2013 Reading Please

  • I would like a general reading for this year.

    I feel this is going to be my best year yet and will carry on as each year passes.

    i would like to see if possibly by putting myself out there that i might be able to change my career/job.

    As iv already started get my money and debt sorted,,

    THANKS : )

  • Hey Scully

    Mulder here... haha... hope you are doing okay!

    Yes this year looks fantastic for you. Situation, the Judgment, so you have been going through metamorphosis as your life is being prepared for something much nicer, leaving behind the emotional changes, tears and heartache....

    Coming up next a guy.

    Then, 9 pf pentacles MONEY or a new job or something and it is SUPER nice for you, your financial picture is about to change big time!

    Then the 4 of wands, victory and the happiness you deserve. Others see it in your life it will be obvious!

    Then hopes and fears... 10 of swords... your mind.. your greatest asset... and sometimes it has been your greatest enemy. It all works out though, you sort and sift and get it figured out and you can finally put to rest old business that has haunted your life.

    Then the UNIVERSE which is heaven on earth for you and all is lovely, that is this year.

    So you are right this WILL be the best year ever for you Scully!!!!



  • Astra, i thought about a Angel, then you came back. HeHe.

    My life is good, i totally am hippy with who i am, im me take it or leave it.

    I have said to family, although turn 40 i felt my life would start then, it really is going to now.

    I still had a lot of emotional baggage then from sp and family, I dont have that now, so to me it's a complete fresh start for me .

    At times i used to get the Hanged man in which is the scape goat, in card readings i didn't realise that till month ago. Now i decided not to be the scape goat any more, i refuse to be, that is why i always have because in way emotionally i have.

    Blessed love Scully

  • Astra,

    My take as i read it on the card the Hanged man, is about been judged and taking all flak. as you can deal and live through it.

    Ive hand enough of that at work, i will not put up with it, it does not mean to me that , i still wont deal and get through it, I will be standing up and saying no. therefore i might get a bit more respect?

  • bump

  • Scully...

    I drew the Page of Swords (that is you saying what needs to be said, taking some risk, standing up for yourself even though your knees might be knocking a little)

    Then the Ace of Cups so that is a positive outcome, so yeah this looks like you are on the right track there with your job, stand up for yourself and it will go well for you.



  • I hate arguments, had to listen to them enough as a child, that's why i rather talk than argue,.,

    I did do it , i felt a bit shaky, but it stepping stone my mindset has not changed.

    So in was my take on the Hanged man Card correct?

  • Hanged Man? That card is reflection, a pause or simply resting and not doing much. Maybe you are at that point now after sharing your thoughts at work. Now you wait (HM) until the wheel turns for you, not much else to do.

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