Help with 3 card question

  • Hello all and happy New Year.

    I drew 3 cards around a recent, very confusing romantic situation. They were

    Knight of Swords

    King of Cups

    Page of pentacles

    Any help on interpreting the three together?

    Thanks to anyone who can help

  • I am getting that this was a quick entrance and departure from the Knight of Swords - or it just indicates that he was immature and not wanting to settle down. King of Cups - he was not emotionally available. This might be why the sudden departure - you were wanting that emotional connection. Page of Pentacles - move on to the next opportunity!

  • hit the nail on the head. I'm just totally baffled by the whole thing, hugely intense, full of promises then disappeared.

    I'm trying not to waste time with "why", but its kinda hard.

    Thanks watergirl.

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