My entire life is totally unsettled....

  • Gem Twin52 I am not sure if it is me or was the energy around me that lead me to believe he has some thing I don't get. Like I said I can do another reading ; but I need to have a quiet place to be; and frankly yesterday after Leonida reading it wasn't that comfortable for me. SO I stopped and e-mailed you that I would another reading when the energy felt right. Is it the bloodshed He witnessed that I feel because it very oppressive . I don't think he evil persay but he does have a very dark side to him that he hides well I think. Tower is not bad because it tell us to wake up things are starting to change and it can will bring major changes that can and usually does come out of the blue when we least expect it.. THe Devil over a persons personality is what I reacted to in his reading it just that it tells me he can be a manipulator and can show you what you want to see. The devil is very charming , and very persausive can be very stroking of someone ego. Before you know it you are trapped. Just be careful that all I am saying and keep your eyes open .

  • I certainly appreciate what you are saying addRN don't feel bad as I often question things I don't get, but then after all, getting to the root of how and why something/someone ticks is a challenge I always look forward to. The bloodshed he witnessed and participated in is oppressive, its called war and whether we agree or oppose such travesties doesn't change the fact that evil will do harm if not put in check. I have no doubt that part of his dark side is related to his experiences in can only imagine what he and others have been through and unless it affects us personally, we often don't give it a second thought. I on the other hand consider myself a very intuitive person and while I understand how manipulation works, I'm not easily taken in by such tactics..a follower I am not, I much prefer taking the lead when its necessary. As I eluded to, I'm not a believer in the Devil, to me, its merely a label for what I consider a "bad seed". I see what I want to see, throw out what I don't and dissect what is left so better to understand what I'm dealing with. My ego doesn't need stroked nor am I easily persuaded, so I'm not concerned about falling prey to that nonsense. So you see, my eyes are WIDE open and although I am mercurial in nature, I am not always quick to jump into the fire.

    I am however, enjoying the read and will continue to be heads up with any input I seek.

  • Hi GemTwin-

    I have been doing readings for many years.. and whenever I see the combination of Tower- Devil - things are NOT good..

    I understand you are trying to stay positive- which is a healty attitude to some extent- but in this case it defeats the purpose of receiving insight from Tarot.

    Hiding your head in the sand and pretending that everything is fine - may not be the right attitude. The devil- shows an unhealty relationship and the Tower only predicts disaster.

    In this case the tower means the breakup of a relationship and the process will not be easy..

    So if I were you I would get prepared for that.


  • Hello HighP09, As you can see on this site I also had a reading and I thought and felt (addRN) did a magical reading, but I would be interested in your expertise as you seem to also have a good vibe of what (addRN) was saying and you also know what all those cards mean,would be nice to have your ideas too...... Leonida

  • Hello- Leonida

    Sure, I can look into your situation too. Just register on my blog and post your question there. I will answer just like i did for addRN- you can find her answer there too.

  • I appreciate your insight but I'm somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to readings or predictions. This man has been my friend for a number of years, never once have I questioned his integrity as he has not given me a reason to do so. I have come to understand (with the help of similar posts) why he behaves as he does. I am in a relationship of sorts, mostly platonic in which I can leave if I choose to do so..I am not bound by anything and my companion is well aware and accepting of that..Tower? This date may have significance 11-6-51..

    Trust me, my head is not in the sand, nor am I pretending everything is fine, obviously, why would I bother to read these posts. I do not feel impending doom, I feel life changes occurring as I am unsettled.

    My best to all...

  • Hi hun,

    I feel you need to look outside your circle in regards to your work situation, I keep seeing that you need to poke your head up. I do not feel you have your 'head in the sand' but you need to merely lift your chin and tilt your head to see a different perspective. I keep hearing.. "ONE GIANT LEAP OF FAITH AND SHE WILL BE CLEAR"

    In regards to your relationship all I see is darkness... someone is lost in the dark and will need to find their own way out. It is their choice as to the road they take. Anyone who tries to help will only be drawn into their control drama. They will be a stronger person for standing up to the issues and then will not have to make excuses to the other person if they are allowed to face their own demons and come to terms with their imortality.

    I am not aware of who that is in the relationship but I feel it is very much a co dependant situation. We all have a dark side which is part of a natural balance and as individuals we need to find our own balance. Perspective is something we need to find on our own.

    To understand the direction your life is going watch for repeating or re occuring numbers, they have significance with what is going to happen or what is or what you need to do to help your situation. Yes you are in a transitional period.

    Mirs : >

  • Gem Twin 52 , I hope I didn't upset you. I just dropped the cards and had let them speak to me. Sometimes a reading isn't what we hoped to hear and it can be very disturbing. The hardest part of a reading is when we pick a time and try to zone in the energy that is occurring at the time other then a day Birthday I have no idea who I am always talking to or about . The cards and the knowledge of astrology helps me ;. I had also dropped car for you but I wasn't sure if it was yours because you say your financial situation is fine ; not spectacular but okay. I however saw cards that indicated their is something over you about your finances.(16^) It going to floor you if you let it. these cards are right and what I mean you maybe thinking things at work are alright but you need to make sure you are really watching and sensing the enviroment because things aren't what they appear to be on the surface. and possible of legal situation that is coming up because the Justice card is in the 7th house . In work you must take aleap of faith the 22 in the sixth house says don't go around blindly ; but have a leap of faith like Tiger 63 she is sensing something. I wish had the time to be more inclusive today; but I am getting ready for my AZ trip. . Maybe High PO9 can do a reading for you because I would like to see if she picks up what I picked up.

  • On a more personal note. Ladies I will do readings after the trip to AZ. I really have way to much on my mind. I am worried about finances of my own and am Looking to find work outside my homestate where I feel things have dried up for me. My husband and my daughter don't want me to go because If I leave I will be having them stay here. It will be difficult for me to be without my family, friends ; but I feel very stucked here in NJ . I just want to be financial secure, (Hey I am a 0degree Cap) , I want to enjoy my life, I want to be able to support my family both emotionally and financially; aand I want my daughter and husband both to be able to prosper and of course enjoy their lives and be Happy. Can anyone give me insite if I am making the right choice or am I making a horrible decision. would I do better here in NJ or AZ (Judi)

  • Hi-

    AddRN now I understand why the cards were showing you as alone- because the rest of your family will not be moving with you. Now, that makes sense.. I will say that you will be moving based on the previous reading. I can still ask for you which of the two states is better if you want me to. Have you registered with my blog?

    Ok- take care.

  • I must say ladies, some of this equates to what is going on. I'm not going to go in to detail about my work, I know what it is and YES, I am trying to find my way out of there, for me, it has become a toxic situation. Let's not forget how bad the job market is even though I have numerous inquiries and resume's floating out there, waiting for someone to look at.

    The person in the dark with regard to the relationship may possibly be me, it does not bring me balance, balance I so desperately want. Interesting enough, the Justice card does come in to play, not in a bad way is more the ending to a chapter in my life that was put on hold.

    Thank you...

  • Wow I see I am not the only one who seems to be born under a bad sign. I am a Taurus man and since my birth it seems that everytime I start to get ahead in this world I am slapped back down time and again in both Love/money. I was born 5/1/65 but was suppose to be born later in the month probably came early as mother was in car accident while carrying me. i had two growths on my body that had to be removed i still have scars from then. My childhood was a nightmare, my adult life seemed to go ok but had some physical issues. Possibly have 4 kids instead of two i actually now for sure our mine as still married to the Mother of my two kids who i adore.

    My first Fiance who i believe had my second child commited suicide last year and i still don't know for sure if the Boy was mine due to the circumstances around his birth and the way she acted breaking up with me. The wife i have now is like living with a roommate with benefits very very rarely. i try and try again to please her but to no avail and just go through the motions. She is a Libra born 9/24/64 and since we have been together we get ahead of the game and then the truck breaks or tv/pc or medical issues. Can someone please tell me why this keeps happening to me over and over as i feel i am carrying bad karma or my ex-fiance who was into tarot reading herself and kept a ring of mine placed a curse of some type on me. I would appreciate any and all help in trying to get me life on the good karma path for my kids sake as i want them to succeed where i could not in my younger days.

  • Hi every one I'm new here , This is my first time posting any thing ,but have been a fan of for many months now, and check my horoscope daily as well as those that are close to me such as my Virgo man he and I have known each other for twenty years now and started off as great friends, As I was married at the time we first met, I wasn't attracted to him other than as friends ,but we hit it off very well , he Say's not many people understand his sense of humor which he describes as very dry ,But I always got his jokes and many times when he would say something funny we would find that only the two of us were laughing silly , But I divorced early in my marriage after only two years we separated ,Married too young as I was 18 and He was 20 we had a son together but always remain good friends and still have but my Virgo guy & I started to see each other as a couple shortly there after my separation and matched well together and had allot in common and had a good time together and feel in love dated as well as lived together on and off for almost four years and then we drifted apart over time I found him to be over bearing and insecure and not proud to admit it but was unfaithful to him once and the guilt ate me alive so eventually told him and I crushed his heart and I don't think we recovered completely after that and eventually went our own ways I had a couple more relationships that went sour and another son emerged from one of those, but about 14 years after we had said goodbye to each other My phone rang and on the other end was my Virgo guy , said he had heard I was single again and told me that he never got over me and that I was his first true love, I of course was very happy to hear from him again and eager to see him ,but at the time was,t ready for another relationship as I had a very hard time with the ending of my last relationship a year and a half before this and was still hanging on to my unhappiness , I was honest with my Virgo guy and told him I did,t want to lead him on but wished we could remain friends , he explained it would be to difficult for him to see me as a friend and have to suppress his feelings for me ,I understood this fully and we said good bye ,but about two or three weeks after that my phone rang again to him being on the other end ,explained that he would much rather be as friends than to have nothing which we were for a period of almost six months , he well behaved through out and I not so much as I suggested that the sex was so good when we were together that I felt it would be a shame to waste such good connections this way so we were friends with benefits and all went good ,I decided after about six months we should date exclusively as I didn't want to miss out on a good thing and made up my mind that I was over with my past relationship and at that moment left it where it needed to be behind me and Virgo and I were once again dating we both felt like kids again and as my oldest son was graduating the same year and my youngest son deciding he wanted to live with dad for awhile It left us allot of time together , and him being a home owner with no children or ever married ,he suggested that I move in with him a few months into our relationship ,I think this is where our problems began ,I felt he was moving to fast and I having to regain my independence being a single mother of two for many years I guess I wasn't so easily ready to give up my independence and we have had a very rocky relationship since about three and a half years now I still have my own place that I rent and now my oldest son has returned home due to hours being cut at work . plus it helps me financially as I lost my job in January and as of yet been able to find suitable employment for myself and a financial ruin , My Virgo guy also lost his job and now stands to loose his house and he is a very hard worker and always has been with strong work ethics as well as myself , he feels that his stress is more important than mine because he stand to loose a house I don't he says , and because I guess Im not solely focused on his stress issues that I don't care about his problems and that I am being selfish and uncaring to his needs , he has since decided to end our relationship saying that he still loves me allot but he cant love himself right now and is no longer a happy person and therefore doesn't want a relationship anymore and places allot of blame on me for his unhappiness , I feel that due to his insecurities he put allot of pressure on me as to whom my friends were and whom i spent time with although I thought always being considerate of this ,wasn't acceptable to him and accused me of alot of things I wasn't guilty of ,due to past behaviour I'm guessing ? but if I could interest someone in a reading for me I would be very interested in this as I have never had one before and I really feel that my life could use some sort of direction as to where it may be going or if there is something I can do to change my luck for the better I have always struggled in life with happiness and have often felt that I was born with bad luck as my shadow ,I would so love to shed that jacket of bad luck that feels so heavy at times I feel like it will never get better for me I am generally a very light hearted happy person even when my luck is down I still enjoy smiling and helping others that may be down on their luck . I am a Leo and of course proud of it and my birth is 07/26/70 and my Virgo guy is born 09 /09/70 I would appreciate any input you could offer me and would be very excited to have a reading done for me ,being that Ive never had it done before , any direction to a happier out come in my life is welcome at this point I don't want to loose my Virgo as I love him greatly but the negativity that comes from him also is unhealthy I know . thank-you for taking the time to read this as I know it was long but I really wanted you to get a feel for who I am and what Ive been dealing with . help please thank you.. Nikka777

  • HIGHPO9 Thank you would you plase do the reading about what state I am going to be happier in. or where I will be finacially better off. Yes my family not going. I tried to sign up for your blog ; But alas I don't know how can you give me the directions? (JudI)

  • hello Nikka77, I have also gone back to an old love I posted here about 2 months ago and t old my story It,s listed under ( 6yr relationship 35yrs ago and I am sure you can find all my posts and forums I am older than you and I feel if this does not work than I will keep on trying. There is so much i would like to say to you, first you are still young and from your picture very beautiful, I think you could perhaps just give your self a short time to be with your son and think about what you really want from a relationship. I was on my own for 6ys after a 15 yr marriage and I felt very sad many times but it taught me to understand my needs and what I will accept and what I will not. This is probably the most important thing we all need to understand and stick to whenever we start a new relationship. I don,t read tarot but i get strong feelings about things and I feel you will rise above all of this an a new road and be much happier, just take your time. do not let yourself be rushed. You can post me anytime . Leonida

  • Thinking about that Cancer man..burning brain cells that are probably better left to something more positive. I am exhausted mentally from all of this!! I know better and yet..I let my heart rule instead of my sensibility. I feel so very foolish.

  • addRN,

    Good luck in AZ! Do you already have a job, or are you going for an interview? It will be hard without your family. If you do have a job lined up, can your husband and daughter not move with you?

  • addRN- all you need to do is go to and then look on your right- scroll down until you will find followers.. you will see 44 followers. Under that title is a button Follow with google connect- just click on it and follow their online instructions.

    I will post your answer shortly.

  • Hi I couldn't follow your link either as there were no followers - I have attached of what I saw.


  • ok I was able to connect.

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