Aquarius anyone?

  • I've recently noticed I have more aquas in my life, siblings, friends,an ex. Curious if anyone has advice or wisdom to share for cancers in particular but all signs welcome to comment) and aquas to get along, learn from one another, anyone have successful relationships , marriages, co workers any kind really, that have proven positive between this sign and yours?

  • Well, I'm aqua inclined and have a friend that is Cancer, who I love dearly, but see little of. Has the relationship been proven positive? Yes, I think so. What makes it so? I'm not sure, but sometimes wonder if it's because our moon's are in pisces, and my ascendant is cancer, so I have at least a trickle of water in my chart, if not the ocean in his. And I think he is charmed by my aquarian, unrelenting drive to benefit my community(s) and my apparent openness, allowing him to assess the situation and work out how much of himself he wants to give away; (a mere smidgeon here and there!). There's a spaciousness in the relationship, which I've come to enjoy.

    I've no idea whether any of this subjective information can possibly be of use to you. I may have got it all wrong! Perhaps that's a feature of the aqua/ cancer dynamic or just this particular aqua/cancer dynamic?

    Good luck to you in building the relationships that nourish you.

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