What's the Deal with Those Libra Men?!

  • For starters, he's a Libra man, moon in Virgo. I'm a Leo woman, moon in Virgo.

    Libras have ALWAYS alluded me, which may be my fascination with them. They're charming, and they're flirty, and they like a lot of people, and they love to be social. But that doesn't mean they LIKE like you. That doesn't mean they want to be with you, or want you in that special way.

    This one in particular, while being considerably older, is QUITE the charmer. He seems to be serial dating, taking this girl to this place, having this one in this city, he likes all of them, but I suppose none of them are up to snuff for a relationship, because he says he's still looking for one.

    There are moments where his attention is intensely focused on me. There are moments where he seems shy, or he makes a flirty remark, or one hell of a compliment, things that with any other guy generally add up to 'he's into you'. I'm not completely sold on that with HIM though. The particular issue at hand is one thing, but he is VERY Libra, and with his quickness, short attention span, flowing like the raging wind, and interests that seems to spread between several women but not be COMPLETELY sold on one..

    I start wondering HOW it is one KNOWS a Libra is into them. How do you know when they see you as one worth holding on to? What the hell is going through their heads? Any insight, experiences, or the like are returned with much love and gratitude.

  • You do have a problem don't you. Well first you two should get along. As air fans fire. He is an air sign and your a fire sign. But your right some times Libra is hard to commit and especially if they have been burned. Libra loves beauty and they are really in love with the idea of love but chasing them isn't the way to their heart. Of course learning what they are interested in would help you to go far. They love to learn so conversation pertaining to their interests will get you far. But you have to be really into the same things. Depending on for instance my son is Sept. 30 and he loves running off road and someone who loves it too will go far with him. He likes women that don't wear much make up and the tom boy type will really do well with him. If you can discuss that subject with him and you are a good sounding board it puts you into a good place with him. Libra's like smart people to learn from that is what will turn them on. Now if you expect them to chase you the smart thing is to stop being too available. They or he needs to be chasing you so I know Leo likes to be the center of attention but if that's what you want then you need to be kind of hard to get. They can't figure out why you don't fall for their charm and they may try harder. We are hard to corner and if you try that we will run and depending of which end of the sign they are you may have to be a clothes horse. Front of the sign love to party and not so at the other end we are much the small group type and different type of party animal. Good luck I know we can be difficult.

  • I found this so I thought I would share it with you. Tips For Being In A Relationship With A Libra (Sept 22-Oct 23)

    When it comes to love relationships, what is it like to be in love with a Libra? Libras are the most gullible when in love. They are in love with the idea of everlasting love, which sometimes can lead to their destruction. At times, they do not see past the negative side of their partners, or even attempt to investigate. What they want to see and feel in a person is a fixed thing in their mind.

    Furthermore, Libras have a jolly and flamboyant personality. They can easily get along with others. Even more so, they can flirt for countless hours if they have their eye on someone they like. They may not be the most loyal of lovers, but they can dispose of all of their past infatuations once the right person comes along.

    They love their independence. They may be happy-go-lucky, but they want their personal space respected. They don't want anyone bossing them around, much less their partners.

    Positive Traits Of Libra Lover

    Libras are very logical and never temperamental. They rarely pick any fights with their partners, and would rather keep all the worries and hurts to themselves. They don't want to hurt anyone, and are always the peace negotiators.

    Aside from loyal lovers, Libras are also good listeners. Even if they do not know what to say or how to fix their loved one's problems, they would be inclined to stay no matter what. They are empathetic and true to their words.

    Also, Libras are not emotionally inclined. They do not get hurt easily, which can help with having a healthier relationship. They see things rationally and don't just jump right to conclusions. They are frank, but that is a better way for them to sort their feelings out.

    Lastly, Libras are innovative when it comes to loving. They love surprises and trying new things. They love to go to different places, try new foods, be with different groups of people, do interesting activities, and more. There are so many things that are going on in a Libras mind; any lover would never become bored with them.

    Negative Traits of the Libra Lover

    Libras can be naturally lazy. They would prefer someone to do their work for them, so expect a lot of bossiness from a Libra lover. They may be intelligent, but they can be indecisive. It normally takes so much time before they can make up their mind. They have so many ideas swirling around as well as mixed emotions and confusion, which can sometimes wear out their partners.

    Insecurity is a Libra trait. They may worship others, but they don't have the confidence to appreciate themselves. This can affect their relationship in a way that they can be too clingy, possessive, and jealous. However, just be patient. As soon as you fill them up with self-confidence, they will realize their mistakes and leave you be.

    Libras are also complacent people. They will not move not unless they see urgency to. They can ignore warning signs, and only jump on the right road if they think things are going into chaos.

    How To Attract A Libra

    It is easy to catch a Libra's attention; all you have to do is to have a fun and interesting conversation with them. They love to talk about anything under the sun. Topics that are lively like sports and current events are sure to keep a Libra interested. They love being in the hot seat of the topic too. Someone who can ask the right questions about their interests, their works, their likes, and all the good stuff will surely be a winner for any Libra.

    Libras are easygoing and are open to anything, even to big challenges. They love adventures, sleepless nights out, parties, and good company. Someone who can be as brave and outgoing as they can make a Libra fall over heels.

    Don'ts with a Libra

    Libras are calm and peace-loving individuals. They don't like entering heated arguments, especially with someone they truly care about. They would rather keep things silent and hide their raging emotions. You may never want to start any debate with a Libra; they can be patient, but are as furious as a raging bull when mad.

    Libras are indecisive, so don't ask them to make decisions for you. It can take them a while to figure out things. Likewise, don't push Libras to the limit of being too possessive or jealous. They like their freedom and will be the first one to leave if they sense this trail going into their relationship.

    Lastly, Libras like to be admired and to be the center of attention of everyone they love. Therefore, never lose your interest with them. If you want to have a lasting relationship with them, be their number-one fan. Keep your interest in everything they do, and you'll surely hold a big place in their heart.

    What Libra Needs From Their Relationship

    In a nutshell, Libras want a happy-go-lucky relationship. They don't want to incorporate too much seriousness in any of their relationships. Although, they can be loyal and faithful to their partners, they prefer it to run smoothly, no complications, and no hassles.

    Aside from a carefree relationship, they also need a relationship founded on trust. Libras are free and independent individuals, so they don't like someone snooping around their everyday activities. They need someone who can trust them, even with a long-distance relationship.

    Libras also want a relationship that can sustain their limelight. They need to express themselves with others, and be merry. They are easy-going people and are mostly in a group all the time. They need someone who can live with that without any complaints.

    Lastly, Libras need someone who can relieve them of their insecurities. Although they are people persons, they have a side that lacks confidence within. They need someone who can constantly boost their ego. They need someone who can love and adore them without pretention and with all of their heart. Libras are easy to love and are far easier to treasure. They are definitely keepers, but you just know how to drive them.

  • Libraslair- You are awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions and give me some insight 🙂

    If I could bug you a little more- you mentioned that libras don't like to be pursued. I'm in a bit of a predicament where even though there have been signs and words passed around every now and then that make me believe he is interested, there are some ulterior factors (age difference and us working together) that would make it inappropriate for him to make a move. So I'm afraid if he does like me, he'd have told himself I'm not an option because of these factors (and I've been trying to play nonchalant). I thought about making a move, or telling him how I feel, because I want him to know I'm an option before I miss my chance. But I'm always cautious of coming on to strong. And if someone doesn't want to be chased, how do you let them know you're interested?

    If you have any advice, that would be great, and then I'll leave you alone 😉

    Thanks again!

  • Well I can see where you working together would cause him to not mix work and play. What if the two of you hit it off and then broke up. It makes it very hard then in the work environment and could get you both fired. Not a good idea. But have you ever heard the old saying, he chased me till I caught him? We love to flirt but that doesn't mean anything serious will come of it especially if the only thing in common is sex. I will tell you that intelligence is a turn on to me but the person has to have more in common with me. I can get laid anytime but you want to feed my mind if you want to last in my world.

  • Thanks again for your advice. I assure you the only reason it's a concern of mine at all is due to me feeling there IS an actual connection, and there ARE things in common, and the conversations are wonderful. I suppose I'll see what happens. Your Libra insight was interesting and helps me understand the personality at hand a bit better 🙂 (Like I said, not just in his case, but in general I adore my libras)

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