Jesus: It is Impossible to Have Any Winners if There are Any Losers

  • Jesus: It is Impossible to Have Any Winners if There are Any Losers

    As channelled by John Smallman – January 6, 2013

    Listen to John’s reading of today’s message:

    The disappointment that so many of you have been feeling should be easing now as the new energies flow through you bringing you strength, courage, and the confidence you need to move onwards from here. Reaching this point, this moment, has been a great achievement, even though its significance is perhaps not yet fully apparent to you.

    You held the Light, showed the way, and moved all forwards into this New Age. It will now grow and develop so that you can, with continuing abundant help from those in the spiritual realms, bring about the essential changes to all human interactions and activities that will result in peace, abundance, and joy for all on Earth.

    Yes, there is much work to do, but it will no longer feel like work because the rewards that your efforts will bring to all will completely uplift and inspire you. Enormous progress will be made very rapidly in the revivification of the Earth and all the life-giving processes that she supports and maintains for the benefit of all who live and shelter under her protection. An environment to honor and delight all is under construction, in which Love directs and guides every activity so that perfect harmony of intent can create the wonders for which all have been yearning.

    As these new love-framed energies flow more abundantly through the environment that you inhabit, the old and unloving ones will weaken and fall away, and the power that they appeared to support and encourage will continue to crumble and decay because transparency will interpenetrate every relationship, every activity, every undertaking, and the destination, the outcome, the end result sought by all participants will be the same.

    No longer will hidden agendas muddy the waters of cooperative ventures as different parties seek to benefit from the often incomprehensible and confusing legal terms and language used to divide and antagonize the parties to agreements. All now seek success for all involved, and will work to ensure that every issue is fully addressed and dealt with to the complete satisfaction of all involved, because it has now become blazingly apparent that it is impossible to have any winners if there are any losers.

    Winning ― success ― depends on everyone being treated with honor and respect so that misunderstandings and disagreements are fully discussed and resolved to the satisfaction of everyone who is party to an agreement. Everyone wants everyone to be fully satisfied, and with that intent always present, success for all is ensured and guaranteed.

    There will always be differences of opinion and perception, but with the new, loving energies flowing freely and evenly, open discussion leading to resolutions that work for all will always be achieved, and mutual trust in one another will grow as it proves to be the most effective way in which to achieve the results that all are seeking.

    There has been much talk of this New Age of peace and abundance, and of the opportunities for creative ventures that it will provide, and now it truly has arrived, bringing new energies that will enable astounding improvements in the living conditions of the masses who have for eons been living in abject poverty to come into effect. In fact, humanity has already started to work together to resolve many of the long-standing issues and conflicts that have divided so many communities into warring factions for so long.

    All the issues that separate and divide people will now be seen as opportunities to come together, honor one another, and work lovingly, compassionately, and trustingly to reach resolutions that are acceptable to all. This has always been possible, but before now the motivation was lacking because ingrained inflexible attitudes on both sides made even meeting each other an opportunity to inflame new conflicts as each side claimed the high ground and sought to blame the other for the problems they needed to resolve amicably together.

    Inflexibility and refusal to understand another’s perception of a situation are no longer acceptable attitudes or behaviors, and with the new loving energies sweeping across the planet those who hold them will now be increasingly bypassed as new leaders with wisdom and compassion take over negotiations that have stalled or ceased to make progress.

    When Love permeates people’s hearts miracles can and will occur, so in your prayers and meditations, make a point of intensifying the love you are already intending to send to those who are overwhelmed by the situations in which they find themselves, know that it makes an enormous difference, and that it brings peace, opportunity, and renewal to areas of the world that need it most urgently. Love, which you have now embraced, is the power and the creative intelligence that will enable you to resolve all your worldly problems and issues with compassion and wisdom.

    You are going to discover and uncover Love in places that you would never have dreamed that it would be found. Love, as you well know, is the life force ― in fact, It is Life. In the illusion It has lain hidden, unacknowledged, and unaccepted by the majority of humans for eons.

    Now, with the energies of the New Age building and intensifying, the smokescreens, the dishonesty, and the debris under which you have attempted to conceal It will just dissolve, and you will find that It has always been with you awaiting your acceptance so that you can work together to create Heaven on earth.

    Your loving brother, Jesus

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