AAM’s Explanations Help Make Sense of Events

  • Let me now round out some understandings of processes underway after hearing from Archangel Michael on Dec. 26, 2012.

    You remember that, when I had my post-21/12/12 experience of bliss, I could see that what AAM was saying fit with what Matthew Ward was saying? Now it makes sense to my normal mind as well, so to speak.

    Matthew said that the world on Dec. 22 would appear much as it did before. It does.

    Archangel Michael has said that we’re at the midpoint of Ascension, it having started in December 2011, progressed through the period of the Transition/Restoration between about March to August 2012, and reached its midpoint on 21/12/12 with the opening of the portals of light that are now flooding us.

    But the mass Ascension, which is the endpoint of Ascension, won’t be for a few months, and we are now in a period of pause, though not inactivity. Many more will join us as a result of this pause. And much will also be happening in the meantime that will make the time fly by.

    And Archangel Michael has been cautioning me for some time that Ascension is a process. But I did not know fully what he meant by that. Now I do.

    Now other things fall into place too. I cannot discuss very much about NESARA but I do know that work is going fully ahead on it. I just wondered why people were working on it so vigorously if we were to ascend on Dec. 21? The need is not for when we’re in the Fifth. The need is now. But if we have a few more months, and this pause is in place to see that “hordes” more ascend, the work to bring NESARA in soon now makes sense.

    And I had complained to AAM that the people of Africa and Asia need NESARA and the replenishment it provides to ascend. Why was it not brought in much earlier? And I now see that NESARA will be in place and there will now be the time to work with people who have experienced starvation, exploitation and other debilitating conditions, to revive them so that they might be able to take advantage of Ascension.

    The fact that there’s a longer timeline between Dec. 21, 2012 and the time of mass Ascension now makes it possible to minister to the peoples of countries where repression has existed, to prepare them for that event. I had always felt disappointed that the less advantaged in the world might not get the same chance we did at Ascension.

    Perhaps that accounts for the larger numbers that AAM was referring to. I’m sure they’ll have less resistance to the idea such than we in the West have had! So we will get our chance to work with those who have suffered after all, or so it seems at this early vantage point.

    Moreover, with the cabal in deep containment, there’s no more resistance to NESARA or Disclosure, as Archangel Michael said in his interview (although it may be in a portion I did not transcribe. I can’t remember). Matthew Ward has been saying for quite some time that the cabal would not be pacified until towards the end of 2012 and I wondered as well why the cabal would only be pacified right at the end of the Ascension cycle? But now I see it is not the end.There is a period between now and mass Ascension during which the cabal will have been pacified and reconstruction of Gaia can take place.

    And I also see why AAM said that the Company of Heaven did not want to bring the whole economy down to bring in NESARA; that would have caused too much suffering. Instead the CoH has put the cabal into deep containment and will now bring in NESARA without cabal interference and without bringing the economy down. That part of the plan also now fits. All the pieces of the puzzle are now coming together.

    I also thought (and you can see the lights going on) that it made no sense that we had no time to restore Gaia’s surface or for the Earthkeepers to do their job. But I now see that we do have time.

    And Archangel’s Michael’s comments about how the humans are attached to the date of 21/12/12 now make sense. He was never attached to the date of 21/12/12. And his hesitation to come down unequivocally on 21/12/12 as the one-and-only date of Ascension makes sense as well. It never was the unequivocal date of Ascension, merely the mid-point. So many, many strands that did not make sense now do.

    I also lambasted him for saying that I would work with the galactics out of New York, Washington and Geneva, something he repeated to me very close to 21/12/12 again. It made no sense to be talking about that with 21/12/12 just around the corner. But of course, now it does.

    He probably never had it in his mind that that work would take place before 21/12/12; it probably will take place after, between now and mass Ascension. But I had no idea that the timeline was that long so I could not see what he was driving at.

    Each time I think I’ve finished with this article, a new comment that AAM said arises in my mind and now makes sense. I’m sure I’ll find that other matters as well making increasing sense as the actual schedule of Ascension becomes clearer.

    Again you can see how inconvenient it is to just be able to speak to AAM occasionally and not on demand. Once the hour of the interview is over, I still have questions and I worry that I can’t get answers in the intervals between radio shows and readings. Many times questions have arisen immediately after finishing an interview.And I only have an interview with him for an hour, say, once a week, not enough time to think of every question to ask.

    But hopefully all that will soon change.

    Posted by Steve Beckow.

  • Think of the higest good, we were so caught up on a date, Arch Angel Michael never said for sure the "Event" would be on that date. Gaia could have ascended more quickly but may life forms would perish. Be, Allow, Rise....

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