Yearly Astro-Forecast For 2013

  • a message from Sarah-Jane Grace


    2013 looks set to be a year of continued shift on a great many levels of your life. Before you groan at the thought of this, try to take heart from the knowledge that with each passing day you are growing wiser, stronger and more knowledgeable when it comes to your true wants, needs and dreams in life. Despite the push and pull of many different threads weaving their way into your life, you can be found standing at the centre of it all rather than feeling like you are being tossed around by the currents. This is an important observation, for there have been times over recent months when you have felt akin to a tiny boat trying to hold its own in 50-foot seas, and you would be forgiven for feeling a tad green around the gills as a result.

    Yet, you have hung on and you have refused to give up and you now find yourself more able to navigate the rise and fall of the waves feeling less susceptible to the discombobulation. This is wonderful news, for it suggests a shift in dynamic within you from being shaped and moulded by the currents of life to creating and defining the currents. Of course, life carries no guarantees, but as you re-centre and re-align, it seems clear that as long as you are feeling stronger and brighter, wiser and more empowered, then you are in a far better position than ever before to ride the waves and to embrace your Truth, your Self and your life with a passion...


    2013 looks set to be a year of re-alignment for you as you begin to open up to your true nature to lead the way forward in your life. You have spent a long time trying to be everything to everyone and trying to maintain the status quo by keeping on keeping on, and whilst you have succeeded on many levels, deep within you a growing sense of restlessness has stirred as you have realised that in your efforts to be everything to everyone, you have forgotten to be everything to your Self. Although you have always been aware of this, you have tucked it away out of sight because it has felt more of an inconvenient distraction than a sign that action was required. However, the focus seems to galvanise in early 2013 as you begin to think about you, your life and your path; you seem ready now to embrace a new way of living and being in order to live more in accordance to your dreams, beliefs and ideals.

    As your dreams rise up from within you will re-connect to the full majesty of your strength as you realise that you are far stronger than you have ever given yourself credit for. Of course, you have always sensed your steadfastness and determined nature, but these have enabled you to keep on keeping on even when the going has been tough. However, the dynamic looks set to shift over the months ahead as you take ‘ownership’ of your strength in order channel it in a more focused way. As you re-take the helm of your life, feel the liberation and joy leading the way...


    2013 looks set to be a year of rapid evolution for you as you continue to expand your consciousness and reach more deeply within in order to access your gifts and talents. Despite feeling a little nauseous from the spin on 2012, you have arrived in 2013 much wiser than ever before and many of the doubts that have shaped and defined your life for so long are beginning to melt away as you realise that you have the power within you to re-write the storylines of your life. Such a realisation may sound a little obvious, but there is a sense that you have become so entrenched in the storylines and beliefs that you have lost sight of your beautiful and magnificent Self.

    Although you are a mind-person and a natural philosopher, your tendency to think outside of the box is rarely applied to your own life and path. The reasons for this seem clear: you are simply too tied up in knots trying to understand why things are the way they are rather than allowing your Self to feel your way forward and become One with your true nature. Of course, you can never stop thinking, analysing and trying to understand, for that is your nature and that is how you evolve, but there are times in your life when you need to stop pushing quite so hard and instead start to live more consciously and joyfully in the moment. You are a shining star and a beautfgul soul, and 2013 looks set to be your year to twinkle...


    2013 looks set to be a year of empowerment and inspiration for you as you find a new sense of balance in your life; you have been hovering on the periphery between where you are and where you want to be for quite some time now, and you have felt unable to move in any direction through a fear of upsetting the apple cart and seeing all those rosy apples come tumbling down. Of course, you are aware that the apples could tumble whether you remain as you are or step towards new terrain, but you feel that your best strategy has been with the ‘devil you know’, so you have worked hard to keep on keeping on. Yet, despite your best efforts, you have struggled to find peace with your choice, for you feel restless as your heart and soul want something new.

    At the end of the day, no one can make choices or decisions for you, and although you have been hoping that things will just resolve themselves in the fullness of time, you have realised that this strategy isn’t serving anyone, least of all you. Of course, life may present you with a golden opportunity to create change, but it may not, so there comes a time when you need to reclaim your power and sense of Self in order to make some informed decisions about what you truly want from your life. Although nothing ahead is set in stone, and stepping into the unknown is not without risk, intuitively you sense the need to reach towards something new now in order to feel Whole and to live the best life possible...


    As you step into 2013, you cannot help but notice the different waves of energy lapping the shores of your soul. One moment you feel a sense of relief that 2012 is behind you then you feel a wave of excitement and anticipation in connection your path ahead, and then you can feel a deep sense of joy that you are feeling more Whole and complete than ever before. Although this may feel a little overwhelming at times, it is a sign that you are re-aligning your Self from deeply within as you begin to reclaim your Truth and essence. As wave after wave rolls in, there is a need to become One with them in order to shift beyond feeling like a piece of driftwood to reclaiming your true state as majestic clipper ship; you are ready to ride the waves with passion, creativity and divinity as you let go of all that no longer serves you in order to live a simpler but more fulfilling life.

    Perhaps the most significant aspects of your transformation comes through the realisation that what once seemed so important to you now seems less so. You are moving away from the need to ‘have it all’ when it comes to possessions and stuff, for you are opening up to the wisdom that ‘having it all’ is a state of being rather than a state of doing. In other words, it is the feeling of completion that truly brings you what you seek in life for no amount of ‘stuff’ can achieve this. This is a powerful and important shift for you, for it is a sign that you have stopped chasing dreams and instead opened up to living and being them instead...


    2013 looks set to be a year of creative manifestation for you as you tap into the power and strength within in order to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. You have a powerful mind and how you use it matters, for if you become lost in feelings of disempowerment and struggle, then you create a dynamic of struggle in your life. Yet, if you embrace your strength and vision, and channel these in positive ways then you create a very different dynamic. Of course, whilst you cannot guarantee what lies ahead (fate always has a say), how you deal with what lies ahead is in your control, so it seems important now to re-shape your perspective in order to embrace a new way of living and being.

    At the same time, the more you can open up to your dreams, the more you can tap into the exuberant and uplifting energy that resonates from them. It seems that when you focus on what makes your heart sing, everything changes as you see your Self and your life in a new light. Although you cannot escape from the reality that change is not always easy to instigate, there is a growing sense of you seeing beyond the boundaries and brick walls in order to find a new path to your dreams. This feels liberating and exciting, and it shows just how willing you are to open up your heart, mind and soul to embrace your destiny. 2013 looks set to be your year for living a more blissful and joyful life...


    There can be no denying that you have been on quite a journey over recent months; everything has changed on so many levels of your life and although the journey has proved challenging at times, here you find yourself: stronger, brighter, wiser and more illuminated than ever before. Despite the swirling winds of change encircling you and the discombobulation of change confusing you, you have grabbed hold of your true resilience in order to find the stillness within the storm. Such a step takes courage and belief, for the storm has been quite intense at times, but you have weathered well and your determination has surprised even you! As you now survey your Self and your life, you seem more aligned with your Truth and with the power within as you realise that these are your greatest gifts in life.

    Of course, Truth is not always easy to live with, for it can create unrest, uncertainty and lead to some awkward moments when you realise that you are not on the same page as others, but it is your Truth and therefore needs acknowledging on some level of your life. If you do embrace your usual strategy of trying to over-think this, you are likely to tie yourself up in knots, but if you take a small step back in order to feel this as well, then your whole perspective starts to shift as you begin to see new ways of living and being your Truth. Following your heart and allowing your intuition to guide you isn’t easy, but it seems important now for you to open up to living the best life possible as you embrace your true and natural state of living and being...


    2013 looks set to be a year of shift for you as you continue to strip back the layers within in your search for Truth and, at the same time, you open up to new possibilities without. There seems to be a direct correlation between inner simplicity and focus, and outer shift and movement, and although the mechanics of this are still unclear and undefined, intuitively you can feel the connection enabling you to work with it positively and constructively. Therefore, as 2013 progresses, there is a strong sense of you embracing a new way of being as you re-centre and re-align your Self to living the best life possible. It may sound a little contradictory to be embracing inner clarity and stillness, and, at the same time, embracing change and shift in your life, but these two go together like hand in glove for the more centred you become, the more able you are to embrace your destiny and live a life that lets your heart sing joyfully.

    The challenge for you comes in the form of allowing this process to happen, for you are world-class at trying to steer the currents and fit them into your busy schedule in life. Whilst you may only have time for stillness and destiny between your 2 o’clock and your 4.30, you really do need to find a way of prioritising your Self! Of course, life carries on and there are things to do, places to go and people to see, but don’t get lost in the distraction for this is your year to reclaim your Self and to reset the agenda for your path ahead...


    When it comes to destiny and Truth, you have a pretty good handle on how these shape and define your life; you intuitively know that it is your thoughts and intent that have true power for these create the dynamics and forge the currents that carry you forward. With such a deep awareness of the forces at play in your life, you often find your Self gazing at the bigger picture and contemplating what new strings to add to your bow in order to enrich and re-energise your life. Such vision is important, for this keeps you motivated and focused on living the best life possible. The latter part of 2012 saw you lose sight of this vision for a while as you felt a little trapped and constrained by life circumstances; you felt unable to breathe fully as you couldn’t find the room to manoeuvre. As a result, you started to focus on the restraint rather than the expansion, and this kept you locked in a cycle of doubt as to how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

    However, 2013 looks set to be a year where you reclaim balance in your life and start to see the bigger picture of your life enabling you to re-connect to your expansive nature and your vision. Although you are now wiser about the challenges and the restraints, you look set to channel these into a positive outlook that balances vision with reality and dreams with practicality. This powerful blend both inspires and empowers you to see beyond your current boundaries towards a brighter and more energised future; you have a vision and you seem ready now to make this a reality...


    2013 looks set to be your year for living consciously as you shift your focus from where you were and where you are heading to where you are now. As a realist, you may feel that you are very focused on the present moment, but there is a sense that you spend a great deal of your time thinking about what was and dreaming about what could be. Whilst both serve a purpose, there is a risk that by focusing so strongly on what happened before and on what may happen in the future that you can lose sight of the now. Living in the now is important, for it is a sign that you are awakened and your focus is on All that you Are now, as opposed to all that you were and all that you want to be. Of course, these do shape and define your life, but if you can focus more on the present, then you will begin to reclaim your sense of Self and channel your formidable power and intent towards living the best life possible.

    You are a master manifestor but you are also world-class at doubting this and undermining your manifestation abilities. Whilst things may not turn out as planned or as you hoped, is this a reason not to try? Is remaining rooted to the spot wondering about what may or may not lie ahead truly the best way to live your life? Of course, only you can make that choice but the restlessness within you is stirring, seeking out a new path and inspiring you to embrace the moment. What happens next is up to you...


    2013 looks set to be your year for reclaiming the many different facets of the diamond of your life in order to twinkle and sparkle in your full magnificence and glory. You have spent a long time trying to piece together the myriad of different threads that weave together to make you, you, and there have been times when the harder you have tried, the more confused you have become. However, 2013 brings about a change in perspective as you stop trying to chase these threads and instead open up to becoming One with them. You seem ready now to stop chasing rainbows, for you realise that you are already the rainbow; in other words you already have all that you need in order to live the best life possible.

    Such a realisation is a powerful one, for it may mean that some of your longer held dreams fall away as you re-focus on your true priorities. However, try not to mourn over what may not be and instead celebrate All that you Are. The months ahead look set to be a time of awakening, realisation and inspiration for you as you tap into the power within and begin to enjoy sparkling and feeling Whole. Try not to over-think this though, for this is a state of being, not a state of thinking, and although you will never stop thinking for that is your way, this is a time to rest fully in the moment in order to become One and to celebrate being you. You have worked hard to reach this moment, so enjoy it and savour it...


    As you continue to focus on the stillness and the strength within, 2013 looks set to be a year of renewed passion, vision and inspiration as you work with these qualities in order to re-shape and re-define your life. Whilst you are a fluid soul, you are a strong soul as well, and it is important to acknowledge that you do not naturally drift with the currents of life; you create them! Although it has been easier at times to embrace the role of drifter, this goes against your essence, for you only drift when you choose to. Of course, life can sometimes throw you a curve-ball and see you spinning off-centre for a while, but the act of drifting is not an inevitable result of this; whilst you may not have a say as to what happens in life, you do have a choice when it comes to how to react.

    It seems clear that you have used the concept of drifting as a way to disconnect from your Truth and as a way to avoid having to stand in your power and follow your heart; there is no judgement here, for you spend most of your time trying to be everything to everyone (including your Self), but you get so lost in the act of doing that you forget about being. Being is your natural state, and when centred and still, being comes naturally and very easily to you. However, get distracted and you start to drift because you lose sight of your true magnificence and strength. Your path on the year ahead seems clear: own your gifts, honour your Self and live the best life possible...

    You are encouraged to share articles as long as copyright and contact information are always included. Thank you for your courtesy. Sarah-Jane Grace www.theplanetwhisperer

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