Infinite Ascending

  • a message from Kara Schallock

    There were so many expectations and anticipation surrounding December 21. Some folks thought that we and Gaia would simply be touched by a magic wand and poof!, we’d be in the land of milk and honey and everything would have shifted instantaneously. How disappointed many were when the E.T.’s didn’t land in front of the Whitehouse or that there wasn’t a magical, instant transformation of all societies. One of the illusions that we’ve been guided to let go of is that of expectations and attachment to how things should look like. I have been asked what would happen on that date and I’ve always replied, “I don’t know; no-one does.” The New is something we have never experienced before and is created moment to moment based on our consciousness.

    Ascension is an ongoing, infinite journey. It is not a goal or destination, for that is finite thinking. In the New, which we create each in our own way, we step into a timeless and seamless continuum of consciousness. We do this as we are guided, letting of expectations, attachments and any sense of time (a human construct). We’re already losing “track of time,” aren’t we? All the downloads of Light energy at each Gateway, Full and New Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes are opportunities to integrate the energies into our lives in order to shift our awareness to the New. They are meant to help us shift our perceptions; they don’t change us; we change us. If we don’t use those downloads to shift, the energies lie dormant and nothing in life changes. This is because we have free will. The Light Beings, Angels and Ascended Masters are only our cheerleaders. They cannot do it for us. We create our lives; our lives no longer create us, for we are no longer victims in that things happen to us. We create everything in our lives based on what shifts we make, what we let go of and how we perceive life. In other words, based on our consciousness; our beliefs. We choose; we create; wherever we put our attention is what we create.

    In the New, we choose and create what we pay attention to. By paying attention to the world view, we create that in our own lives. If we believe life is hard, it is. If we see that the world is broken, we continue to experience that. If we choose to see only Love, we create that in our own lives. If we feel others must be saved, then we are seeing that others are powerless to choose for themselves, and as everything is a reflection of ourselves, then surely we see ourselves as whole or broken as well. We can look at governments and banks and schools and say, “They are broken.” And yet, that view merely reflects an inner perception of being broken ourselves. If we truly believe in Unity, then no thing or no one needs saving, for the higher truth is that everything is in Divine Order. Since we are on a continuum of Ascension, how can we look at one event and judge it to be good or bad? How is that different from the old? I want to say also that we are somewhere along this continuum, according to our Soul Plan, and that as we keep our own vibration high, our Light ripples out to all others, for we are in Unity Consciousness.

    2013, generally speaking, seems to be a year of integrating the high energetic downloads we have received into our everyday lives. For those who have been integrating the energies all along, they will experience a life of miracles and manifest dreams and intentions, while continuing to rise in Ascension. Many more will awaken to their potential and know of their Divine Purpose. Purpose, by the way, isn’t something we do necessarily; it is something we are. It is expressing Divine Purpose in all we do. It matters not what you choose to do, whether it be a wholer or a teacher or a seamstress. It is the unique essence you bring into what you do that matters.

    Here are some ways you can integrate the Soul/Light Codes you have brought in and keep your vibration high…

    • Watch your words/thoughts. Use only words that are of the Now and are positive like I am…, I am doing, I am being, I am powerful, I am choosing. Let go of words like I will, I am going to, I am trying to…, I wish, I hope, I can’t

    • Listen more; talk less. Really listen and feel what the underlying energy is. Listen; don’t just wait for a break to speak your own words. Many talk just to talk. I remember listening to a conversation between two people. They weren’t listening to the other; it was like they were having their own conversation with themselves. This is not communicating. Have your words mean something. Choose fewer words to convey your feelings

    • Drop complaining, gossiping, blaming or listening to it

    • In every moment, choose your next word or action based on what you feel and your Integrity

    • Be aware of any deeper motivation you have before taking an action

    • Spend more time with those who vibrate as you do; those who are loving and supportive; spend less time with those who lower your energy and are judgmental and critical

    • Let go more of judging

    • Take responsibility for everything in your life• See the Love in everything and everyone; no matter how difficult that may seem

    • Do things that are Joyful. Be consciously grateful for everything in life, for it brings to you more to be grateful for, as well as Awareness as to what to change in life.

    • Be in Acceptance of everything and if you won’t, then either change your perception or leave

    • Drop categories. It keeps you in separation (them/us); drop categorizing yourself; this keeps you boxed in old conceptions of yourself

    • Use Discernment with everyone and everything. Follow your Heart’s Guidance

    • Stay awake and pay attention to how you feel at all times; that is your truest guide.

    All of these practices take you to a higher state of consciousness. And as your consciousness and vibration rise, your life reflects to you Beauty.

    On December 31, we step potentially into a new level of consciousness. You can intend to receive it and integrate it. This brings more Awareness to wherever you are in your Ascension, whether you are far along on your Path or just waking up. I’m always guided to do Ceremony; this aligns me with the energies. So perhaps say good-bye to all you’ve released and hello to a whole new way of being in the world. If you realize you have more to release, then that is a great day to do it. This date is a continuation of all of this year’s Gateways and Portals; yes; the energy continues to build.

    Slowly we are creating a world of Light. That’s what we’re here for. If anyone has seen the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), remember how Jupiter (I think it was Jupiter) was turning into a star? The Light slowly expanded until the entire planet was engulfed. That’s how I see our own world ascending, bit by bit and we’re doing it! We’re becoming Ascended Masters…and staying on Earth. Do you see how important it is to integrate all the Light, having our lives match that of our Inner

    Light, and being congruent mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?

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