Help to read my cards..

  • I have just completed a self-reading for major arcana using the whole deck. My cards were left to right... 1. the ace of wands 2. reverse king of wands 3. reverse 5 of wands 4. Reverse Queen of Pentacles and 5. Nine of cups. Can someone help me interpret please?

  • Sorry 9 of cups also reverse...

  • If this was about a guy you definitely need to let him go. Ace of Wands and reversed King of Wands are about testosterone and the shadow side of male energy. 5 of Wands is about a struggle and competition - reversed means even more so and a sign to give up the struggle. Queen of Pents reversed is telling you to ground yourself - engage your practical side. Reversed 9 of Cups....this is not the man of your dreams, someone else will be.

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