Reading Please!

  • The guy I am speaking too currently has commitment issues. I was wondering if anyone can look into our future? If we have one?

  • newme888,

    I don't do relationship readings, its more I pick up on your feelings to help make decisions,

    You almost threw me, I’m picking up that your emotions are swinging both ways at the same time...

    The first card is that the guy is a nice and good and balanced, but then you come back and

    he can't be trusted...likes to play games

    he is intolerant...has to be his way

    You are feeling stagnant with the relationship

    You have had some luck recently

    There has been some mistrust and suspicion

    You’re going to either hate or love strongly (that makes sense with the above cards... the feelings stay like that for a bit)

    Your friend is either very loving...or can be cruel...has a lot of energy

    There can be harmony in the relationship

    You may get unexpected money....near future

    It seems you guys are either hot or cold...I'm getting you guys are either in totally in love then in hate...

    Trick now is to see what your feelings are; from this reading you need to understand what you are feeling and what you want out of the relationship. The feelings are strong both ways...your very in love or hate... so the question is, is that what you are looking for? Is the strong love enough for the times that are not? I can't answer that.. it's up to you, but I hope I helped you see it form a different perspective.


  • Tarot nick- if i want a relationship with him. WIll it happen? You are correct. It is very love and hate as in he has issues and was not able to commit to me.

  • Let me rephrase. If we work out our issues. Can a commitment/"only i love phase" be achieved?

  • newme888,

    That is really up to you guys, There was the card for harmony between you too. It takes two to tango and really you can only control you...Free will was given to us and you can only be responcable for you. Question is now that you seen your emotions how do you deal with them. If you both plan and face how you act to each other and work on how to make it better, both of you need to buy in and work towards it...the two to tango thing.. Realize that you have a love/hate relationship...and make steps to correct it to just Love....


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