What to do now

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm a cancer man who is involved with a Taurus female. Before you judge please understand I had no intentions for this to happen but, it did. I already feel bad enough about it and you can't choose the one your attracted to.

    We work at the same place and she's in a horrible marriage. The husband has cheated on her the entire time and is mentally abusive to her. She's said to me that the only reason she stayed with him is because of their children and she doesn't know how to survive without his income.

    Over the past couple of months we always flirted with each other every chance we got. Things eventually happened between her and I and now I'm falling deep for her. The other day I expressed my true feelings to her because, I felt the need to get it out. Her reaction was that she was in unfamiliar territory and that she's never opened her self up to anyone that much before (which us the same for me) and that I left her speechless.

    Now she seems really brief in our conversations and is ignoring me a little. I'm just standing back because I'm scared, waiting to see what she's going to do. I know I should just walk away because it's wrong but, It happened and my heart is to strong for her to just walk away. So what do I do now.

  • I don't see an edit button but, I forgot to mention he wants to leave her and insisted on her having an affair to her in the past. I believe this to be a way out for him so he doesn't have to give her anything and that's the only reason they are in the same home. They are more or less roommates at this point

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