Scared...abusive man...

  • So, I had an on again off again relationship with this man; I've recently cut it off completely as I realized how abusive and emotionally manipulative he is becoming and it scared me. He's flipped his lid. I've notified all the proper channels but still feel threatened and scared. I don't know why things escalated to this point but I'm worried. Any insight at all is appreciated...

  • I feel he is already looking around for his next 'victim' and will quickly forget you when he finds her. Be strong because he fears that in a person.

  • Thanks Captain, I cant believe it took this turn. I can't believe it took me so long to recognize it. Im sad for whoever comes into his path next.... 😞

  • gladyouwroteme

    Hang in there, the Captain is right. Ive been in such an association with a psychic vampire and I used to wonder why I could not see through him before. They are sort of like invert empaths.They know how to spot their victim, assess how to get under their skin or weak point (everyone has one), and when you stop feeding their energy by getting into conflict,drama or dependence they just leave. I felt sucked dry but am glad that such people move on to the next victim fast because surprise is their weapon.I guess he senses youve seen through his game.

    Be strong and take this chance to turn inwards and learn to love yourself (even more) so that next time you learn to put yourself ,your needs, your time first.

    Whtever happens dont blame yourself for someone elses pathology. Yes there are times when we attract such energy because maybe our higher self thinks we need that lesson. Probably its some past life karma. We always have the choice to release the past, forgive ourselves, cut psychic ties and move forward.

    It was the extremely painful lesson that I learnt, but I guess its worth it.

    Once you are strong inside no one will mess with you

    Hope this helps

    Love and Light

  • sorry i meant by not allowing yourself to be pulled into conflict ,drama or dependence

  • Gladyouwroteme,

    I looked at a celtic cross spread for you. I didn't do a detailed analysis, however. Indication here is to start over--fool over reading. You being the one doing this. I'm not real sure about the vibe he's projecting. I'm getting a feeling here that someone was led to believe in something that wasn't. For example, you were led to believe he had it all together. I also relied on auto thoughts and slapping came to me. Physical abuse. Your happiness was/is at stake. No matter what picture he paints, he's going down the wrong path. In situation, I drew the High Priestess-avoid conflict here. I'm getting that this relationship was/is a big blow to you/harsh reality. Abundance came up in this reading. I don't know if this is you or a projection of him. I do feel like at some point you really cared for him. There is a be careful what you wish for type scenario. This morning...this is coming up as well into my thoughts...You can post on my forum Tarot Readings and I'll do a follow-up. Point here is I feel you need to distance and at some point someone is going to appear and help w/this (male) Magician in advice.

  • daliolite...

    Thank you... I'll hop over there, I'm really curious what you come up with...

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