Important Document (what, another one?) 12-28-12… One People’s Public Trust Disc

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    All official documents are also available here:

    WITH DUE STANDING, AUTHORITY, and AUTHORIZATION, without prejudice, public policy, UCC 1-308, the undersigned bondservants, states of body (one of the people), and The Public Trust, through its duly bonded Trustees of record, UCC 1- 201(31) and (33), knowingly, willingly, and intentionally duly issues this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT this December 28th, in the year of our creator, Two Thousand and Twelve as the creator lives, the following is true and correct and we are competent to say so:

    In regards to all the emails, calls, contacts and discussions. To all the people, every one of you, who have sent emails and called us, some of which we have been able to respond to (there are so many of you and from all over the planet and universe!)…we want you to know that we have received them, continue to receive them, and we do honor you and your energy, individually and collectively. We are committed to creating and co-creating the mechanisms and tools to honor that beautiful and powerful energy by being available, present and transparent in order to assist all of us, we the people of this planet, the creator’s creations equally, to create and co-create our chosen manifestations that duly are our “now”. If we forget to address any common questions, it is not intentional, and we can and will fix that…so here we go.

    In regards to questions of how one can BE, help, or otherwise join in manifesting the “now”. Many across the globe are currently organizing for release the various and independent disclosures of the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, for absolute review, consideration, vetting and dissection by each and every one of the people on the planet. Please, continue to question. Continue to search, review, discuss, and dissect. Continue to remember what you already know within. Continue to be open to receiving and recognizing the Truth. Consciously set your intent to do so and manifest it. This serves the highest good of all humanity, or rather in Truth, all of creation’s universe in every manifestation and existence. Anyone standing in Truth should be willing to do so transparently, with full personal responsibility and liability, without fear of doing so. The creator’s creations…yes, that also includes we the people of this planet…are the key, individually or collectively, if we choose to remember…we are the power if we choose to consciously BE by way of free will choice for all to know and rely upon by the choices that are knowingly, willingly and intentionally made and yet to be made. Many, many tools to assist every one of the people on the planet to take the responsibility and liability in their own matters to lawfully, legally and effectively preserve, protect, and use their respective standing, authority, value, rights, and principle of law aligned with common law absent abrogation, subordination, subjugation, usurpation, violation and invasion, are being prepared for release now so that everyone of the people may have the opportunity to choose by free will to use them, edit them, or discard them as they see fit…the people jointly and equally own those tools and they have been covertly preserved (and historically moved or buried when discovered) in the former private slavery systems used against the people of this planet.

    In regards to questions about the Public Trust. This moment of present is not about the Public Trust. However, you will have the opportunity to know that it IS just a tool of prime, zero point, creation, that has effectively, lawfully and legally duly reconciled the inferior legal with the universal lawful in order to collapse the illegal fiction (sometimes referred to as the “straw-man”) so that all that is left standing is the Truth….what IS. Yes, in fact, actions were prudently taken to secure the Truth of the people’s position and their value in their respective self in the covert supreme law of the lands, COMMERCE, thereby completely collapsing the fiction of someone other than self having any position or claim to that self. Then prudent actions were effectively, lawfully, and legally made, taken, REGISTERED, and noticed that duly foreclosed on any and all illegal positions the “powers that were” may have believed they had and the value they illegally and unlawfully commandeered as a matter of record that was not theirs. Yes, it is Truth to state the people effectively, lawfully and legally foreclosed the fiction of self to stand in Truth and BE Truth of self! The process and actions duly made and taken are a matter of record, and are available for anyone and everyone to review, consider, vet and dissect at, and we do confirm that we did them with full personal responsibility and liability under governing law preserved under perpetuity. Yes, it is admittedly a “bunch of legal mumbo jumbo” as one e-mailer put it. However, the people of this planet were not the intended audience of these actions prudently taken…the former principals, agents, and beneficiaries of the former slavery systems were. With absolute care and prudence, we did knowingly, willingly, and intentionally choose the language and principles of law that were necessary to effectively, lawfully and legally access, activate and manifest what IS, always has been…all quite humorously forever preserved within the slavery systems and a not-so-well-known private uniform commercial code and registry that was paid for by the people of this planet, and therefore duly secured as their property…let someone come forth and prove otherwise. We will gladly address any duly verified, sworn and secured rebuttals of record. 🙂

    In regards to questions about the Trustees and the Advisors. This moment is also not about the Public Trust’s Trustees or its Advisors of record, for you will have the opportunity to know that each one of us are just states of body, “we the people” of this planet, with lives, responsibilities, experiences, and commitments to KNOWING the Truth that are similar to your own. We understand that, for some of the people, in order to be open to receiving information, to being open to recognizing the Truth of what HAS happened, what IS happening, and the Truth of self, it may be required of us to set pending choices and actions aside for a moment in present, in order to stand and present the Truth of our self’s for you to review, consider, vet and dissect. In doing so, perhaps the individual and collective, yet in Truth, the one energy, can then be consciously focused on what is most important…remembering where we came from so that we know who we are in order to BE the power, choosing to responsibly use that power, individually and collectively as one, to manifest what IS and always has been. The people may even discover through their exercise of responsibility the Universal Contracts of all beings in creation’s universe and the Truth that each one, regardless of the role they have been playing, whether perceived as “good”, “bad”, “holy”, “evil”, are committed at a higher level of conscious to the same goal and manifestation of Truth…So, with that, we announce that each of the undersigned will prepare and release their own document of self to the people of the planet. We are committed to, and do practice, full and absolute disclosure of the Truth.

    In regards to questions of the amount of value. In Truth, the value of all of the creator’s universe and the creations manifested equally and existing therein, are unlimited and priceless. During the process of reconciling the inferior legal with the universal lawful, a sum certain value was knowingly, willingly, and intentionally set for very specific purposes and reasons which are, and will continue to be, further disclosed as we the people of this planet, with all of creation’s universe, responsibly proceed in the manifestation of the “now”. The key word that everyone seems to have missed in the statement of total value to each of the people in the first ANNOUNCEMENT is the word “over”. Independent disclosure of the actual gold, silver, and other metal holdings, inclusive of their location and former custody for eons, and in some cases relocation, is forthcoming. However, the amount of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000) in gold and silver to every state of body, every one of the people of this planet, is correct….please, when you have any information before you, consider recognizing and accepting that during this incredible moment of present that is manifesting, that a lot of energy is happening simultaneously and may cause any one of us to miss, or not “see” what IS…including moments of present of simultaneous release of energies of old, energy of relief, energy of excitement, energy of fear, energy of…well, there are so many. We are committed to, and we request that each of the people are committed to, consciously and prudently considering what IS in front of of us…taking every moment to re-read, re-consider, discuss, dissect, assist and meditate to resonate with the Truth of what IS, of what IS and has been in front of us, within us at the many, many, many moments of present that are now consciously manifesting by choice of free will consciously exercised and applied.

    In regards to questions about whether this IS real. Yes, this IS Truth, it IS real, it IS very real, and it is a matter of unrebuttable and unrebutted record. If we consciously review the totality of information and data available at any given moment of present, events, the dots begin to be visible as interdependent, as one, as the circle of Truth. By way of a genuine choice to return energy in kind with “American Kabuki”, “Kauilapele”, Brian, and the being calling himself “Poof” for assisting with their energy in a majestic “symphony”, as we put it, that they may not have been aware they were a part of, the DISCLOSURE process began. We will leave particular Truth of moment of present to American Kabuki to reveal by record of emails.

    And in regards to questions about application and process to access value. The people do not have to fill out forms or applications for what is already theirs. No matter where any state of body, any one of the people, domicil that body by choice on this planet…this is about, and for, each of those states of body equally. The only application any one of the people have to make is the application of making knowing, willing and intentional choices to stand in self, in Truth, and we are here to assist with the tools preserved in perpetuity (and in the former slavery systems) to effectively, lawfully and legally do that. Please be patient as we prepare those for release as soon as “humanly” 🙂 possible, by creation and co-creation with the energy and efforts of all of creation’s universe. At this moment in present, we do announce that the people’s systems, paid for by the people, that were unlawfully and illegally commandeered by the former principals, agents, and beneficiaries of the former slavery systems, are in the process of being repossessed, and in the event that is not achieved “in a twinkling of an eye”, we are committed to creating and co-creating with any and all the people on the planet, and creation’s universe, the temporary tools and systems to make sure that the people of this planet and all creation’s universe can BE and use what is “deposited” therein by creation to further create and co-create our “now”.

    Unconditionally. Always.

    DULY VERIFIED as ISSUED, with due standing, authority and authorization, December 28, 2012, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made, given, and noticed, with unlimited personal liability, sworn under the penalties of perjury in accordance with lawful Universal Contract, under governing law, International Law Ordinance UCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured, public policy, UCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice as promised, preserved, and protected, public policy, UCC 1-308, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA: /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as Trustee, , phone +12535094597, ; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as Trustee, , phone +15037810925, ; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as Trustee, , phone +18088211567, ; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as bondservant; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as bondservant; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as bondservant; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body.






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    31 Responses to Important Document (what, another one?) 12-28-12… One People’s Public Trust Disclosure Announcement 2

    Surge says:

    2012/12/28 at 15:52

    As it was pointed out by commenters on AK’s blog regarding the statement in the previous release, 3,500 quadrillion divided by 7 billion people equals $500 million, not $5 billion. Now it’s important that they clear this out because if I only get $500 million then I don’t wanna have anything to do with this! LOL

    Btw, who’s Brian?


    kauilapele says:

    2012/12/28 at 18:21

    Brian was the one who had the consultation (so-called, “interview”) with Poof, which was later put online. Then we were asked to remove it.


    kauilapele says:

    2012/12/28 at 23:19

    I’ll pass that along to them. I don’t know if I could possibly be at peace with anything less than $4 billion!!


    mary catherine says:

    2012/12/28 at 15:55

    Sooo, is there a Cliff’s Notes version of this..cuz for the life of me..I seriously do not think this is in any understandable verbage that I am accustomed to. Just what the heck is the bottom line here and how does it pertain to the wee spiritual walker ..such as I and I am sure many beside me?Would somebody please narrow this down to one paragraph and relate the “importance” if any .of the NOW…Thank you and I bid you a good eve.



    2012/12/28 at 15:58

    I am also known as Catherine I in 2D, 3D,4D or 5D? tell ya the truth..I reallllllllllllly don’t know at this point..but I do know that I AM !!!!


    kauilapele says:

    2012/12/28 at 23:21

    I quite agree. It’s a lot to wade through. I DO believe there’s a possibility of an interview with her (them) at some point. And I’d much rather listen to that than try to go through all the documents. But… sometmes we have to read things to get the good stuff…


    Barbara Petersen says:

    2012/12/28 at 16:02

    Thank you very much for everything you’ve done and will continue to do. The “humor” you admit to using, in the first document, initially put me at ‘dis-ease’. But the subsequent documents are very well worded and in this document you demonstrate the extent of your spirituality, that makes me very, very comfortable. I look forwards to hearing more from you in the next moment of now.


    Barbara U’ialoha Petersen


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    helenm says:

    2012/12/28 at 16:29

    1. Just wondering if “everyone” who will receive the 5 billion or 500 million includes the “dark cabal,” and if so, will they be totally free to do whatever they want with it? I can see a lot of damage that could be done with that kind of money, has been done, and they have the mechanisms in place to do more.

    2. I had envisioned the prosperity funds being given to the people as a whole, not to individuals necessarily, and used primarily to resuscitate the environment and rescue the destitute. I guess if everyone gets 500 mil, there won’t be any destitute – at least until the foolish are divested of their funds by the unscrupulous – but what about the planet? I would like to think that some of the tools referred to would be technology to de-pollute the environment, and that there would be people who knew how to use them. Is this the case? Would appreciate answers to these questions – thanks!


    Richard says:

    2012/12/28 at 17:15

    Reblogged this on Ascension to 5D and Beyond.


    Kalukaleke says:

    2012/12/28 at 17:34

    In all due respect to Kp and his ongoing blog of up to date info…..are we ALL in a Universal game called “Who Do We Trust”? These so-called documents are in print so small, even with my new 20/20 vision without glasses, it is not readable. Why the documents anyway? “If” this was legitimate, wouldn’t we be notified via our venues? Are the writers of these documents going to form a lottery? Is money so important that we must have millions in order to survive? This seems like dis-information on a grand scale. A way to reel in the greedy so the elite can use them for their ‘workers’. How sad this is at a juncture in time when we are receiving energies from the Center of the Universe to fill our vehicles in preparation for the higher frequencies in 5D. H-E-L-L-O humanity….it’s all FREE from your Creator. Fill your vessel with Light energy, that’s your propane for lift-off…..NOT money. With 2013 pushing in, chart your course and rise to the occasion in a no-time zone, a bliss filled ‘space’ and ALL manifested by YOU! Aloha. .


    Mynrva says:

    2012/12/28 at 23:28

    Respectfully, I would heartily agree, except for the fact that the landlord and others do not accept bliss as a form of payment. Until that day, most of us still need money to survive. Personally, I would be happy to put most of my share into a common fund to be used for the common good. Then we would vote on where it should go and how much. I would be very surprised if someone has not already thought of this idea. Peace.


    Celeste says:

    2012/12/29 at 00:19

    Mynrva, if money could resolve things why is humanity the way it is? Does not matter how much money is putt in the system/society, IT IS NOT WORKING!


    Celeste says:

    2012/12/29 at 00:17

    Well said.


    Pam says:

    2012/12/28 at 18:00

    Are these legal documents that are being filed or have been filed within a court system in the U.S.? I have to say, I love the denominations – words I’ve never seen before like “quadrillion”, etc. I guess I need for someone to spell out exactly what these documents mean. Thanks!



    Tony Dickinson (@tonydickinson) says:

    2012/12/28 at 18:23

    Sorry – big yawn from here.

    We create our own realities now, and this garbage is doing a great job of securely anchoring you in 3D, keep it up and you might have to wait a few more years before you move on, while enjoying all the expectations and disappointments that in the end only reduce your vibration, seemingly many are happy to ignore what they know to keep on keeping on in 3D – sounds masochistic to me!

    I wish these people would just do it, instead of all the hype and if it is true then let us all enjoy it, if not keep quiet.


    Rolf T. Watness says:

    2012/12/28 at 19:23

    We are offspring of the Creator. We therefore must Create–that which –is in the Eye of the Creator–stop thinking like a Human at this point and SEE –every Child–every Soul– nurtured.


    Darsi says:

    2012/12/28 at 19:36

    Hi KP, I’m wondering how you are feeling about seeing your site mentioned and AK also. Did you know these folks before hand? What gave you the confidence to post this?


    ArgMaster9000 says:

    2012/12/28 at 19:46

    Interesting, real or not, very interesting. If this is for real, hooray! If not (and let’s face it, that is the far greater likelihood) then someone has put a fair amount of time and effort putting all this together for the purpose of misleading us. To what end? We can only speculate, but I would suggest it may just be a diversion or a means of discrediting the truth/freedom movement. I’d love to hear what others think too. Namaste.


    maizefuturist says:

    2012/12/28 at 19:46

    We are offspring of the Creator. We Must create –that which is — in the EYE of the Creator. Stop thinking like a Human at this point and see Every Child— Every Soul Nurtured.


    daveashwellDave Ashwell says:

    2012/12/28 at 20:05

    Gday KP

    Man this has as many holes in it as a collander mate. First we are getting 5 BILLION, and then if the maths are done on the population mass, it equates to 500million. MAKE UPM YOUR MINDS FOLKS,. It looks more and more like BS to MANY of us KP.


    Karen says:

    2012/12/28 at 20:29

    Thank you, Kauilapele, for posting these momentous documents. I appreciate your willingness to stand in the public eye and declare for us our divinity and our destiny! As always I look for the grander and deeper movement of Spirit in all that I read and your posts do not disappoint. I celebrate with you our movment into Truth revealed. Thank you!


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    Celeste says:

    2012/12/29 at 00:14

    Money?! Who does need money. What money did to humanity until NOW?!?!?! Money is 3D and 3D is disappearing / dissolving believe it or not. The individual never will be fulfilled if it do no recognize the WE it does not matter how much possession the one – ME – can have. Anything that is direct to the individual – ME – from NOW on is out of order. Dont worry we will keep the individuality but in a new version – totally upgraded. Have fun. And lets go to do the 2013 the YEAR of I/WE. Let bring the best of humanity. Yes, we are HUMANS in a new chapter/version of HUMANNESS. By the way it was for these reason we come to Earth – to be humans. A BETTER HUMAN. 😉


    Mariana says:

    2012/12/29 at 00:42

    first thanks KP for having the courage to post this, and help us by “passing it” through your Light/understanding. thank you.

    well, I have a question (and maybe I still limited and thinking like in 3D but if we talk about $ maybe I have an excuse – not that I need one :-).

    Question: If everybody gets the $500 (millions/billions, whatever), something else needs to happen simultaneously – Disclosure/no need for $ anymore, no? because if I have $500 million I will quit my job (and I believe almost everybody will do the same) so what’s going to happen to hospitals, groceries stores, pharmacies, airports, you name it. People will still need those. It will be chaos, and really more than 3 days of darkness …

    Thank you.


    steve says:

    2012/12/29 at 01:07

    So can somebody please tell us ‘The People’ in good old 3d English, how all this grand (illuminati-ish) language is actually going to be implemented ? Yes, we are heading for that one moment of now but untill then we are still subject to 3d bills and mortgages, its a struggle to survive for many of us, what we need NOW is good old 3d reassurance that this is aint just more dis info bullshit, can somebody please tell us in proper English what the freck is supposed to be happening because in 3d reality which by the way we are still subject to there laws, this comes across as just looney fringe mumbo jumbo…. Reply above (Doc 2) states that the language was used for those dark ones for who it was intended yet the reply to questions asked concerning doc 1 is equally couched in the same flowery and unnecessary abstruse way ? Does not feel real to me. But will continue to observe and thanks KP for being a light in the dark over the past few years. Steve.


    kauilapele says:

    2012/12/29 at 01:25

    Apparently she is going to be interviewed soon. And all the questions asked here I will forward to the interviewer.


    Marthe Verwijst says:

    2012/12/29 at 01:40

    • pulls up a chair, opens a bag of popcorn and watches how “the story” unfolds* 🙂 🙂 :-).



    joy says:

    2012/12/29 at 01:44

    I hope this is true ! Thanks to all in Truth . Heaven on earth now. Joy.


    Kathy says:

    2012/12/29 at 01:47

    Thank you KP – for your love and your courage!

    I feel a sense of elation about this – it’s not so much about the money as it is about how it’s been used as a tool of enslavement – it’s going to be a disclosure of so many things…it will change the world on so many levels.

    Did you notice how many of TPTW have been ‘ill’ lately – GHWB and QE2 to name a couple – feeling a bit sick about the near future no doubt?

    Blessings to all – Hallelujah!



    Sarah Koch says:

    2012/12/29 at 04:23

    The energy attached to all of this is very light-hearted as are the emails on AK’s site. It feels good; whether it is BS or not does not matter really as it states our ability to create our world for our self as The People and our divine right to live in harmony without influences that seek to dis-harmonise, for its own ends.

    To live in harmony, or not, is a personal choice and a responsibility. An end unto itself.

    However, dis-harmony has to be in evidence to permit that choice first and foremost.

    As to the money….well, this is the world we live in at the moment and which The People can relate to, until it is realised that money is an energetic formation. It was a designed physical representation of that energy to reflect an inner worth outwardly… a simple way to relate to our self, to enlighten our self as to our true energetic nature.

    To become harmonious with our self, through choice.

    The vast sums surely reflect how worthwhile we ALL are as our self, and as a whole collective, by that designed physical representation chosen by the collective first and foremost simply as a way to choose that which is divinely ours, harmoniously.


    When this is truly realised, within our self, that outer formation will become re-internalised and another chosen and designed harmonious energy will manifest, to reflect outwardly ithrough that other formation for The People as a whole one self, in obvious truth and through choice, harmoniously.

    Dis-harmony, in this case utilising money, will dissolve naturally through choice made.

    Be in your abundant and worthy truth as that is a choice and an end unto itself.


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