Reading anyone please

  • Hi everyone I just wanted a reading on what is in store for me in 2013 in terms of job, love and health?

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  • Hi dfrance,

    your doubting yourself, things are not clear

    also like nothing is happing you are stuck

    because things are not clear a feeling of not being able to accomplish things, your questing yourself,

    a feeling of lose of control

    I get the feeling recently you overdid...and now it has swong the other way

    your restless... because what was once good has changed

    because of all this you are afraid to make a decision

    but you know someone has given you good advise

    if you look deep though it has helped you grow and understand...i also get a feeling a friend will be there

    don't fall into your own trap, like it has to turn out this way's the only way i want it to turn out, so you don't look at the full picture you narrow down and see only what you want to see

    a good guy pops up at the end... a leader...feels like he helps you

    We need some cheer had a lot of major cards pop up so this you can't hide from or just let it go away. Figure out what the problem is, then plan out what the best outcome is and work torwards that. You know it and you will face it, but widen the scope, you need to see everything to make a good decision

    hope that helped,


  • Sorry I didn't spell check that...must be tired... read thru the choppiness

  • Hi tarot nick thank you for the reading. I do feel stuck because I feel I have worked so hard in my education and continue to do so but I am not seeing anything being accomplished because I haven't found a job yet. I sometimes doubt myself if the career path I am following is the right one for me.

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  • You’re not alone; many people are in the same boat with you.

    Question, do you love what you do or want to do?

    or are you doing it because you started something and you want to complete it?

    Everything is a building block, nothing gets thrown away. You are not wasting time learning, but the question is, are you happy with your choice? That is different from your not happy because you don't see the path your on and you can't see the outcome. That is two separate issues;

    I know your not happy right now, so how do we change that...that’s the million dollar question.

    That’s what popped out at me for this reading; question yourself what will make me happy? Continue on what you are doing or make a slight change...little more work because you may need a few more classes... long term what is your goal?

  • Hi tarot nick I am not happy right now because I am not seeing the outcome of my hard work. Also I feel that I am not enjoying my life right now because I don't have the money necessary to hang out with my friends. Most of the time my friends invite me to go out to eat but I don't have money because I haven't found a job yet. I feel that most of my life I have spend it at home with out much interaction with friends.

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  • Ok but what about school and your longer term goals. Not that it's not a pain to cut yourself out because of funds; Big picture where are you headed and how can you get there. Work on that one and then it will fix the temporary problem of money. Good friends will understand your situation.

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