Daliolite, career reading please

  • Will I get a job , what field should I look into, thanks

  • It'd be better if you'd wait for me to do an 11-card on my thread. That's where the conversation begins. I don't feel a 3-card or 5-card will address everything. I can do a short reading but don't feel you'll get the whole picture.

  • Also, wanted to ask how's your health. Picked-up on something last night. Is everything ok w/you or someone close to you. Thanks.

  • I'm looking at an 11-card--did you recently apply somewhere. I'll touch on points for you and go back over when I come to your name on thread. Ending to something as you know it. You're being told not to give-up--ok. You're block is weighing outcome, managing. A need here to break free from some association. Is someone giving you a negative referral and you don't know about it. You're being shown as a truthseeker/truth is in foundation. Words/communication is showing as being "off." Your shown as young energy. Three of cups situation/page of coins in outcome is a good prospect. Something coming back to haunt you--can you relate. I'll respond more in few days on my thread.

  • Also, total lack of wands--path/direction/planning. You're being told to avoid conflict--look w/in yourself and follow intuition. I see this as an inward/meditative time between 2 choices that you can make. Follow path instead of impulse is a strong message here.

  • thank you I will wait

  • about my health I do need to lower my cholesterol and exercise

  • I am a truth seeker! I have been looking for a long long time

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