Top Tips, Advice for 2013

  • The Last Year, as it feels, is the end of my own personal emotional roller coaster,

    Doubting myself, who i really am, who i should be to others.

    Like some advice-tips new year work, health , Life.

    Dont know about love, it happen if meant to. : )

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  • I take it as,

    Nowt worth bother about,

    well thats good hehex

  • hi scully21,

    Just browsing and thought I'd reach out,

    Just be you...not what someone thinks you should be, find your happiness

    I pulled a reading for you to help you see your feelings....

    something new must have happened...feels like luck turning

    money is involved

    also someone gave good advise...seems to be working

    your working towards a goal

    your using your skills of working together... making things happen

    Towards you question, you don't have to hold onto the past... let things happen use those skills you have to open new doors

    a young guy pops up....seems a little flighty...but he wants to make you happy

    You still seem like, your fighting afraid to open up and let go of the shell...I get the feeling by doing that you are restricting yourself

    a friend or family is trying to help you out...but your refusing to listen.... I'm getting a feeling or picture of fingers in your ears....

    something about a big fight coming tough

    and a dull guy who is bored...not going anywhere, he's stuck in place

    I go back before i did the reading...just be you...don't be afraid... what's the worst that can happen? it's in you to do it....

    hope that helps,


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