Second opinion / advice on a reading please

  • If anyone has a opinion on the following Celtic cross reading I would be very grateful indeed. Thank you. The situation it relates to is someone whose boyfriend walked out 18 months ago.

    1 (situation): 4 of Cups

    2 (obstacle): Judgement

    3 (crowning card): 9 of Cups

    4 (foundation): 2 of Cups

    5 (past): The Sun

    6: (immediate future): The Magician

    7: (internal feelings): 7 of Cups

    8: (external influences): 2 of Wands

    9: (hopes & fears): 3 of Pentacles

    10 (final outcome): Justice

    The cards look positive, with the 9 of Cups AKA the wish card in the position of 'the best that can be hoped for' and the Magician in the future, but the querent blames herself for the situation with her boyfriend and wonders if Judgement and Justice suggest some sort of karmic 'punishment'.

    If anyone else has any input I'd be very grateful.

    Thanks very much indeed.

  • From a psychic perspective regardless of what event brought on the breakup it was not meant to last. The person searching for answers needs to let go and have faith in the magician and the justice. Justice has many perspectives and is not just a form of punishment. Sometimes , as a final lesson of an event a person's journey is meant to "do themselves justice". Meaning there was a pattern of self depreciation that was meant to be brought into the light by the relationship. This person needs to cut themselves some slack and trust the magician---move forward and let this relationship's lessons reveal themselves. You know that saying? Not being able to see the forest for the trees? That very much applys here. Someone is thinking too hard! Also, the man in question did have a karmic tie and though his part was more subtle HIS actions played a part and as well there is a justice in any event or action creating a counter action. Both parties were meant to learn something about themselves. The man had a quiet pattern that brought on a loud reaction. For the person needing to see all the whys of this relationship they just need to let it go and let it reveal itself in the future---there will be ah ha moments --just trust in your guiding spirits to reveal timely and as needed. A desperation to push to get clarity rarely brings clarity--clarity comes more clearly when you detach and just trust all is good--you are where you are meant to be and the future holds the answers to the past. Know that like the sun--in it's consistant promise of light--it returns faithfully and often bad things--dark nights happen for good reasons! Nesasary reasons. Trust and resist any attachments to the past.. It robs you of the present and cuts you off from intuition for the future. BLESSINGS!

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