Would appreciate a reading for the new year

  • I would like to know the outlook for this coming year. Money has been really tight and would like to when it will improve? How? I have become engaged a couple weeks ago and I would like to know the outlook for the wedding planning, will we find a wedding location that we love and also be within our budget? how about the outlook for the marriage? Im not going to get into the whole stroy here, however id like to know if any of my immediate family will come to my wedding, as of right now my mom will not go. to sum it up (she doesnt like my fiance). I also would like the outlook for my classes next quarter.(going to school to be a vet tech.

  • hi vettech78,

    Not a reading for the year, but a pick up on your feelings,

    you had a good turn of luck

    I get that you came thru something but it took a ton out of you

    there is still stuff going on...but it's not as bad as it was

    your starting to feel like things are starting to move...just slowly

    all this was recently... you are starting to make it happen

    money is still a issue and that is causing fear and lack of confidence

    you need to stabilize those emotions...because it will cause fights

    with the emotions flying...you love and fight at the same time

    I’m picking up that he wants to do right by you, to make you happy

    but you still have some struggles ahead

    once you get out of the struggle, you will be able to go for new goals

    Key here that I picked up was stabilize the emotions... slow and steady wins the race... also calm helps you think clearer...

    hope that helps,


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