My entire life is totally unsettled....

  • Hello Judi(addRN) Thank you for keeping in touch, I hope you do well with your interviews and you are successful , at your job hunt. You sound like such a busy lady & I totally appreciate that you will do this for me & I certainly can wait until it is convenient for you. Leonida

  • Leo ---- a aquarius with the begining of her exact opposite time of the year. No problem, I figure one good turn is the way to have a happy life. And when I am need people will step up. At least I hope so. You I must say from just plemanary feeling are very unique lady. This is a good thing. By any chance is uranus in leo the year you were born??? (Judi)

  • Hello Judi,I have a chart which is very old like 1972 it say,s the following in regards to the planets, Sun in house 10... Ascendant ... house 1.... Moon house 6...Mercury house 5...Venus house 6...Mars house 5.... Jupiter house 11....Saturn house 10...Uranus house...10 Neptune house 2....& Pluto house 11. I really don,t know what it all means but of course I am curious and I am hopeful that it will help you. this was given to me by an old friend and that was due to my giving him my date and time of birth. February 5th 1943, 7:15 P.M. I have had a very trying day 10 calls at least from my Taurus old and re-newed relationship ,he is so intense tonight I am just shutting him out completely. I am exhausted, Hope your day went better ... Leonida

  • Hi butterfly-

    I am sorry I was a bit late at posting your answer= but it is there now. You can just check the blog.

    Just to add something to what I said in there- I do think that there is another man (not the aquarius) that is coming your way; he is a fire sign: a leo an aries or a sagittariius or a fiery personality and mayb hasty- is the libra man fitting this description?

    well traditionally he is a married man with children- generous and passionate- I know this sounds like the aquarius man.. but is not him.

    You had 2 men in your reading..- one with love and the other with issues.


  • addRN

    I just looked at these posts and feel Butterfly and all the others. Wondering if it was possible to get a reading. My life too has been on a downward spiral. I no longer care about the romance/love bit, although it would be nice. Financially, emotionally, I'm a mess. I think my downward spiral has been for since 2002. Let me know if you can help.

    Thank you

  • Hi addRN - could you please do a reading on me as well? I feel like I am just starting to emerge from my downward cycle but am hesitant to feel good yet. I feel like I have a long way to go but would like to get stronger. I am just ending a 15 year marriage to a 01/29/64 aquarius and have met a new very special man - he is a 09/11/64 virgo. I am 03/10/59 pisces. This man is very different from anyone else I have ever known and feel like I could spend the rest of my life with him. I don't want to jump from the frying pan to the fire though. Is there any other information that you ca use to do an accurate reading?

  • Well too both of the young ladies, I will do readings ; but not until I get back from interviews so it will not occur until after the 31st. I still have leonida and gemtwin readings to do. Leonida the chart is fine that you told me the planets; but I would need the planets for example moon in leo,4th house , Uranus in the 10th in aquarius. This would give me a is idea who you are emotionally psychologically . Remember you are a very unique person Since you have a stong uranus personality that is what make for them so hard to understand you, it in the 10th house of house of status and honor . You have a very brilliant mind ; but I am not sure why you lack the confidence in yourself.You always have marched to your own drum and the signs like venus and mercury could not be in the house 5 and 6 if your sun is in the 10th (Judi)

  • Thank you addRN - I can wait! I can send you any info that I have had charted as well. Thanks, Cindy

  • Thank you so much. Anytime that is convenient to you, will suit me perfectly. I do not have the exact time of my birth, is that going to be a problem? Good luck with your interviews.

  • Hello addRN(judi) I have checked again on the old chart, but cannot see anything that is significant that might be helpful I may have lost a page,any how just do your best and I will wait until I hear from you again. I want to tell you I have feelings about things at times and right now I have concerns about my troubled friend the one that is causing me a lot of disturbance today I was reading the news paper went to classfied and I suddenly noticed something in the death section which gave me a bad feeling. Should I be watching him closer. I worry about him. I hope I am not asking too much of you. I will tell you what I saw if you would like to know. Leonida

  • Hi Leonida,

    Please try to keep in touch (by phone; face-to-face would likely not be as helpful) with your friend. I sense a feeling of wanting to kill their self. Reach out with Love: Ground first, then ask the Interpretive Angels to translate your loving help to his Interpretive Angels for the Highest Good of the Positive White Light.

    Bless You in Love and Light,


  • Leoinda, I have to tell you if your intitution and gut feeling is telling you to call out to him do so. My best friend for a few months years ago was going through something and he was in a very bad place. I simily called him everyday for a few minutes, Never judged what he was telling me ; and never gave advice. I just listened, then I would tell him I loved him and thanked him for not hurting himself becasue I could not bear losing my friend.It took 6 months but I have been successful and he is doing very well. I let him know eveyday I love and really appreciate his friendship. If I need to talk he lsitens, If I need a ride to the airport he will do it. Sometimes when life get so hard the feeling to end it seems peaceful. Just become the peaceful place for your friend; and pray to your god/godess or whatever and ask for the strength to carry him through it. Don't hestiate because you may be wrong; and if you are he not doing so bad what do you have to lose. Just say Hi then and let him know you are thinking about him, become the friend he needs and the rest will follow. I will be doing your reading today. SO Make the Call, let him know you are their and would never judge him. and if he is okay too happy just ask him the question becasue if I am not going to kill myself you asking the question won't convince me to do it. Just always tell him you love him, appreciate his friendship and could bear to have him hurt himself. Ask him if he is willing to tell you what is wrong and again no advice or judgement. It not until he is ready and say he wants your advice will you give it . Invite him out to dinner, a walk whatever, don't wait just show him you are worth being his friend. Hey it 2009 the hell with waiting for a guy to ask us out. 🙂 I ask my husband out and we are married 23 years, asked my ex boyfriend out and we are still friends, My bestfriend is my freind since I was 12 and I intejrected myself into his life(at 12) I told him I'm like gum stuck to a shoe so he not going anywhere unless I say he can. become the gum. I don't want to hear what if I am wrong I will fell foolish so what only ythey can only make you feel foolish if you let them Talk to you (Judi)

  • I did a very quick reading on your Taurus man; and do not see any health issues or the danger of killing himself. Of course more to follow. (Judi)

  • Leonida I did your reading for you and your Taurus man well first I need to say this is a very karmic relationship suggested by the 20 card It is in your 10Th house and when I do the Celtic spread on if the two of you will have a relationship the outcome is knight of cup and the 15 devil. It is as if both of you really are know how powerful your psychic connection is and are fearful of it in many way that you two are so dependent on each other. I did a number of horoscope spreads and when I did his I call him the Taurus man of Leonida in the spreads so it is clear for me who I am reading. The first reading is your Taurus man

    Ist house of personality and what we show the world is the 5 coins this card suggest he is feeling over extended and it has something to do with his personal relationship where he has the 15 devil in the 7Th this is the house of partners and open enemies. I don't feel he has any enemy .I think he feels that he needs you and it tends to be scary because he never married and frankly doesn't like feeling so needy about you. (Does that make sense!)

    1st 5cns, 2ND- I -magician, 3rd 14 Temperance, 4Thu -19 sun, 5Th 7 mastery ,6Th 8rds, 7Th 15 devil , 8Th 3rods, 9 16 -tower , 10 6 coins , 11- 3 -empress and the 12house 6 rds outcome 2 high priestess 6 -lovers Right now he is feeling very overwhelmed He has withdrawn to let himself figure this all out !/2 of him want to follow his emotions the other 1/2 want to follow his head I think you are the empress in his 11Th house of friendship and the natal Aquarius house here is a person who is loving creativity in my card she is beautiful who has a child at her breast and nature all behind her. in the 9Th which is spiritual aspirations he has the tower the old way of life is collapsing, 5Th house of love affair is beginning to show movement . The 14 in his 3rd house suggest he is going to communicate with a calm self control approach don't get to upset about his because this is very scary for a Taurus who is by nature very stubborn slow to move to a new frame of mind, the 19in the 4Th house show happiness and contentment Leonida you are very psychic you have the moon in the first house . This 18 card can also make you feel confused and fearful. Just remember if you feel it and it feels good go with it , If it feels bad don't go with it and avoid it. Trust your intuition The houses are the following 1st 18 moon , 2 -10 coins, 3-4 rds 4 king of cups - 5 emperor -6 2coins 7- Queen of coins , 8 10 cups 9 2cups , 10 the 20 in my deck Karma (other Judgement) , 11 - page of rods , 12Th 5 cups outcome 15 Devil and 14 Temperance. Okay this is what I feel is going on with you You are too fearful of what everyone thinks of you because for an air sign you come across very watery and emotional . You actually see Taurus man as the confident communicator who is materialistic comfortable which he is because he is the Taurus . You feel almost trapped in your feeling for him and are very cautious about letting him know. That is okay for now ; but you may have to go out on the limb in the very near future. The Emperor in the 5TH HOUSE OF LOVE AFFAIRS DOES SAY HAVE THE COURAGE OF YOUR CONVICTIONS AND PLAY AN ACTIVE ROLE IN GETTING INTO THE MATTERS that mean most to you . You may have the opportunity to achieve what you want to establish if willing to work hard for it. As you told me your financial situation seems fine The 5 cups in the 12 house does tell me that everything you hope for has the possibility to work out the MAJOR KEY is you HAVE TO BELIEVE!!!

    Do I See a future for the two of you. Yes I do , It had it difficulties in the past but you are both free now , You both have decisions to make you are Lovers in my Celtic spread and the outcome is Queen of cups < Knight of Cups and the 15 Devil you both need to get over the fear. If you don't then you will feel trapped and dependent on each other in a nonhealthy way I don't see any bad things happening to you or your friend . I want to call him James (Idon't know Why) . I have a very psychic connection to my best friend and yes we loved each other like that in the past ; but since moved on that level ; but very initutive with him and whats going on with him. Find the palce where you both can be both lovers and friends. Good Luck . Any further questions plaease relay them to me and i will try to answer them.

  • GemTwin 52 I have a number of reading about this cancer guy. Don't walk away from him, RUN!!!! . I don't know if you have or will have a sudden insight to this man because the outcome of your celtic spread is the tower and right next to it i laid the Devil. The funny thing on his spread he came up as the devil which tells me he isn't to be trusted He is having finacial problems and sees you as the 9 coins which tells me he believes everything is going along as planned. The 14 temeperance suggest to me you need to adopt a calm and not overeact to him . He can be very persausive because he can read you and many other quickly . I don't know why but when I tried to channel him I got an overwhelming feeling that he is a grifter and is conning you ; and if I am wrong I am sorry BUT I don't like the energy I feel about him. I will do more for you because afterIi did his spread I became very negative and blocked and the spread I did for you feels werid like financial legal difficulties coming I want to be right before I give a further reading. Just do me a a favor let me know if I am correct about him or is it something else in the way (Judi)

  • Hello Judi, I just finished reading your post for me and all I can say is MAGICAL, I am in awe of all the things you said, although his name is not James it starts with that J sound so you where close and thats amazing to me you see he was born in europe and his name there started with a J & here it is with a G. I also want to tell you that yes I am frightened and I am sure he is too, this could be a huge change in both our lives and you are like a gift that came along to enlighten me I will be careful and hope all goes as planned, thanking you seems like so little , but here I go THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME & CONSIDERATION. I will think of you as a Friend. I will also keep you posted. Leonida

  • You are welcome, I do hope you find the confidence in yourself. You are very gifted and have a very unique but engaging mind. Don't try to be understood just be yourself. Remember if they love you they may not always understand you and that okay . You now know why. Have someone do your astrology chart I think you have it but you don't understand it. It not a easy subject to learn. Everyone of us have the sun and it is our ego, the moon is emotions,Mercury the communicator , Venus our love nature , Mars our fire , Jupiter the giver , Uranus the shaker, the genius , Saturn the task master, pluto the annihilator . , some of them will be in a sign one of the twelve, Right now pluto is in Capricorn so where ever your Capricorn is going to be shook up wither you want it or not. So knowing that it does make the ride a little easier . Keep the door open and give out the love you want it will be returned. I have my own small crisis I have to leave my home state and find work somewhere else. I had a job interview Friday ; but It seems pluto wants to shake up my marriage and my other people money as well play havoc with my emotions. I have the moon, mercury in the 8Th house ruled Natal by Pluto in Capricorn, and the sun in Cap in my 7Th house my marriage is going to have to change. Can I ask you when you paray send me some of that energy my way. I need the strenght of God/Godess and I am listening I have faith that I am being led the right way; but all the positive energy I can get helps. Thank you and yes keep me posted. Blessed Be God bless you and J (JudI)

  • addRN(judi I am so sorry to hear of your situation, I will think of you when I sit in my small garden and pray & meditate to our creator, I talk to God and then I sit very calmly and quietly & listen and there is a special energy that seems to respond to me, I have always felt better after I do this. Leonida

  • addRN thanks for the reading I'm not sure how to react to it, but I don't see the devil in play here, definitely not grifter and has NO financial problems whatsoever. Not after me for my money, it wouldn't sustain him for a day let alone a life time.To the contrary, he his financially stable and very generous in its distribution. Relationship speaking, yes, not so good, but that's not to say he is in a minority when it comes to that, and I can understand how those may have failed, timing, placement in his career and tragedy along the way. There has been a lot of bloodshed involved in his life, speaking in a military way. This is what comes from combat and dealing with the evil that would come to harm all that it fact, it is his job to eliminate what is commonly known as the enemy. My frustration and comments (which often help me cope being a bit humorous) comes from the very common "cancer" traits that is being discussed over and over. My tenacious will to persevere in my desire to understand and support him might very well make me crazy at times, but with each step backward, we take two steps forward, so even when he goes sideways again, I feel that I've peeled back a portion of that shell. I have never met a sign I could not handle, this one is just a little more challenging and as we all know..Gemini loves a challenge!! I do believe my strength is very positive in his life..time will tell.

    Now, go take on the day!!

  • Devil - Tower not necessarily a bad thing. It seems to suggest bondage, but often, this bondage is metaphoric and internal. It's more about looking beyond superficial appearances and going deeper into the truth and meaning of a situation. When one is feeling restrained, remember it is you and only you who hold the keys to your freedom. The tower is about change and who's not open to that unless they are content with bondage and oppression..not I. Roll with the changes. These cards are right in tune with what is going on and rather then look the dismal side, I believe it is saying free yourself and that is precisely what may be going on.

    Air stirs water but ohhhh when the waters calm, you can once again set sail!

    I believe in evil, it lives amongst us, call it what you will.

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