Too emotionally bias to see truth, need insight.

  • Thank you for your help in this matter. It is a rather simple question, but one that has bothered me for some time.

    If you follow astrology, I have Libra asc with Venus in Libra: you could say I'm a classical hopeless romantic outside of a relationship. Well as a I matured and grown into the woman I am now, which is only 20 (so a long way to go!), I have lived it single. And in some ways I am thankful, I missed romantic opportunities that more than likely they would have been superficial at best.

    I am a very deep and sensual being on top of being a hopeless romantic so the romantic desire, a mix of lust and love of love, once in a while jade me and make me rather depressed!

    *Punch line: Will I find romance in the near future (next 2-3 months)? * If so, can you give me hints as to how? What would this person look like? IF NOT, could you please give me some general insight on what you feel I should improve or focus on or any general advice you feel intuition to tell you.

    I have a particular man I am talking to now that I have interest in, but he lives 3 hours away and I do not even know if he has interest in me, however we hit it off. So time will tell!

    I am VERY grateful for the work you all do here and the insight you give. Thank you for your wisdom and may you new year be full of joy and love.


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