Hi Tarot Nick

  • HI Tarot Nick. I was hoping for a general reading of the next few months! Thanks a lot!

    janet t. feb 7 1990

  • fluffyninja,

    It's more I pick up on your feelings so you can make better decisions...

    what ever you are going thru someone is giving you advise...it's not what you want to hear so you are just ignoring it...

    with that you are being indecisive

    Your worried because you can't see whats coming

    To your question about your friend...you are not on the same page...i feel fighting

    Was it your mother (or someone who watches you) giving you advise above?...either way she is trying to watch over you

    for some reason your friend got jealous...then mean or spiteful...that type of feeling

    with all this going on...you just stopped...feeling blah...also causing the indecisiveness

    good thing is you know your going to build your strength... it's only a pause...and you will go on

    you are feeling restricted because of your feelings....(break this feeling and you will feel better)

    good things will come

    it's not going to be easy...don't get impatient... it will seem you will put a lot of work in...and go when will it end...have patients... you get thru it

    hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick!

    wow you got few things spot on. everything about the indecisiveness and what lies ahead. well i think the issue would probably be college related. my mom lectures me occasionally. i believe thats the issue you were talking about. I transferred out of a school and now I'm pretty much confuse about what to do with my life. i have been on and off about this for the last 2 years or so. im just floating. and this friend... i reallly don't know who you are talking about.

    if you do not mind i would also like a reading regarding romance. Thanks!

  • fluffyninja,

    I pick up more on feelings of the person asking to help look at them from a different perspective.

    If you don't have someone you are with...have you been thinking about someone. It came in strong and was backed up by another card again strong... you two were not on the same wavelength causing friction.

    I would defiantly work on the other problem that came in loud and clear... you need to plan and see what is best for you. Work on that and if you want another reading, wait about a month and we will see what is new

    hope that helps


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