• Hey,

    this is an attempt to get reconnected with you Flowsco. Somewhere along the way we lost each other again. 😞

    I've seen you are still active around here, so maybe you'll see it!

    I wanted to wish you a belated Merry Xmas and also a Very Happy and Successful New Year! I hope your life goes as you wished for it and all is good with you and son!

    I'm doing fine, had some bumbs on the road at the end of year, but I managed it and am over it.

    Big news is, Crab is back in my life, don't know how that will work out, but I'm trying to take one day at a time and not get swept away! 🙂

    Think of you a lot, I never forget about you! Take good care of yourself! Hugs xxx Katie

  • OMG!!!

    Hey girl, Happy New Year and I wish you a very blessed 2013!!!! And what a year it's going to be for you..:-)

    Last year has been extremely chaotic for me on so many levels that I haven't really kept up properly with anyone. My apologies for that.

    It was needed to tend to my own transitions etc.

    Assuming that you are back home...any plans to go back to Spain this year?

    Katie...regarding relationships....it's not always about the other person mostly it's about your own personal growth. So when you are ready for something...it (whatever it can be) (re-)enters your life so you can attend to it. And slow is never bad. 🙂

    Last year has been about transitions and at the end it was very chaotic so I think you felt that too. A great deal that hasn't been finished in 2012 will be settled in 2013. And in some cases good riddance.

    Yet I am glad to hear from you. I won't promise to be very regular around here but I will definite try to keep in touch.

    You too take good care of yourself and your heart......biggggggggggggggggggggg cuddly hug.


  • hey Flowww!

    Actually Im not around here at all anymore. I only came here to try to reconnect with you and send my wishes. 🙂

    But i can promise that i come back from time to time an check this exact topic i opened with your name. 🙂

    well, i really hope it is gonna be a great year. I am programming it like that in my brain and heart. I am all positive and expecting good things in general.

    i had a really bad experience (coming from my own mistake) in November, but luckily i had enough positive energy to get over it really quickly. 🙂

    i hope transitions worked out good for you, and you are feeling happy and okay. whatever happened to Libra? is he still around?

    im taking good care of myself, ive been burnt enough (still itching LOL), so i think i know how to handle it. I am still learning but managing it okay.

    I am home now (since beginning of Nov), but i will leave again to Ibiza on the 16th of January. I move together with a girl into a really nice flat. i'll have the sea, i imagine long walks and sunshine. 🙂

    then sometime in February, i will probably go back to London to be with Crab for a month or maybe more to see what we can bring out of this relationship.

    I need to see how constant he can be in my life and how long his feelings last. cause it is all beautiful that he admitted he has been in love with me for the last 3 years, but you know... ive seen enough... so i wanna be as sure as i can...

    im happy but i know i knowingly hold back my heart and live each day as he was only a temporary thing and so i hold on strong to my separate, individual life.

    i honestly think i managed to grow a lot. 🙂

    Im also glad to hear of you! I hope we can hear of each other from time to time! 🙂 take care Flow! xxx

  • Hi Katie,

    Yes I have been absent for a while too. Been pulled back little by little over last year. Not doing advices anymore because the energy has changed a great deal from the time we all used to be around here and comically enough it has been proven to me once more why I stopped. Then the site had an overhaul just to make it all a so-so thing.

    It's nice hearing from you and to read that your confidence has had a major boost over this period of time that you have get to focus your positive energy and getting things sorted. Good on you!!!

    My transitions have been good and some unexpected time wise even tough some were things I wanted to do for a long period of time like moving house. I also managed to get over "some" of my nerves by performing in a grand theater last September together with another 999 vocalist as a celebration of the 125th year existence the theater. It was so much fun. Looking around for these kind of project this year hopefully I find something just as exiting as this.

    Libra is good and still around. 🙂

    Sunshine!!!! I miss that lol. Adventure is having summer now. Wouldn't mind getting on the plane and soak some up. I think this is your 3rd summer in Spain right? Aren't you like semi settled there? Like how older people have their homes here and there. Is this apartment a first step? I do hope so for you.

    I like changes because it always challenge you.

    I only want to say about Crab...it's wise of you and I hope that fear doesn't get the best of you both. Fear is good (keeps a person sharp) but too much is never good.

    Do take care of yourself and have a safe flight. Will hear from you when you got time.:-) xxxx


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