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  • Hi Captain,

    This year has been full of changes & challenges for me. Lots of letting go, learning to be patient & going with the flow.. I moved on 12/21/12, finally fortunate to sell house & down size to a home I enjoy. Wondering about 2013, particularly about family, spiritualiy & love relationship. I would appreciate your insight.

    DOB 3/4/59


  • Amused, 2013 is going to be all about YOU! It is the beginning of a whole new cycle, a whole new life. It holds the promise of being an exciting new adventure, with life taking on new challenges. This is a time to clarify your goals and it is a time to act on them. Hard work may be necessary to get a new venture or activity moving. Your physical strength will be up during the year, perhaps higher than it has been for some time, as you will have some special needs for this extra energy. Because of this, you will feel like an adventure, a major change in your life, something new. New goals should be clearly set and worked toward, as it is best not to dwell on the past this year. This will be fairly easy for you to do because most of the problems and disappointments of the past will tend to disappear, leaving the way open for these new challenges. This is a great time; use it to its full advantage.

    Embrace courage and be open to initiating new ideas. This wave of new energy is supporting you, wanting to move you in new directions and bring you a greater sense of self-definition. It is a time of birthing new ideas. Define your nature and these ideas as you follow your dreams. You are learning to initiate what really motivates you. It is not a time to wait around, since you could miss out on what this year has to offer. You are laying down the blueprint and foundation that will set the pace for the next few years.

    It is OK to be a little selfish in 2013. Take time for introspection, as it will add to clarity and a sense of direction. You may at times feel called to stand on your own this year, and your creativity and inventiveness will be at their peak. This is definitely a time to have courage, make plans, and avoid indecision. It is a time of work, as you are laying new foundations and opening up to new opportunities. Avoid being impulsive or headstrong, yet be willing to change for the sake of your own personal progress and happiness. This is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and make new connections for personal or business reasons.

    Sounds exciting - good luck to you!

  • Thank you Captain. Am I right to interpert this that if I do the work good things will come my way? The biggest challenge may be deciding what I want..... Have been giving it a lot of thought lately & ideas are forming, plans are in the initial stages. Regarding new relationships, I am very interested on forming new friendships & a meeting a man ready to be in a relationship. More difficult than I'd like but I do continue to go out socially & do what I enjoy. My idea is that will bring me out with other people who have the same general interests & hope it leads to new relationships. Seems like a good start, right? Its hard to let go of the want & trust the Universe to send into my life those meant to share life with me. I feel fortunate to say my glass is 3/4 full so to top it off with new connections will top it off nicely.

    Wishing you lots of love, laughter, healing & good health for 2013


  • "if I do the work, good things will come my way" - Absolutely!

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