Captain help please

  • Chickennoodle

    Dear Captain,

    What do you see for my litte family in 2013.

    My BD June 12 ,1959 born 12:59 am in idaho USA

    Husband Bd is January 2, 1970 born at 2:30 pm Ohio USA

    Daughter Bd is December 29, 2000 2:37 pm Ohio USA

    Son BD October 26, 2004 1:18 pm Idaho USA

    Thank you so much and have a happy new year!

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  • 2013 -

    For you: The influence in this new year will be one of sociability and the arts. It can be a lucky year if your efforts and financial resources are not scattered and your energies are focused on priority goals. During 2013 you must watch that you bring projects to completion before beginning something new. This is a great year for you to take a vacation, particularly one with an artistic focus, such as photography, painting, writing, or even visiting art galleries or attending plays. Popularity within large and small groups is highlighted, as is work in the public arena. It is also a year in which you may wish to try a new hairstyle or buy some new clothes, as romance and affection are highlighted during this cycle. Self expression is the keynote in both the written and spoken word. This can be good year for selling products, (including your writing if you do it), or services.

    For your husband: It is a great year for goal setting and attainment. It is also a year for business, and material matters. Because it is a year of personal prosperity, he will be in a position to manifest whatever it is that he wants in life. It is also a year to reap the rewards of his previous efforts, as well as a time to give some time, money, and energy to philanthropic pursuits. This year will find your husband dealing with important people, important decisions, and important methods of operating, rather than being bogged down in petty details. However if he has not put the time and effort into his work/business, or has not developed an understanding of the universal laws that govern prosperity, it can be a time of financial challenge for him. Force, energy, and power will be at his command during this year, although he will be asked to use it wisely and with the intention of achieving the highest good of all those around him. Yet his family may be neglected in this process of following his ambitions and dreams.

    For your daughter: in 2013, her thoughts and energy need to be directed to career opportunities, business, work, and security. This is a practical year for her to build a foundation, make important connections, keep her nose to the grindstone, and save her money. Expansion in this year will be slow but positive. She must try not to feel too restricted. There is an opportunity to consolidate and retrench, as her life will become very active and expansive in the year to follow. She must build firm friendships and strive toward balance in family relationships. This is a good year for her to follow a routine, pay off debts, start a healthy diet and lifestyle, and give up bad habits. In other words, she is well advised to get her house in order in terms of relationships, body, mind, and spirit. It is possible that long awaited opportunities will come her way before the end of this year.

    For your son: 2013 will be a time of expansion and personal growth. It will be a time when expression and creative and artistic talents will take center stage. It should be a very social year for him as well and lucky, for his natural charm will be at its peak. He will attract people like a magnet. Creative pursuits will stimulate him and he's likely to be inspired by all forms of expression - dancing, public speaking, painting, writing, performing, etc. However, what accompanies creative expression is often feelings of vulnerability and doubt. He may experience some significant highs and lows as he navigates the growth that occurs this year. It’s important for him to just have fun with whatever way he chooses to express himself and to resist the temptation to monitor other’s opinions and get so attached to what others think that he allows it to defeat him. He must resist scattering his energies by hopping from one thing to another in search of the one right answer. He must practice discipline and focus - getting caught up in the thrill of the endgame with the enthusiasm and optimism he feels may cause him to speed up his projects when they actually need more time to develop. In general though this will be a magical year for relationships and it will be a very successful year as long as your son's creativity is well directed.

  • 2013 for you all as a family: This year home and family will be highlighted. It is a time to counsel, console, guide, and give assistance to family members and friends. Some sacrifice will be asked of you all in this area. The focuswill be on your on relationships with each other and with others. You are likely to find your relationships with some of those near and dear to you growing ever closer and stronger this year, while any relationship that is no longer of mutual benefit will come under the microscope and may actually terminate (if it hasn’t already ended during 2012). It is a time when you may be concerned with taking care of your home, perhaps decorating, buying furniture, or even finding a new home. It is also worthwhile to personalize your environment with family photographs, fresh flowers, or treasured objects and artifacts if needed to give a more homely feel. Consider taking courses that focus on your well being and balance. You all may find yourself "spread thin" this year, as you will be needed in many areas. As a family, the year should be mostly free of occupational and financial problems for you. It is in the area of relationships that problems will have the tendency to occur.

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