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  • You have mentioned several times the need for me to carry on and not to let what others do affect me. Right. I'm feeling it now. I'm not changing or running but wishing I was. Had to report someone at work and was hesitant when situation arose. Did report w/in 24 hr. I feel like her 2nd victim, so to speak. by not reporting sooner. There's been no indication but that's how I'm feeling. Probably comes from insecurity. She was put on leave until investigation is over. Police filed a report on her. I just feel stressed. Any help you can offer. Any insight, feelings regarding her and situation. She always had an issue w/me as far as authority. She wanted to "stake her claim" to it. I pick up a strong parental figure with her. It was so important to her that the residents NOT have dessert w/meals. One morning before going to work, I could hear her saying the name Jamaul..I asked her the next day who had the J names and she said her two grandkids. She knows I'm psychic and before this incident I told her that we'd be getting someone new. It just came to me.

  • Daliolite, I know what you are going through. In all of us there is a need to be liked and loved. When spirit told me I had to be totally honest with the people I read for, I initially found it very hard as some people reacted very angrily. But then I sensed that the information - though seemingly rejected at first - did in fact help them on a deeper level. If you are genuinely concerned with helping others, you have to be prepared to be disliked and reviled by people's outer selves. But inwardly they will be thanking you for giving them the push they needed to change.

  • That's the best outcome I could hope for. is that on some level they would thank me. I don't feel that. Maybe I should. I just feel that in this instance at work I was dealing with a manipulator. I do feel there are people who'll listen to advice and others who don't and won't. I don't want to be pulled into their drama. And that's what has happened. So, is that part of it. Am I letting myself be drawn into this and do I need to set up stronger boundaries.

  • Yes you are getting too personally involved, to the extent that your ego is offended when people don't give you the appreciation and thanks you feel you deserve. But you need to get past the search for ego gratification to the point where you just do what is right, regardless if it is recognised or not. Then you won't get so upset when nobody acknowledges your good work. You will not need it because you will gain inner satisfaction on a deep level from just having made a difference in people's lives. Once you move past the need for appreciation of your efforts, you will feel much freer and happier. Your happiness won't be tied to other people's reactions. I suspect you may have felt pretty unappreciated most of your life, probably from a young age. But the only cheer squad you really need is yourself. Otherwise you are only helping people in order to fill your need for their gratitude and appreciation which suggests an insecure ego and a deep hole that can never be filled by others, only by yourself and the self-love you must have.

  • Ok, I'll march on thru the muck lol!

  • It will get easier, I promise!

  • I'm being pulled into dysfunction. A co-worker lost her license due to DUI. I pick her up on the way to work. Now, she needs me on my days off. Never offers financial help for gas. New Year's Eve she says, you can buy me some beer. I feel like I'm enabling and not helping. I don't want to be drawn into anything where I'll be asked for help, anymore. The lady who hired me told her yesterday to call me for help. I feel like talking to this lady and explaining my position. I always feel like if I tell the girl myself, she'll present as the victim, if I don't help, who'll get her. That's the dillemma and it's a real dilemma.

  • 🙂 Speak your truth, I'll butt out! Happy New Year!

  • It's up to every person to help themselves, in the long run - you have supported this person who got her own self into trouble through criminal negligence. She owes you now - you don't owe her any more help. Tell her straight.

  • She's strongly considering moving out of state to be close to a family member. She has a cushy job where we're at now. However, in a few years she's gonna need someone to take care of her (health.) I just want to avoid her. I don't want to be in a situation. She works right w/me. I've (unfortunately) dealt w/this type and an episode is always in the works--if you know what I mean.

  • You cannot carry everyone, especially those who have needy dependent natures.

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