida

  • Hi, Judi (addRN)...

    Thank you so much for your offer to do tarot for me. My birthday is May 23, 1960 and I'm a Gemini. The guy I'm interested in is an Aquarius and his birth date is February 19, 1961. Basically, my job/financial situation and romance problems are the two biggest things plaguing me right now (and have been for a while). I really appreciate your help!! Please let me know if there is any other information that you need.


  • Hi, Biancat....

    It's nice to hear from you. No, so far, I have not spoken to him in a while. It's actually been almost a month, but I can still feel him (if that makes any sense) and of course, can't stop thinking about him. My job situation is lousy and also weighing on my mind. Yes, at least I still have my house 🙂 thank god. How are you doing?


  • Yes I will do butterfly first and then do Yours. I will do them on Saturday evening and then post later in the evening or on Sunday (Judi)

  • Hi Butterfly-

    I am doing Ok- thank you for asking. I just notice your birthday is a very good one- you are a Gemini with a Taurus flavor. Most people I met with simialar birthdays have no financial problems and are doing very well. I am sure that your financial problem is only temporary.

    So- did he change his number too or did he not respond your call?

    That is unusual. I can look for you too.. if you will hear from him again.

  • Thank you so much to both Judi (addRN) and Biancat... I really appreciate your help and very kind offers to do a reading for me. Judi, I'll definitely look for your results over the weekend. Again... thanks so much!!

    Biancat, as far as I know, he didn't change his number, he just didn't respond. I think I had posted that he closed his account on the website that we met on and then last weekend, I finally texted him to say hi and see how he was. I kept it very light, but he never answered. I'm really surprised... I thought I would hear from him by now. Please let me know what the cards tell you. I also hope you're right about my financial situation being temporary. It's very scary.

  • Butterfly I have done a numerous reading regarding you your financial situation and the relationship with Aquarius man as I have callled him since I don't have name just a birthday. I use the withches deck since I love the colors and the vivid illustrations and feel I can go on my intuation as well the literal meanings. These are questions I asked the tarots and the spreads I used were the horoscope spreads , 12 month spread, used to ask questions about your love life and finances and two celtic crosses for outcomes about your aquarius man and about you so I know my outcome about him is correct. I will list the cards and the spread so this will be a very encompass reading so be patient with me if my typing is poor. I will give you literal meaning and if Ihave initutive insight I will add it at the end of the reading and combine it so it makes sense to you and me when trying to explain it. I will also give house influences if I need to. eondida start getting your questions ready . and any other info I may need to zone into you.

    The first spread is a horoscope spread and I just wanted to get a feel for you and who you are. and what issues really are on your mind. as you said the reading proved to yes money is on your mind with thoughtds of Aquarius man. at least at 9:45 AM on Sunday I had a dream about your name last night and kept getting 14,000 dollars. I don't know what it means maybe you do.

    Butterfly Aquarius man

    1st house 1 cup 2 swords


    2nd house 8 coins 6 coins

    3rd house 6 rods 6 rods

    4th house 3 coins 1cups

    5th house 8 rods 4 swords

    6th house 1 rods 6 swords

    7th house 17- star 6 cups

    8th house 9 coins 3 rods

    9th house 10 swords 3 rods

    10th house 10 coins 8 rods

    11th house king cup 7 Mastery

    12 house 12 strength King cup

    Butterfly I don't know why you are spending so much time on this individual . You are a very loving creative soul who would do better with developing your creative energies /and or intituition shown by your 1 cup. Aquarian man show me he full of anxiety at cross roads and feels trapped. I think he maybe in a live in realtionship now because in his 4th house he also has the one of cups which rules the home,. mother and is a psychological emotional base He is right now hoping for a windfall or promotion and frankly he not thinking about you You on the other hand are spending so much thinking he is the one that it getting in your way of being a very Happy individual You really have so much potential that ready to bloom ; but all the energy you are putting in thios person is getting you no where. I hate to be the one to say this; but I asked the goddess to lead me in the answers. i wish I could say it would be rosy at least with my reading it jsut isn't so.

    When will your finances begin to change answer is in the next 2 months you will have to take the bull by the horns and become much more assertive if you do these things by October you can be celebrating and enjoying life both mentally and physically The sun promise good thing and happiness ; however if you don't do this and forget about Mr Aquarian something you have put WAY!!!!!!!!! to much energy into you will not have another chance again for really successful time until May again where the 3 is the Empress is a intutive creative individual Right now the 7 swords say you need to apply your mental energy , play your cards close to yourself. In this case send out resume ;but don't tell anyone that you are looking for work because they may try to sabatoge you. If you do this the outcome will be a happy (marriage) of sorts you will be happy in your new job , have the opportunity to be creative and show them who you really are. ( why do I see You in real estate or sales) I just got that vibe as I was typing this.

    August 7 swords

    Sept queen swords

    Oct Sun

    Nov Twelve

    Dec page of coins

    Jan 3 rods

    Feb 2 cup

    mar 8

    apr nine of rods

    may 3

    jun queen of cup

    july 8 swords

    outcome 3 cups

    Butterfly Love life (12 card spread in shape of horoscope ) so I can see the actual house and what is psychologically holdoing about your current situation etc)

    1. 9 cups You have the ability to find the right person!!! Not aquarian man.

    2 10

    3 7 rods

    4th 15

    5th 8 cups however the love affair here has outlived it purpose . The Aquarian man is not the one for you

    6 2 coins

    7 king cup You want a loving man see in the 7th house and you have your wishes come true if you go out and show people who you are. Don't rush into a sexual relationship shown by

    8 14

    9 7 cups stop daydreaming you have many options open up to you Now go get them!!!!!

    10 13

    11 7 cns

    12 18

    Aquarius man How does he feel about Butterfly

    Page of swords is being cross ed by the page of cups above is 8 coins below queen of swords in past 4 cups future the 8 card 6 rds 6 coins 5 k swds

    . In this reading He in the past saw you as someone who broke up the dull routine in his life and he didn't know enough to accept the love you offered him but being unsatisfied in his life he just couldn't see or appreciate what was right in front of him. He still has major things to face and is hoping for (seen above him 8 coins and the strength card) a major windfall and a major promise of public acclaim He see you as pages which are almost child like in the way he views you

    How does Butterfly feel about him 16 crossed by 7 rods 15 above below 9cups past 2 coins future 6 rds the next questioner feeling 4 outside inf 2 cup hopes and fears 8 cup outcome 21 You my dear will suddenly realize this and will fortunately see this shown by the tower something that comes out of the blue. (It my be this reading) You for some reason feel so tied to him seen by the devil it TELL ME HE IS IN YOUR WAY OF TRULY SHINING AND IF YOU WISH TO DEVELOP YOURSELF YOU NEED TO LET IT GO

    I hope I gave you a good look into your areas of concerns ; and if you have any questions let me know.

  • Hello addrn, Will I be able to even think of having a companion ,great friendship with him or any one , What are my options and why am I feeling so limp & weak over this huge dissapointment I attented a family function 2day,s ago my son,s in-laws some friends of theirs and some where of my age group,but I observed as I was the lone wolf and there again I didn,t feel like I was up to there level and yet Iraised all 3 of my kids to fit in all aspects of intellectual life they married well, theres an engineer a professor a producer and entertainer, and here I am their mother who they don,t understand ... you see I have always sold myself short I do not know why and I am sick of it I do not want to cater to my kids that I am so proud of. but what about me & my life.I feel I do not fit anywhere. please advise thank you Leonida

  • I will do your reading tomorrow in the afternoon and post it on Tuesday and if the reading can't be done because I watch a rampiouscios 4 year old Virgo who touches everything I will do it in the night but may not be able to put it here until Wednesday. Lets put it that it will be done before the end of this week because on Tuesday the 25th I am going to AZ for a new job. (Judi)

  • hello addrn ,Anytime that is convenient for you is all that matters thanking you in advance Leonida

  • Thank you so very much, addRN... your reading was so helpful to me. Of course, I would have liked a better outcome with the Aquarius guy. Just to give you a little more background... we met on an online website and started emailing. We had a lot in common, he asked a lot of questions and showed interest in the things that I was doing and he volunteered info, even when I didn't ask. We finally had a date and it was wonderful. I felt a very strong connection with him that I haven't felt with anyone for an extremely long time. Things actually got a little intense between us, which totally took both of us by surprise. We continued emailing after that and then he began to get a little distant and explained that he had a lot going on with work... he works 2 jobs. I think he also has a lot going on personally. He is separated for over a year and a half and assured me that there is no chance of reconciliation. I'm wondering if the divorce is pending sooner than expected and that would explain his distance and pulling away and additional financial worries. He also has 2 teenagers with his ex, and I know that they are good kids, but a little troubled right now. So, he really has a lot going on and maybe he and I are just bad timing right now. I'm trying to not think about him as much and I even have started talking to and having some interest in another guy (this one's a Libra 10/4/60), but it's hard because my heart and head have been so focused on the Aquarian.

    As far as the job situation, you were right... one of the things I'm looking into is getting back into sales. There are a lot of people who know I am looking for a new job and have been sending lots of resumes. I've been trying to keep that info from my current boss. SHe is toxic and someone I need to get away from. I am trying to focus my energies on finding a new job... but to be honest it's very hard with the beautiful sunshine and warmth outside. And also, because of all that has been going on with the job situation and problems with my love life (both job and love life have been in turmoil for a very long time), I've been very down and depressed. You were right when you said that I am a loving, creative person and I suppose I need to focus on that. It's hard when so much is not going right to try and focus on the things that are going right.

    I really, truly appreciate your reading and advice. I would be very open and happy to hear anything else you have to add. Thank you again, so much, Judi.



  • I think you really need to let yourself be as social as you can be. You have a very likable bubbling personality and You are a Taurus so you can be very stubborn as well. Agrarian man is another fix sign and he just isn't the guy for you even though you seemed to have similar likes. Agrarian are very friendship oriented and right now he just really has just too much on his plate . He looking for some type of acculation and is really very concerned about get his name known . Some one new is in his life or he may be seeing someone new. I remember a 1 cup in his home which can mean new love and since it in his home they are more intense right now not cooling off. You may have a better chance with Libra man he is also ruled by Venus and loves the idea of togetherness Honestly when you shine and let people really see the real you they will be highly attracted because a down deprressed has a gray arua . A happy aura it white and pink remember be what you want to attract.. Focus and create the perfect job not in the futrure in your mind in the present. I have money, I have friends and I have a great job. It will follow I promise ; but you need to see the positives that are around you and instead of seeing your boss as toxic look at her someone who has forced you to move yourself and look for a new job. I hated my job but I see this as an opportunity to move and begin over. I follow my initution and never ever question the direction I am lead in I just follow it and I am being lead to AZ. What I advise you to do is follow the direction your spirit guides are leading you. Get quiet and just let your mind wander.Don't pine for a man that isn't right for you and hear it in your head so you know what to do. Remember it is up to you


  • addRN..may I impose on you for a reading. I feel as though I'm in the same boat as Butterfly, although financially I'm holding on. Its my relationship that I'm more concerned about as I am dealing with a Cancer male.

    I will give the info if you would be so gracious to take look see.


    He 7-13-44

    Thank you for reading.

  • My typing skills are better then that..good grief! addRN not that it makes a difference but his date is 7-14-44..not 13

  • Butterfly-

    I understand your problem with the aquarius man.. It is hard to replace him.. and maybe that is happening to you for a reason.

    I have been sick and I did not get a chance to do your reading.. I will do it and post it on the blog

    it should be there by tomorrow.

    ps- getting your mind distracted with the new guy seems a good idea for now.

  • Leonida I will post a reading for you the latest will be Thursday night. Virgo child had be running ragged with opening up nail polish and other things. Actually my husband is suppose to watch her not me. I was so ticked off with her and felt I wouldn't have been in the right frame for your reading. You are aquarius so this is polar opposite of your sun sign. This is proably a tough time of year for you anyway. I will make sure I do your readings before I leave. GemTwin52 I will do a reading for you on the 22nd. I ahve a few job interviews scheduled and am going to AZ on the 25th . My husband birthday is 23rd and I have my bestfriend Jeff birthday the 29 so after you reading I will be off line for a few weeks . I will let you all know how it all goes. (Judi)

  • Hi, Judi (addRN)...

    Thank you for your insight and advice. I really appreciate it. You really did give me a lot to think about. Being a Gemini... you would think I could just easily get the Aquarian guy out of my head and heart, but for some reason, he's got a hold on me. But I'll try really hard. The Libra guy interests me, but not in the same way and not as much... but I'll give it a shot. Also, I really like the way you turned my toxic boss into a positive by saying she's forcing me to find something better for me career-wise. And I need to let myself be quiet enough to hear and follow my spirit guides Thank you again so much, Judi!!.

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